Wednesday, October 16, 2019

New Pre-cut Friendly Patterns

I'm a fan of pre-cuts.  Fat quarters, charm packs, layer cakes and jellyrolls are all fun to play with.  If you are unsure of picking fabrics for a quilt. a pre-cut is perfect.  You know the fabrics will go together.  No worries!  Yay!   I design a lot of my patterns around these fun little bundles.  It make them easy for shops to kit in addition to making it easy for quilters to pick a bundle and sew with ease.
Desert Rose
  Desert Rose uses a fat quarter bundle.  It was great fun to mix and match fabrics to make the star centered flowers.  Pick out your favorite bundle and go to town making your own. 
 Linked uses a jellyroll and background.  Thanks to the jellyroll most of the cutting is already done for you.  These interlocking blocks go together quickly and make for an interesting quilt.

 Make sure you take a minute to check out these and many more great pre-cut and scrap friendly patterns on my site.


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  2. Desert Rose is gorgeous and the interlocking links look fun!

  3. Wowser on that Desert Rose - Have I seen it offered as a Pattern?

    1. I designed it for Fons and Porter a few years back. Now I'm offering it as a pattern in my shop. Click the caption to be taken to the pattern.