Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!  
 That you travel safe today if your are heading over the river and through the woods.
Enjoy all the yummy fixings and time with those you love!

Monday, November 25, 2019

Scrappy Bias Binding

My scrappy binding tutorial is one of my all time most visited post.  So I thought it would be a good idea to make a YouTube video to show a more hands on approach.  
 I set up my make shift studio.  Now that my kids are gone I'm putting their bedrooms to good use.  Got all my new equipment together.  With this new mic you'll be able to hear me better.
 And got busy putting a video together to share my easy method for making scrappy bias binding.

Here is the final result.  Hope you find it informative and useful.  If you do, please like and subscribe.  I'd also appreciate if you shared it with your quilting friends.  Thank you!
Find more of my binding tips and tricks here.

Friday, November 22, 2019

A Quick and Easy Jellyroll Quilt

These cute little blocks came together so quickly.  They are blocks from my newest pattern Linked.
 This pattern just needs a jellyroll and some background fabric.  I chose Catalina by Fig Tree Quilt for Moda.  You can find lots of pretty jellyrolls at the Fat Quarter shop.  Sometimes I like to peruse the sale pages for fun precuts.  I just fill up my cart until I get free shipping.  It's so much more fun to get fabric than pay for shipping.
After cutting the jellyroll strips and larger squares I use my Accuquilt Go.  Just a few swipes through and everything was cut.
I'm hoping this weekend to turn all my blocks into a quilt like this one.  What are your weekend plans?

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

New Scrappy Projects

You may remember at my last Quilty Hug Sew In we finished quilt a few tops.  That means I had several project boxes to fill.  So I spent a day with my Accuquilt Go Cutter and my scrap bins.  My first stack of scraps were the ones I showed in my YouTube video on how to pick fabrics for your next scrap quilt.  I used my 2 1/2" strip die and cut all that pretty red and yellow fabric into strips.  Next I sub cut the strips into the pieces that would be needed to make this simple plus block
 For the next project box I found a bunch of green Christmas squares already cut.  So I pulled some red and black kona bought at the Fat Quarter Shop. Ran it through the Go Cutter with the 1 1/2" strip cutter.  The red I sub cut into strips to fit the squares.  The black I turned the other way and made me a bunch of 1 1/2" corner posts.
 My final bunch of scraps reminded me of the gunne sax dresses by Jessica Mcclintock my sisters and I used to wear in the 80's.  What a great decade!  Loved the music!  Still do!  I cut these scraps with my 3 1/2" square die from my 12" cube set.  I'm thinking we'll sew them into 9 patches with a dark red in the center of each.  Then cut them and make a disappearing nine patch.  Should make a pretty Quilty Hug.
Now my boxes are full and I'm ready for the next sew in.  Can't believe it only took me one day.  Thank you Accuquilt!

Monday, November 18, 2019

Service with a Smile

About a month ago my daughter asked me to make matching aprons for her and her companion.  She is currently serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  She needed me to hurry as transfers were in five weeks and they may not be companions with the changes.
 I mentioned this to my mom when I was down visiting her.  She happened to have a couple of aprons in her drawer.  My mom's house is better stocked than most craft stores.  In a moment of frustration my sister told a sales clerk at JoAnn's this.  But there is a bit of truth in this.  It's one of the reasons all my children love to visit my parents.  Anyway, mom donated the aprons and embroidered their names on them.  I added the scrappy applique flowers.
They were a hit! They used them to make cookies to take to people in their area.   And they will get to enjoy using them for another 5 weeks.  Since they are still companions.
Just a little FYI did you know you can get a free quilt package when you sign up for Blueprint.  What a deal!  

Friday, November 15, 2019

Scrap busting with the Accuquilt Strip Dies

I love my Accuquilt cutter and strip dies.  They help me bust through my scraps and make lost of fun bright quilts.  Without it I would be sporting a brace on my wrist after each cutting session.  Thanks in part to my ten year old self breaking her wrist and a little arthritis. 
 All the quilts and projects you see here were made using my Accuquilt Go and various strip dies.  I use those the most.  There is so much you can do with strips and strip sets.
I'm sharing my methods on another YouTube video.  I hope you'll take a minute to watch it.  If you like it I hope you will like, subscribe and share.  That way we can help other quilters bust through their scraps and create more beautiful quilts.
And the world can never have enough beautiful quilts.  So share away, we have a world to populate with bright scrappy quilts.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Scrap Busting

If you've followed this blog very long you know when a scrap bin gets full I design a quilt around that bin.  Well, I could barely put the lid on the gray, beige, and black bins.  So I cut a bunch of those scraps into strips and made this quilt.  I had intended to have the strips placed in the same place in each block.  But I didn't quite make it.  I didn't want to have to rip things out so I made it a design element.  Giving it a wonky modern look.
 While sorting through scraps I found a bunch of 3" half square triangles, four patches and plain squares.  I'm not sure what they were intended to become.  I decided to add sashing between them to make larger blocks then add plain white squares as an alternate block.  Finally I set everything on point.  I have enough of the 3" squares to make another quilt.  I'll be switching the black and white fabrics for a sister quilt.
Instructions for this quilt are coming out in my newsletter.  Sign up so you don't miss out! 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Choosing Fabric for Your Next Scrap Quilt

Excited to share my first You Tube video.  I can't believe I did this all by myself.  Wow!  

