Thursday, October 31, 2019

Free pattern~ Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  Hope  you have a spooktacular day!  
 Just FYI, this is the free pattern that has been going on in my newsletter.  Tomorrow the final instructions will come out.
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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Friends at Market

It's off to never never land.  At least it seemed that way as I headed off to Quilt Market.  I had hoped that my friend Ruthie would be able to come along.  This is her quilt.  Isn't it amazing!!!!  But her family needed her.  So I headed off by myself and sent her pictures of her fabulous quilt that did get to go.
 I never worry to much about going to a quilting event by myself.  I know there will be friends there.  Like Sherri and Chelsi of A Quilting Life.  I've know Sherri for years.  We teach at some of the same retreats.  I met her daughter Chelsi for the first time at market.
 It was good to reconnect with Jackie.  We talked planes and hubbies flying in addition to quilting.
 I've also know Annie for years.  She is gently pushing me forward in my quilting ventures.  Love all her encouragement!
I can't tell you how excited I am to get to work with Diane again.  I was so sad when she left Fons and Porter.  She is now going strong a American Patchwork and Quilting.  Way to go Diane!
 I also met new friends.  Lea Ann of Podunk Pretties told me about a Facebook group of designers just before I left.  There I met Carolina.  We had dinner together.  And spent some time walking the floor.  She was so generous and introduced me to Stacie, a very talented fabric designer for Moda.
 I also met Christa in that group.  She was very welcoming.  Letting me know about events going on at Market.
 Jerriann and I hit it off right away.  We are kindred spirits.  Loved hearing about the inspiration she received for her new Dresden templates.  Amazing and so cool!  If you love Dresdens your going to love this tool!
 I took a very informative class form Ebony Love to help me with my newsletter.  So grateful for the information she shared.
I also took a class from Lynn and Pam of The Stitch TV Show.  If you have not watched this you are missing out.  It's the perfect background noise for your next sewing session.  
 Tula was the opening speaker for School House.  Oh how I love has this woman does color.  Sorry for the bad picture.  All the lighting in her gorgeous booth made taking a good picture difficult.

 Another designer that's color sense makes my heart go pitter pat is Kaffe.  Now he can do color.

Apologize for the long post, I didn't want to leave any of these amazing people out.  Quilters are the best!  You included!  Hope we will get to meet someday and talk shop.  It would be so much fun!

Find my patterns and teaching schedule here. 

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Monday, October 28, 2019

Lavender Scented Pincushions

I love the scent of lavender.  I have planted lavender plants on either side of my porch just so I can be welcomed home to it's relaxing scent.  I harvest it during the summer so I can use it in my homemade soap.  In fact my lavender sage soap is one of my best sellers. 
 I recently had an a ha moment.  Since I love lavender.  Why not bring it into my sewing room?  I do use the lavender scented Best Press.  It makes ironing almost fun.  My bits bin is overflowing at the moment.  (When is it not overflow?)   I know they make scented rice heating bags.  Why not make some scented pincushions.  Bring a little more lavender in my life and use up a few bits from my scrap bin.  Win!  Win!

I measured out 6 cuts of crushed walnuts.  Added 15 drops of lavender essential oil. Took a bunch of last summer's harvested lavender and removed the heads.  Then stirred everything up.
 While the essential oil saturated the walnut shells, I dove into my bits bin and made a bunch of simple blocks; stars, coins, flying geese, and churn dashes. Cut matching backs from my scrap bins.

 Sewed around them leaving a small opening so I could feel them with the heavenly smelling walnut shells.
Next I turned them right side out and filled each one up. Then I sewed up the little opening. Now I have a pretty basket of sweet smelling pincushions.  Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm!  I'm in heaven!

Just so everyone is clear.  I'm keeping the blog going,  I'm just not going to keep the link up.  This will be the last one.  Link up and let us see what you're moving forward.  In the future join my Facebook group to share your projects.  Thanks!

Friday, October 25, 2019

Tips and Tricks for Scrappy Backgrounds

When going with a scrappy background you want to choose fabric that will add interest without detracting from your quilt.  
While prints are good, you want to keep to small prints.  Large prints can be too busy and detract from the focus of your quilt.

For the most part I like to stay with one value.  Like the lights in a low volume quilt or the dark navy I used for Enchanted forest.
Exceptions may be like my Dream quilt.  Here I knew that the white words would still stand out among all the blue.  Or in my Naughty Garden and Tie Dyed Sheep quilts where the flowers and sheep were bold enough to stand on their own.

 You can test your background scraps with the other fabrics in your quilt by taking a black and white photo of your fabrics.  If there is a good contrast between the background and the rest of your fabrics. Whether that contrast is dark background with light fabrics or light background with dark fabrics.  You know those fabrics will work.  If not you will want to try something different.
If using a pattern you can cut the pieces from different backgrounds Like I did in Divine.  For improv quilts I just use different fabrics as I go.  Finally if you are appliqueing on your background like in Hello Sunshine and Scrappy Dresden.  I just make fabric.  My method is here.  But you will want to use bigger chunks than bits.  More like jellyroll strips and charms or bigger. 

Have fun!  Experiment.  If you try this method we'd love to see it on my Aunt Em's Scrap Bag Facebook page.  It's a great place to share and receive inspiration.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Scrap Busting Backgrounds

A scrappy background is a fun way to add interest to your quilt.  With this quilt I made for my mom from Bluebird Flour sacks she collected on her mission among the Navajo Indians.  I wanted to use all of the sacks but didn't have enough to make the whole background.  I pulled from my low volume scrap bin to supplement the flour sacks.  I think the different fabrics add interest without stealing the show from the Dresden flowers.  
Hello Sunshine
Sometimes I create a scrappy background because it's a fast way to thin a bin.  The green bin was overflowing so my Naughty Garden came to be.  

