2298546367091306 Em's Scrapbag: Moving It Forward

Monday, November 28, 2016

Moving It Forward

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Over the holiday while eating way too much food I also started another scrap project. Having finished the top with my blue rail fence blocks with the warm tone wedges. I'm hoping to get it quilted this week and share it with you Friday. I needed a new scrap project. I had a bunch of odd shaped triangles in my bits bin. I thought they would look nice with a gray background. I did a little playing with their placement on the gray and came up with this block.
I made a bunch and squared them up. Here are my pretty trimmings
I ran out of gray background before I ran out of odd triangles. I may never run out of odd triangles. I've ordered more background. I'm hoping it will arrive sometime this week. I really want see where this one goes.

 Hope you were able to move a few projects along with all your holiday festivities. Link up and share with us what you were able to do. Looking forward to seeing your progress.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Em! Your new scrap blocks look like fun. I've been using SOME scraps in my 6" sampler blocks, but I must confess I'm CREATING more scraps than I'm using because I just love to cut into a brand new fat quarter and just cut four tiny triangles out of it for one block! :-)

  2. glad you were able to get the same background fabric.

  3. I'm making bets that it will be spectacular.

  4. I like where this project is going. Great way to use those triangle scraps.

  5. Oh, yes! I love ideas like this that use every last scrap.