Friday, June 16, 2017

Sister Quilt

Do you remember I told you that this quilt had a sister quilt? Well here it is. We used a different focus fabric and switched up the sashing and corner squares. 
Ruthie did a beautiful job quilting it. She got this new design at a recent show. I really like it.
 Sherri bond it. Now it's ready to go to a good home.
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  1. I am collecting black and white fabrics for a surprise quilt for my mom.
    Good thing I clicked onto your blog, the images on my reader were blurry.

  2. Beautiful quilt and finish! I adore that quilting design. She did a fantastic job. --Andrea

  3. What a pretty quilt. I like the quilting pattern

  4. The black and cream has an elegant look. Very nice.

  5. Love the elegance of black and white especially in this gorgeous fabric. It's nice to see a team work together so well.