Monday, April 2, 2018

Moving it Forward

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. The weather her was lovely and I enjoyed a full weekend. First I made the bright happy little blocks. I'm planning on using them as a sashing and border for a quilt I have planned. 
Next hubby and I worked in the yard. I brought in these sprigs from our apricot tree. Now we have popcorn popping inside too.
 My daughter and I enjoyed attending the Saturday afternoon session of LDS General Conference. Followed by pizza with the rest of the family at the Pie.
Sunday my sister, Becky and her family along with our niece, Kate came for dinner and a Easter egg hunt.
 Now it's your turn. Link up and share. Can't wait to see what you've been up to.


  1. Our trees are just flowering now -- very late really. I wish we had some more flowering trees but not enough room! Your blocks look very cute!

  2. I'm totally curious about what you are creating now. Your little blocks are fun!

  3. Those look like fun blocks. Spring blooms are the best!

  4. Those blocks are so happy and cheerful! Your fabric choices are fun! I look forward to seeing your "plan"! :)