And while it is far from perfect.  I need to get a microphone to improve sound quality.  Get better at looking at the camera.  And improve my editing skills.  But I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt.  What do you think?

Friday, November 8, 2019

Choosing a Background for Your Pre Cut Quilts

Choosing fabric for a quilt can be a daunting chore for some quilters.  A pre cut bundle is an easy way to know that all your fabrics will go well together.  But there is still the background to think about.  Now you could go white.  Lots of people do.  
Rhythm & Blues
 Being a mother of three boys, white is a color I tend to avoid.  In fact gray tends to be my go to background.  I love the way it sets off color.  Bonus! It hides dirt
Modern Gems
 A beige is another good alternative.  It's a good neutral.  And more forgiving than white.

Mountain Retreat
 I also like to chose a  Kona solid.  Honey Dew is a favorite. I think it plays well with a variety or colors and fabrics.  Butter also a works.  I'm currently creating a quilt that uses red as the background.  I'm pretty excited for this one.  I share it soon. 
Bear Scraps
Another option is to go with a low volume print.  Still a good way to hide dirt.  Plus it adds a little interest to your quilt.
You can layout various fabrics to audition.  Here I chose solids that were a shade lighter than the colors found in the prints.  If you had a jellyroll or layer cake with light prints you might want to audition darker solids to use for your background. 
Have fun with it!  Do what speaks to your heart.  It is your quilt after all.  People who criticize are not your friends.  I recently read in Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss, "You can be the juiciest ripe peach and there are still going to be people who don't like peaches."  Don't listen to the critics.  If you like it that's enough.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Free Patterns

Each week in my newsletter I include steps for a scrap pattern.  I base these off of the quilts we make each month at my Quilty Hugs sew in.  These quilts go to bring comfort to cancer patients.  I know quilters are very generous people.  I also know quilting can be an expensive hobby.  These free patterns are my way to ease that.  I know that providing these patterns more quilts will get made to help more people.  
 They are always scrap friendly.  Mostly because I have a lot of scraps.  I create my own and other donate them for Quilty Hugs.  The pattern is available while the steps are being given.  Then for a week after the quilt layout is given.  After that they will be available for a small fee in my shop under the heading Hugs.
Sign up for the newsletter to get your free patterns.  I'll be starting a new quilt this week. 

Just an FYI there is a flash sale at Blue Print.  50% off . Stock up on your favorite items.

Monday, November 4, 2019

It Takes A Village

It's November.  Wow!  How has another year flown by this fast.  I love November.  It contains my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  I think it's the perfect prelude to Christmas.  Turning our hearts to all we've been blessed with.  Preparing us to then give of our abundance.  
 One of my greatest blessings is where I live.  I have wonderful neighbors.  They look our for each other.  Back when my hubby's appendix burst and he spent almost a month in the hospital, they kept an eye on my boys.  Now my boys didn't need a babysitter.  Just a watchful eye to make sure teenage boy shenanigans didn't get out of hand. 
While at the hospital one day my boys decided to build a half pipe in the garage.  I did end up with two engineers, so maybe this was good prep for their future selves.  One neighbor said, I figured there were worse things they could do.  So I let them.  Those future engineers didn't think about the fact that they were 6' tall.  There was no way they were going to be able to skate this while it was in the garage.  They only took out 3 sprinkles moving it to the backyard.  It brought them hours of entertainment.  And I knew where they were.  So I guess it was worth fixing the sprinklers.  
Based on my great neighborhood I designed this quilt.  I've made two of them.  One hangs at my friend's homes.  As a mother of 8 she knows that it takes a village to raise children.  You can find this in pattern form in my shop.  I also have it available as cards and downloadable prints.  They make a great new mom gift.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Quilt Market Fabric Acquisition

I'm not normally a big shopper, much to my daughter's chagrin.  She feels this is so unfair.  Her friends moms will go shopping with them for hours on end.  I try but I can only handle so much.  I know it's crazy but that's just me.  Or I thought it was until I got to market.  Some how all that pretty fabric spoke to me.  My wallet was out cha ching, cha ching I was buying me lots of new things.  

First I acquired a layer cake of Choose to Shine by Cherry Guidry for Benartex.  
 Before I knew it I had two jelly rolls, Lucy's Garden by Patti Young and Sew Retro by Sara Davies both for Riley Blake.
Fat Quarters kept finding there way to me.  I got a bundle from Art Gallery, Windham Fabrics (Bungalow) and a few from Free Spirit.  I was a little worried I'd have room for everything in my suitcase.
I played tetras with fabric to make it work. Fortunately I'm really good at tetras so in the end it worked out.