Monday, November 12, 2018

Moving It Forward

On of the great things about living in Utah is the mountains.  When I was younger I loved to ski the best snow on Earth.  Three knee surgeries later I snow shoe instead.  The rest of the year I enjoy camping and hiking.  I originally designed this quilt to use my sister, Julie's, S'more Love fabric line for Moda.  
Mountain Retreat
But when this cute little scrap made it's way to me I had an urge to pull scraps based off it's color scheme; teals, oranges, yellows, greens and browns.And make this quilt again.  

My little scrap pull yielded more than enough.  (I have plans for a least one other quilt.  My friend, Marilyn's helped me create the  blocks at our Quilty Hug sew in.  We ran out of background. Oops! I have ordered more. I'm looking forward to another Mountain Retreat once my background fabric arrives.

Now that I've shared my quilting musings, it's your turn.  Link up and share what you've been moving forward.


  1. snowshoeing sounds very interesting to me - would not like to have had those knee surgeries!! love that quilt.

  2. Great mountain top project! Love mountains too, I was born in the Alps and skiing before knowing how to walk ;)

  3. The Mountain Retreat design is wonderful! I like the brights-in the gray (misty morning in autumn?).

  4. Pretty quilt. I didn't know your sister designed for Moda. What's the name of her design company? I keep telling my husband that it would be fun for us to take a snowshoeing vacation but he resists. One day I'll win out!! Lol!