 My blue bin fills up regularly.  I have several quilts that have scrappy blue backgrounds. It's the only way I seem to be able to keep it under control.

Scrappy Dresden
There are times when I use a scrappy background for the artistic effect.  I felt that the scrappy blue and green backgrounds in my Wonky Rose Garden quilt gave it a Monet effect.  Like an impressionist painting.
I used scrappy greens in my Tie Dyed Sheep quilt to give it a pastoral effect.  

Sometimes I create a scrappy background because I feel it will play well with the colors I'm placing on it.
 There are times I use a scrappy background because I don't have enough of one fabric and I want to start a project right away.  I needed this quilt for a class.  Apparently I gave the original away. 
I am a little impatient.   And when inspiration hits I just want to get to work.  Like when I started making these blocks as a little play on my birthday.  I didn't have a lot of any one navy fabric but when I combined them.  A whole lot of play was able to happen.
Enchanted Forest
Tune in Friday for tips on making your own scrap busting backgrounds.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Southern Utah Photo Shoot

I spent some time last week visiting my parents.  While I was there I took some time to have a photo shoot with this quilt I made for my mom.She had a bunch of Blue Bird flour sacks from the mission she served among the Navajo Indians.  She gave them to me to use.  I regifted them to her as this quilt.
    It was fun to take the quilt on a sight seeing tour of beautiful Southern Utah.  The desert can be so beautiful.  Making lovely backdrops for my mom's quilt.

At the end of the month I will no longer be hosting Moving it Forward.  It seems to have dwindle in interest. Instead I have something new. 
I love scrap quilts.  That's no secret.  I gain so much inspiration from other's scrap quilts.  So I thought it would be fun to create a Facebook group to share scrap quilts.  If you also love scrap quilts.  You just might because your here.  If you gain inspiration from seeing others scrap quilts.  If you have scrap quilts you would like to share.  I'd love it if you joined us.  Click the link and request to join.  The more the merrier!

For now.  Link up and show us what your working on.  I'd love to be inspired by your newest project. 

Friday, October 18, 2019

Simply Charming Charm Square Quilt

This simple quilt is made up of just two charm packs.  It makes a quick baby quilt. Add a little applique in the border for a special touch.
With no seams to match it looks perfect every time.  I've made this quilt with the 12 and 13 year old girls at my church and they did a beautiful job.  They were thrilled with their results. 

I've also helped a neighbor make one using the same method but with layer cake square for her daughter's wedding.
To make this quilt you will need two charm packs and a 3/4 yard of fabric for borders. I used these.

Next cut 5 of your charms in half.

Then sew one of these to eight of your charms to make a row. Make nine rows.

For some reason this pic is turned and I can't get it to turn back. Anyway, start your first row with a half charm square. With the next row end with a half charm square. Continue alternating rows for remaining seven rows. Then sew your rows together.
For borders cut 5-5" strips the width of the fabric. Measure your sides. They should be 42 1/2". Cut two of your strips to fit and sew them on the sides. Now measure your top and bottom. It should measure 48 1/2". Sew the remaining three strips together and cut two strips to fit. Sew these on the top and bottom.

Now wasn't that easy? You can easily adjust the size by adding more charms to your rows and adding more rows.  Or like my neighbor did make it with layer cake squares.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

New Pre-cut Friendly Patterns

I'm a fan of pre-cuts.  Fat quarters, charm packs, layer cakes and jellyrolls are all fun to play with.  If you are unsure of picking fabrics for a quilt. a pre-cut is perfect.  You know the fabrics will go together.  No worries!  Yay!   I design a lot of my patterns around these fun little bundles.  It make them easy for shops to kit in addition to making it easy for quilters to pick a bundle and sew with ease.
Desert Rose
  Desert Rose uses a fat quarter bundle.  It was great fun to mix and match fabrics to make the star centered flowers.  Pick out your favorite bundle and go to town making your own. 
 Linked uses a jellyroll and background.  Thanks to the jellyroll most of the cutting is already done for you.  These interlocking blocks go together quickly and make for an interesting quilt.

 Make sure you take a minute to check out these and many more great pre-cut and scrap friendly patterns on my site.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Fall Colors and Finishes

The weather has gotten colder.  In fact it tried to snow this week.  There were flakes but it didn't stick.  I decided to take advantage of cooler temperatures and move a few quilts on to completion.
 On Tuesday I met up with the Tuesday girls and basted a couple of quilts.  First up my 100 blocks quilt.  Once it was basted I quilted it with simple organic lines.  My friend and quilting angel, Sheri will bind it this week.  I hope this wildly bright quilt will bring comfort and cheer as a Quilty Hug.
 The day after the attempted snow my friend, Carrie and I hiked Farmington Canyon.  The colors were spectacular!
 The high that day was 55*.  See the ice in the stream.  But when your hiking up the mountain you get warm pretty quickly.
 Besides all of nature's beauty was worth any cold we may have felt at first.
 In addition to my 100 blocks quilt, I was also able to quilt another Modern Gem's quilt.  After the hike I was ready to snuggle under it with a cup of cocoa and a good book.  I'll be teaching this class in Cedar City, Utah this January.  Would love to have you join me.  Or I'd love to come to your group.  Contact me for details.
Now let me see what you've been Moving Forward.  Has the cooler weather allowed you to find more time at your sewing machine?  Link up and let us see what you've been up to.