Monday, September 25, 2017

Moving It Forward

Scraps were flying in my Wonky Rose Garden Class. Oh and were they pretty scraps. I just love scraps! It was fun to watch the ladies share and trade scraps. I wished I had brought a few to trade. There were a few I really wanted to add to my collection. Not that I need more scraps. But they are a weakness of mine.
All that wonderful scrap trading created these beautiful roses. I hope I get to see all the lovely quilts when they are done.  There are definitely going to be some beautiful rose gardens.
When I wasn't busy with Quilt Fest I started a little free motion quilting on my Twinkle quilt.
Now it's your turn to share your progress.


  1. Ohhhh I like what you are doing with Twinkle. Nothing like a quilt design that helps you use up scraps!

  2. Your FMQ looks wonderful! I need to start practicing and learning for myself.