Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Soapy Photo Shoot

My Anna is a bright,energetic, and talented young lady. 
She has a good head for business. In fact it was her idea for me to sell my soap.
 She works at the online boutique, Cocalily after school. This has been a wonderful opportunity for her to hone her business skills.
With all her business savvy she has taken over my Etsy shop.
 Something I very glad of. I would so much rather just create soap and quilts and let her develop her skills.

 So this weekend she had a little photo shoot with my soaps. Did I mention she is a great photographer?

Am I a little bias? Maybe but look at all these great shots she took.
 She enlisted her friend, Emmy as a hand model.

Then added all her great pics to my site. 


  1. great to have a daughter get involved in your crafts - by taking over the etsy shop she is letting you play!

  2. Love your soap. I use it everyday!

  3. As I have said before but it is worth repeating I LOVE your soaps. So does my husband. I need to get my shop back up and running. I am not good at photography.

  4. She must be such fun to work alongside you. Those soaps are so pretty.

  5. So nice to be able to collaborate with someone who has skills you don't have. The photographs are beautiful. I hope they will bring in the sales!