Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Another scrap project

While I wait for more gray background fabric for the project I showed on Monday, I pulled out my scrap bins and began cutting quarter square triangles. I'm not quite sure how these will come together, but I think they will be fun to play with.  They will also make a nice leaders and enders project.
 While cutting them up I also ended up with a bunch of hsts and bitty strips. Funny how in trying to use up scraps you end up with more. No wonder I can never make a dent in all my scraps.
No worries they are good friends that give me hours of enjoyment.


  1. I have ideas running though my head for lots of scrap quilts too - the ideas never run out

  2. I love playing with my scraps! Such a comforting thing to do! :) Thanks for all the inspiration you share with us!

  3. coat hangers in the closet, rabbits, single socks....And Scraps! all multiply all on their own

  4. You can use any strips for coiled fabric baskets, I made some last months, look at my Pinterest board (pewiquilt)
    Greetings from Germany,