Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Reveal and A Sneak Peek

I was thrilled when Ruthie brought her Bear Scraps quilt to bind on Tuesday. I love that she made my pattern her own by making the cutest little tree border.  This quilt is a great scrap buster and works well as a fabric exchange. Ruthie and her friends exchanged half square triangles. If you are not into 30's you could do batiks, civil war, brights, whatever floats your boat. 
 While Ruthie bond her quilt I basted this one featuring Well Said by Sandy Gervais. Just a sneak peek for now.


  1. The trees are a good idea for the Bear Paw quilt. Bears live in the forest.

  2. I love the little trees as a border! They make a nice frame for the quilt.

  3. The tree border is delightful. I like the scale changes of the bear paws, too.