Monday, November 21, 2016

Moving It Forward

It's Monday, and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone is moving forward.
I must admit I have nothing to show in the sewing and quilting area of my life. However Vicki asked that I share how my daughter and I did at our boutique this past weekend. Here is my beautiful daughter at our booth. She was real asset. I think she could sell snow to Eskimos. We had a wonderful day, met many great people and were dead tired by the end.
 I didn't realize how much we had sold until I got putting it away after the boutique. These shelves and bins where full prior to the boutique. Now half of one shelf is empty and several of my sampler bars are down to only one or two bars.
Guess that means I get to make more soap. Any requests?

Now it's my turn to see what you've been moving forward. Link up and let me see. 


  1. so glad you had luck at the craft fair! looks like you moved a lot of soap - how about the sewing items that you had - one blog I read had participated in one also and she said lots of people but not a lot of sales.

  2. Congrats on the successful sales! I'm sharing my OMMS blocks -- I have continued tweaking the barnyard's arrangement but hope to begin stitching rows together this week.

  3. Oh yeah! Sounds like it was a great sale. Have fun restocking.

  4. Wow, you sold a lot. Congrats. She is a darling.

  5. How fun your soap selling went soooo well. Your daughter looks like a wonderful young lady (and a fun daughter at that!) Did ya create any lavender soaps??