Friday, December 2, 2016

Good Intentions and Pleasant Distractions

I know I told you on Monday I would share my scrappy rail fences as a finish. Sorry I lied, not intentionally though. I had good intentions. I was working my way through the quilting and was about halfway when my youngest son called and asked if he could stop by. Of course! We had a lovely chat. He raided my fridge. I love that my boys still do that when they stop by. They tell me how much they miss my cooking. By the time he left it was time to fix dinner for my hubby and DD. So here we are with a half finish. 
Prior to my son's visit I made another batch of  detox soap. Here it is all ready to be cut. It smells heavenly! A special blend of orange, lavender, vanilla, and sweet anise essential oils.
Find more of my skin loving soap here.


  1. Oh, your soap looks & sounds divine! Always nice to have your loved ones at home again.

  2. Quilts can wait when family stops by. We understand. The soap sounds intriguing.

  3. Em, do you like to sew your straight lines by going backwards and forwards, or do you go side to side with FMQ? thanks!

    1. I do both. Just depends what is easiest to do while moving my quilt around.

  4. Thanks for sharing real life. Sometimes I feel as though I'm the only one that experiences 'real life'.
    Your scrappy rail fence looks good and your soaps are works of art.

  5. Half a finish is totally worth talking with the kiddo!! Its going to be great!

  6. Very nice! Thanks for linking up to Finished or Not Friday.