Monday, July 30, 2018

Moving It Forward

Sorry for being sporadic in my blogging this summer.  When life gets busy the blog is the first thing to go. So while it looks like things are quite here and little is happening I'm keeping myself busy elsewhere. First I drafted and wrote the directions for my Tie Dyed Sheep quilt. The only thing missing is the cover picture. So I got busy and quilted it with happy daisies, loopy swirls and leaves. Now to bind it and take a picture.
 I also finished quilting the two Quilty Hugs (Ruth quilted the third) that were finished at our last sew in. Sherri is busy getting the bindings on.
 Next week is our sew in. So I got busy and started cutting new projects. So the sewing angels will have something to work on.
Now I want to see what your working on. Link up and share your progress. Let's see what your moving forward.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Moving It Forward

I had such a response to my Tie Dyed Sheep I've begun drafting the pattern. You may think that creating the quilt before the pattern is drafted is like putting the cart before the horse. And I suppose in some ways it is. But when I get an idea in my head is is far more fun to throw bits and pieces on the design wall than to sit down with pencil and graph paper. So backwards or not it's how I work.
 I've also been busy quilting the stack of Quilty Hugs I recently basted. So thankful to Ruth for taking one.  She is a beautiful quilter and I appreciate her taking time from her busy schedule to help me out.
Last weekend I did another farmer's market. So a chunk of my time was spent packaging soap. Thanks to my niece, Abby, helping me at the market. Sometime this week I need to make more soap. You can find my all natural soap here. Just in case you missed us at the market. Or visit our Events page to see where we will be in the future. 
Sorry for the late post. I hope you will still take time to link up and share your progress.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Just a Little Spoiled

One of my parents favorite past times is to go garage sailing. They find many treasures. It is one of the highlights of visiting grandma and grandpa for my kids. My children have learned to drive a hard bargain thanks to their grandparents. Well, this last weekend my parents stopped by on their way up to our family reunion with a big bag of goodness. Most of it found at garage and estate sales. And yes I'm feeling more than a little spoiled after opening it up to find these treasures. First this quilt that has set on the cedar chest at the end of the bed in my parents guest room. I've always admired it. I always planned to draft my own. Fortunately Sherri taught it as a class at Bryce a few years back. I took advantage of the already drafted pattern and enjoyed her class. You can find my quilt here. Not quite as traditional.
The bag also contained this ocean waves quilt. Another on my bucket list. This one is well loved, and will continue to be. 
 This sweet basket quilt, also well loved found it's way to me in that magical bag.
Finally this table topper sized grandmother's garden came out of my Santa's sack. 
 It has found a home on my piano. Where I'll count it as one of my many blessing. Thanks mom and dad. I'm truly spoiled.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Color Ways

I've been asked several times how I choose the colors in my quilt.  To be honest, I don't put a lot of thought into it. It just comes easy to me. Don't know it that is fair. It just is what it is. Must come from growing up with my artist mother. If you struggle with this, I hope this post will help you out. 

An easy method for choosing colors is to find a favorite fabric with lots of different fabrics in it and pull from those colors. I chose this fun camping print and then pulled like colored fabrics from my scrap bins. Don't worry about being to matchy matchy. Just get in the general family.
 Another method is to be monochromatic.  I do a lot of this for scrappy backgrounds. Like my sheep quilt I just posted.
Or my simple Funfetti quilt
 You can also choose two colors that are adjacent on the color wheel. Like these purples and pinks,
I'm using to make a Kaleidoscope of butterflies in a variety of sizes.  
 Or pick a common color scheme. I thought these were fitting for July.
I pulled a similar batch when I made this scrap friendly quilt.
 Not matter what color way you choose. Remember that value, (the light or dark of a fabric) matters far more than the hue. Make sure you have a good mix of lights, mediums and darks and you should have a beautiful quilt.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Moving It Forward

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  I feel it is going by so fast. July is half over and before we know it the kids will be heading back to school.  I'm finding less time in my sewing room and even less time to blog.  I did find little moments here and there to make a home for my little flock of black sheep. I had heard this saying a few years ago and thought it would be a fun quilt. It makes me smile anyway.
 I got a layer cake of the upcoming line from Basic Grey for Moda.  I'm planning another man quilt.  Gotta keep my boys warm. Add it to your wish list and find other great fabrics at The Fat Quarter Shop
 We have a cute little Chinese exchange student staying with us this summer. Friday she made a yummy dinner for us.  We started by going to the Asian market. So many fun and new things to see. Then she spent the afternoon cooking. She is just 13 and look at the great spread she made for us.
Starting at the top and going clockwise: Scrabbled eggs with tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes and peppers, rice, sour yellow curry, and long beans.
 We've gone hiking in the mountains and visited Bear Lake for a family reunion. Been to Temple Square, Boondocks, Wheeler Farm and the University of Utah.
 Lots of great adventures! Looking forward to another fun week with her.
Now it's your turn. What have you been moving forward? Link up and let us see your progress.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Moving It Forward

I've had an idea for a sheep quilt rolling around in my head for some time now.  I finally pulled that brain child out and started to created it. First I drew up a sheep. Next I tested a block.
And before I knew it I had a small flock of black sheep.
So that's what I've been up to. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been doing. Link up and share.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Scrappy Quarter Log Cabin Quilt Tutorial

As promised here is the tutorial for the scrappy quarter log cabin quilt. 
Start with a square. I cut mine off strips that were in the random strip bin I've been trying to tame. I used different sizes ranging from 3"-2"
 Sew a strip on to one side, press toward the square.  Trim to be even with your square.
 On the adjacent side sew more of the same strip. If my strip was not long enough I sewed a similar color fabric strip to it and had a pieced log. You decide if you want it that scrappy. Once again press and trim.
 Choose another strip   
 sew it next to your first log. 
 Once again press and trim.
 Next sew more of the same strip to the side with your second log. Press and trim.

 Repeat this process until your block is about 9" square. Then use a ruler to square up your block to 8 1/2"

Ta Da you have a block. 
 Make many blocks. I made 50 and it still didn't use up all my strips.
For the setting cut a 12 1/2" square from your setting fabric. I used 5 of these.
Cut it on the diagonal twice. You will have two leftover. I found if I cut those in half they worked for my corners. I know technically I should have cut two 6" squares and cut them on the diagonal once. But why waste fabric? 
Place these around your quilt to finish edges and sew in diagonal rows. 
If you want to change the size of your blocks there is a tutorial here to help you figure out your setting triangles. Hope this helps you. Let me know if you have questions. Enjoy your 4th!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Moving It Forward

I finished all the blocks in my scrappy quarter log cabin quilt. I auditioned several fabrics for the setting triangles. I thought I would use a solid. But I couldn't find one that I liked. Luckily I found a great blue plaid that worked perfectly in my stash.
I'll be doing a tutorial for this tomorrow. Didn't quite get it done for today. So come back tomorrow to learn how to make your own. I was also able to update my website. Take a minute to check it out and let me know what you think. Also don't forget  link up and share what you've been moving forward.