Friday, June 15, 2018

Uneven Nine Patch

I was excited to try my Uneven Nine Patch ruler. I made all the nine patches. But sadly I failed to follow my sixth grade teachers wise words and read the directions. This caused all kinds have havoc when I went to put this quilt together. You can read about it here.
 With my yo yo fix in place my quilt was ready for some free motion quilting. I chose a loopedy loo pattern.
Then bond it with a dotty black. Despite the headache I'm really pleased with the quilt. I can see another in the future. 
Next time I will make sure to read the directions and for go the yo yo fix.


  1. Love it, especially the bright colors against the dark backgrounds. Love the yo-yo centers, too. In my hand piecing group we've made several of these blocks over the years; we call it the Glorified Nine Patch and it's been a favorite. I like your modern interpretation.

  2. I think it turned out very well!! I wouldn't call it a mistake at all, just a design decision.

    1. True. More like a catalyst for growth and change. Love how the problem reworked made something wonderful.

  3. This design has always been a favorite of mine. A ruler would make it much easier... maybe... if I read the directions, too. Great recovery, Em. The yoyos add the right finish.

  4. love the texture the yo yo gives

  5. Personally, I think the yo yo's totally make the quilt!! If I hadn't read the post, I wouldn't have knot that was supposed to be a "fix". They just look like a fun design element!