Monday, September 17, 2018

Moving it Forward

My little Bernina has been humming along.  I've got a lovely little stack on charity quilts my friend, Janice, dropped off.  Along with the baby quilt I showed last week and the newest Plan B quilt.
 I got them all basted.  Almost took all my safety pins to do it.  That's a lot of safety pins.  I'm doing a baptist fan on the baby quilt.
 I did a stipple on this pretty, little pink one.
 And daisies and leaves all over on this one.  
Now I want to see what you've been moving forward.  Link up and inspire us with your progress.


  1. You have been moving a lot forward.

  2. Wow! You are getting so much done! Congratulations! Your quilts are all lovely - but goodness! That pink one stole my heart! :)

  3. Wait a minute -- did you say you're quilting a Baptist fan pattern on that quilt with your domestic Bernina sit down machine? How on Earth do you do that? With some kind of acrylic quilting rulers? Or do you mark the design over the whole quilt and then try to quilt along the lines as smooothly as possible? I love Baptist Fan but I'm afraid to try to quilt that by machine!