Friday, March 29, 2019

Stars and Kites

My Stars and Kites quilt is now a flimsy.  You can find a tutorial for this quilt here.  What I like about this quilt are the scrappy blue, green and purple kites.  
 I'm also pretty pleased with the continuation of the kite shape in the scrappy border.  I'm not sure that I love all how much yellow there is.  I feel it's kind of over powering. 
If I were to do it again I think I would maybe tone down the yellow and make the points in the stars more narrow.  Live and learn I guess.  It's still a nice quilt.  And I do love how it looks floating on the breeze.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Moving It Forward

 While I've been working on my other projects I've been feeding these half square triangles through as leaders and enders. I've made enough progress I thought I'd share it. I cut all the triangles with my Accuquilt Go.  You can find my method for cutting scraps on the the Go here.  Little by little I've been assembling the half square triangle and then putting them into a square in a square block.  This antique quilt I saw on Pinterest was my inspiration.  
Also just a little FYI.  I've updated my tutorial page. Take a minute to check it out.  Hope you find a little inspiration there.  
Now let us see what progress you are making.  Looking forward to celebrating with you.  Link up and share. 
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Friday, March 22, 2019

Just Because Wonky Stars Make me Happy

I'm still getting lots of time sewing with my leg in the air.  If I don't keep it up it swells and I get cankles to the point that from my calf down is all the same size.  Not pretty nor does it feel good.  So I guess I'll just sit and sew.  
 I finished making enough scrappy, wonky stars for a quilt.  So I got those sewn together in this funky, fun quilt.  Don't these stars make you happy?  They do me, in the making and them just by themselves.
Adding this to my growing flimsy pile.  Looking forward to when I can baste and get this one quilted.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Sunny Skies~ Moving it Forward

Thanks to my neighbor picking up the orange fabric for me.  I was able to get the rest of my blocks finished.  I love how happy they look together.  This Quilty Hug is sure to bring a little sunshine into someone's life.  
 Because it is so sunny and bright with the yellow and orange.  And all those pretty blues and greens remind me of summer.  I'm calling this one, Sunny Skies  Now to wait for my toe to heal so I can crawl around to get back and batting measured and cut.  So I can baste it and get it quilted.
That's my little bit of progress.  Now it's your turn to share what you've been moving forward.  Can't wait to celebrate your progress with you. 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Lucky Pinnie

Happy St. Paddy's day this weekend.  I don't have any Irish in me, but my brother was born on the 17th.  I call him my leprechaun. Being born on St. Patrick's day with red hair, I'd say qualifies him.  So celebrating is a must.    
I made this cute little pincushion for the happy day.  The little necklace I made a while back with the 8-11 year old girls at my church.  We pressed leaves into clay.  If you receive my newsletter (sign up on the side bar) you received instructions to make this simple pinnie.  My newsletter arrives once a month with what's new, where I'm teaching, and a little bonus.  Sign up so you don't miss out. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


It has come to my attention that I put the wrong measurement on the squares for the bow ties.  I left my notes down in my sewing room so I went of my memory and that was wrong.  I apologize.  I thank Cathy for bringing it to my attention.  
I wanted to let everyone know as soon as possible.  The squares should be cut 2" not 2 1/2".  I hope I haven't caused too much grief.  That you will still trust my future instructions and continue to play along with the sew in.  Once again I am so sorry.

If you  have already made your bow tie blocks and don't want to bother making more in the correct size.  Then sew the bow ties into 2 rows of 8 and 2 rows of 10 and add to your quilt as instructed before.  Then add a 2 1/2" border.  I'll make instructions for both styles next month.  Once again I am so sorry.  I know I should not do instructions when I'm not feeling well (between my toe and the bad cold I received from my visit to instacare.) But I said I would post instructions on the second Friday and wanted to keep my word.  I apologize for the mess this has made and will do everything in my power to correct it.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Moving It Forward

I'm so thankful for all the pre cutting I've done in the past filling project boxes with projects.  I do this mostly so I'll be ready for each Quilty Hug sew in.  But it's been a blessing now that my mobility is limited.  Everything is cut and ready for my to just sit and sew.  I may have to do a lot of cutting once I've recovered to replenish my project boxes but for now I'm happily sewing.

