Monday, February 18, 2019

Moving It Forward~ Stars and Kites tutorial

You may remember about a month ago I shared a quilt my guild is making.  I had forgotten to take a picture.  Fortunately, Brenda shared her picture with me.  Isn't it lovely.  I really like how Vivian used a black print to outline her kites and stars.  If you click on the picture you can see what a beautiful job Ruth did quilting it.
I had some interest in how this quilt is made.  So I thought I'd share.  To make your kite template, start with a 6 1/2" square piece of paper.  Measure 2 1/2" away from one corner both directions and make a mark.  In the opposite corner measure 1/4" in both directions and make a mark.  Connect the marks as shown.  This creates your template.
 Mount on lightweight cardboard.  I use cereal and cracker boxes.  Then cut out.
Cut out a 6 1/2" strip of fabric that you want to use for your stars.  I put about four layers together.  Trace your template on the strip as shown.  You may have to click on the picture in order to see the drawn templates.  Continue in this manner along the length of your strip.  Cut out.  

Using a 6 1/2" foundation square (I used an old phone book page)  glue, baste, or pin your kite in place.
 If you are outlining your kites and stars, use a 1" wide strip and sew to the side of your kite.

Press and trim excess.
 Repeat process on the other side of your kite.  I found I was less likely to forget this step if I did both sides at the same time.
 Using your kite strips (I used mostly 1 1/2" strips though I had a few that were a little bigger or a little smaller) sew to one side of your kite.
 Continue sewing strips until your foundation is covered.
 Trim your strips

 Repeat this process on the opposite side.
 Continue making blocks until you have reached your desired size quilt.  Vivian made her's 8 x 12 with a wide border.  I'm planning on 10 x 12.  without a border. 
So I'm about a quarter of the way there.  Now that you've seen my progress, I'd love to see yours.  Link up and share what you are moving forward.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Time for Spring and Other Things

I thought when Puxsutawney Phil emerged this year that he did not see his shadow.  Meaning that spring would soon be on it's way.  However at my house the snow continues to fly.  While Phil and his magic have failed to bring any sign of spring.  I'm hoping that this cute scrappy butterfly quilt that Shelly completed at the last Quilty Hug sew in may be able to persuade spring to make an appearance. 
 After all when you put it on point, it looks like hourglasses.  I think that means it's about time for that fickle girl to show herself.  What do you think?
I have a few of my improv quilts that friends really like.  I'd love to make one for each of them, but there just are not enough hours in my day.
 My mom has a picture in her guest bathroom that is a print of a stitchery someone made.  The detail of the stitches are there but the work of creating it is not. 
So the thought came to me.  I could make prints of my quilts and share them with my friends.   
Then I thought maybe others would like these prints.  So I've added them to my Etsy shop as downloadable art.  Once people download the images they are free to print what size and the number they need all for one nominal fee.  Check them out if  you feel so inclined.  Let me know what you think.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Moving It Forward~ Bryce

Last week I had a wonderful time at The Winter Retreat in beautiful Bryce Canyon.  We left a day early to avoid a big storm.  All that snow made for beautiful scenery.  Here is my Uncut Diamonds quilt among the snow and red rock.  
Ruth and spent an afternoon snowshoeing.  In addition to this gorgeous scenery, we saw a 20 something young man dive out of a dead tree from about 15' up.  He came up looking like the abominable snowman.  Sorry happened so fast I didn't get a picture.
 In addition to the beautiful red rock this sunrise was breath taking.  
 I had a great time sharing my love of scrap quilting, first with a lecture and then with this lovely group of ladies.  Didn't they do a great job on their Mad Dash blocks?!

 I spent one morning in the vendors area selling my soaps and patterns.  A cute little Asian family stopped by.  Chatting with them through their translate app reminded me of our foreign exchange student, Cynthia.  They went home with a bunch of my soap.
My hubby had heard about this car, a Tarbant.  He asked me to find it and take a picture for him.  Apparently they are very rare especially in the US.  Hubby being a car guy was very interested.  I took pictures from the sides and the back.  There was too much snow to get the front. 
Sorry about forgetting the link up for the Medallion Quilt Along.  It is up now if you would like to share your center.
Now that I've shared my week.  Not a lot of sewing moving forward for me.  But a great week none the less.  Let me see what you've been moving forward. 

Friday, February 8, 2019

Medallion Quilt Along

Welcome everyone!  Thanks for playing along.  I look forward to seeing your centers.  Our first border is a play on flying geese.  
 I used a no waste method.  This is made possible with a flying geese ruler.  I like this method for two reasons.  First there is no waste.  Second I can cut geese, and sky from the same strip.  And if I need to I can cut squares that fit them also.  No cutting different sized strips.  YAY!  For your border you will need a 2 1/2" strips of background and print.  Cut 12 sky triangles from background
 20 geese triangles from background
 4- sky triangles and 24 geese triangles from print

 Sew a sky background to a print geese as shown
 Next sew a background geese to the previous unit as shown.  
 Continue with this process unit you have 4 strip with 6 print geese, 5 background geese and finish off with a sky background. Also make 4- half square triangles with remaining sky pieces.
 Sew a geese strip to each side of your center. To the two remaining geese strips sew a half square triangle to each end as shown.  
Sew these to the top and bottom of your center.  Cut 3 width of fabric 1 1/2" strips of background.  Sew these end to end.  Sub cut into 2- 28 1/2"  strips and 2- 30 1/2" strips.  Sew the 28 1/2" strips to the sides of your center.  Sew the 30 1/2" strips to the top and bottom.  Now your ready for next month.  Your center should measure 30 1/2" squares.
Sorry for the delay in the linky party.  Apparently in my rush to get to Bryce for the Winter Retreat, before a major winter storm hit.  I forgot this little tidbit.  
Inlinkz Link Party

Monday, February 4, 2019

Moving It Forward

I spent last week in the southern part of Utah.  First visiting my parents.  My mom and I had a good time in her studio. Creating with my mom is one of my favorite things to do.  She painted items for her Etsy Shop while I sewed up these bright happy stars.  
Next I headed to Cedar City for the Cedar City Quilt Retreat.  It was so good to see Melissa and Sherri.  It seems the only time we get to chat is when we meet up at retreats we are teaching at.  Looking forward to seeing them later this week at Bryce for Winter Retreat.  

I taught A Bushel and A Peck, a fun, easy quilt. 
 The ladies did a great job! They were sewing up a storm.
 I think with the open sew the next day a few may have even finished the top.
Now let me see what you are moving forward.  Link up and let us celebrate your progress with you.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Friendly Reminder and a Gift

Just a reminder that next Friday the instructions for the first border in the medallion quilt along will be available.  Hope you've got your center done and your as excited as I am!  If not you still have a week to get it done.  I'll be having a link up so everyone can share what they came up with.  I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone will be doing.  

Here's the button.  Please share it on your blog and social media to let others know about the fun.  The more the merrier!

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I had a little bit of made fabric leftover from the tulips I made for my center.  This last week I found a good home for it.  This cute little journal with it's wonky trees seemed like the perfect home.
I think it will make a nice little gift.