Friday, March 13, 2020

Quilting Is My Superpower

Quilting is my superpower.  Well, maybe.  I feel pretty confident when it comes to choosing fabric.
 My piecing while not perfect is pretty good.  But when it comes to figuring out how to quilt it I call in reinforcements.
 I watch Bluprint classes on free motion quilting quite a bit.  I must admit they have really helped me hone my skills.  I really like Christina Cameli and Angela Waters' videos. 
 As I've been doing my How Do I Quilt This series on YouTube, I called in the expertise of my friend, Ruth Davis.  While I'm often quick and dirty, feeling done is better than perfect.  She is a show quality quilter.   Check out our newest video in this series on my channel. Remember to like an subscribe if you find my videos helpful.
Is it a quilt or a super hero cape?


  1. Of course it's a superhero cape!!!

  2. I have enjoyed several of your YouTube videos on machine quilting. You and Ruth compliment each other perfectly!

  3. You are indeed the Master when it comes to color! You are a joy to the quilting world!

  4. Cute quilt. AWESOME photo shoot!