These little nine patches were in one box.  I had started them.  They are now all sewn.  I then framed them in a happy yellow for the one with orange centers.  
I'm planning orange for the yellow centered ones.  This would have been done but,  I've misplaced the orange.  How does that happen.  I didn't think it was possible to lose BRIGHT ORANGE YARDAGE.  I've been using it in more than one project but somehow it is lost.  My neighbor took pity on me when I told her as she was borrowing my 1 1/2" strip die.  We each have a Go and share dies.  So while she was out she picked me up some more.  Now I'll be able to finish these cute little blocks and put them into a happy Quilty Hug.
I've also been focusing on turning a few of my free pieced quilts into 5" x 7" greeting cards.  
 Each card has a blank inside and one of my original free pieced quilts on the front.
 They are currently in my Etsy Shop, just in case you are looking for a fun, unique card to send.
 I did the same thing with 4" x 6" postcards.  A fun quilt post card without the work.  Send now.  Frame later.
What fun things are you moving forward?  Link up and let us see your progress.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Moving It Forward

This last week I spent a lot of time with my feet up.  My toe seems to be doing well, but my foot is still quite swollen.  So up the feet go.  While they were up I tore the paper off my stars and kites quilt.  Doing that reminded me of why I don't like paper piecing.  It's messy and takes to long to tear all that paper.
My Quilty Hug Sew In is Tuesday so I cut a bunch of half square triangles with my AccuQuilt Go (you can see my process here.) Next I made up these blocks.  I like to have a sample so when someone chooses a project box they know what they will be making.  
It is a little tricky to sew with my foot up, but I have practice.  Three knee surgeries will do that.  I have a little garbage can I put a project box on then I put a quilt on top of that so it's soft and prop my leg up.  Where there's a will there's a way.  I definitely have the will.  So pretty or  not I've found a way.
Now it's your turn to share your progress.  What have you been moving forward?  Link up and let us see. 

Friday, March 1, 2019

Feeling the Love

Tuesday morning while working on my last blog post, my hubby mentioned he needed to work on his abs.  Being the good wife I am, I got up to show him some yoga poses that help with ads.  Not thinking about the fact that I was wearing socks.  As I shifted poses from plank to three legged dog my foot slipped out from under me and I cam crashing down on my toe.
Crazy Love Blocks from my class
 After lying in a heap for a while hubby helped me up and I hobbled to a chair.  When I got up the courage to look at my big toe it was facing in the wrong direction.  A trip to instacare revealed it was broken, and I was referred to an orthopedist.  I was told I would most likely need surgery.  I was totally bummed. This couldn't have happened at a worse time.  I was teaching my Crazy Love quilt on Thursday and I was suppose to leave today with my middle son.  He has gotten a job in Omaha, and I was helping him move.  Since I would be of no help.  My son left on his own a day early so he would be able to spread out the travel.  Which turned out to be a good thing.  His Honda was not happy pulling the trailer and he had to go really slow.  So thankful we have relative in Cheyenne that let him spend the night, before heading on to Omaha. 
More Crazy Love Blocks from my class
 I called the quilt shop to let them know what had happened.  I still really wanted to teach, but couldn't drive.  They offered to come get me and take me home after.  I told them I have great neighbors and would find a ride there if they would please take me home.  In the mean time the orthopedist, who probably thought I was crazy.  Not only did I have the story of how I broke my toe but why I couldn't have surgery on Thursday because I was teaching a quilt class.
Angela's Yarn Bomb Trees Quilt
 He gave me the option of numbing my toe and then manipulating it to get the bone lined up and my toe pointing in the right direction.  He said he would check it in a week.  If it was still aligned I could avoid surgery.  No surgery sounded pretty good to me, though the manipulation did not.  I bit the bullet and let them numb my foot.  I didn't feel a thing!  My toe is facing the right way!  And with any luck I will avoid surgery. 
Fun binding detail on Angela's quilt
I taught my class yesterday.  It was a huge success!  Everyone was so understanding of me having to sit and them come to me for demos and questions.  Thanks to Angela (did you see her awesome Yarn Bomb Tree quilt from last month's class?  Don't you love her big stitch binding?)  who went around and took pictures for me.  
I feel so loved and blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.  Who take time to help me out when I do something so dumb as yoga in socks.