Friday, January 26, 2018

Plan B Kind of Week

I was hoping to have my Scrappy Pineapple quilt finished and ready to share with you today. But to say that this week has not gone as planned might be a bit of an understatement.
At the beginning of the week my daughter's friend came to live with us. We have plenty of space but had to do a little rearrange to create a room for her.  Then 
My original Plan B quilt
Wednesday my sister called and needed me to watch her three year old. Always a delight, for someone whose babies have grown up. We had a wonderful day; play with play dough, doing puzzles, and making cookies.
Plan B Northwest
Then just as Thursday rolled, literally at about midnight. My daughter became ill and I spent the night trying to help her get comfortable. Finally about 10 in the morning she was able to sleep. I was so tired I did the same.
Plan B Circle Up
 Consquently the pineapple quilt is where it was at the beginning of the week; basted and waiting to be quilted.
Plan B Half Square
 Since it's been such a crazy week, I thought it fitting to share a parade of my plan b quilts. You can read about the story behind them here.


  1. sounds like your priorities are in order tho....

  2. Family and friends definitely take priority. Hope your daughter feels better now. I enjoyed seeing your Plan B quilts.

  3. Gotta love crazy weeks like that!!! ;-( The Plan B quilts are all beautiful.

  4. OH bless you! Sounds like you've been spreading the TLC around. Love the plan B quilts, I've done a few of those myself!

  5. It's such a blessing to have family. More important than quilting. Enjoy this messiness and love.

  6. Happy to hear that you had a good time with your nephew amidst the busy week. I hope your daughter is feeling better by now. It was wonderful to see your beautiful plan B quilts parade.


  7. I'm sorry you didn't get to your quilt, but it sounds like your time was better spent on family, and it's lovely to see your plan B quilts like this.