Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Tutorial

Recently on my morning walk I saw the cutest little couple. They were probably in there 70's holding. They were holding hands and as they passed some rose bushes that lined the sidewalk they stopped and literally took time to smell the roses. It just made me smile. This happy experience triggered a quilt idea in my mind. It's still peculating but will use these cute little wonky roses.   
I was hoping to get a block or two done for this post but it just didn't happen. So I'll just post the tutorial I made after making my Naughty Garden quilt. Without further ado here is the tutorial.

You will need a 4-6 sided center, strips for rose and larger chunks for background.
Sew a rose strip to one side of your center.

Trim so that the edges of your rose strip are even with your center.

Continue log cabin style around your center with the rose strips.

You can stop here or continue going around.

When you feel your rose is the size you want it

find a background chunk and line it up along one side of your rose.

Sew this in place and square up with one edge.

Continue adding chunks and squaring up edges.

Once you have surrounded your rose and everything is square you block is done.

Have you made any wonky flowers using my method of madness? Next week we'll have a little linky party to share what we've made using a Tuesday Tutorial. Can't wait to see what you've created!


  1. What a clever idea and great way to use up scraps. This has triggered a few ideas in my quilty mind. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I really have to try this. Thank you

  3. Lovely story and great tutorial--thanks hugs, Julierose

  4. Very cute. I did sunflowers using that technique and made a pillow with them. Loved your story of the cute couple.

  5. Sweet story, very sweet little block.

  6. Yes, I have made roses this way and it is a LOT of fun. I like the idea of framing them with green scraps . . . hadn't done that with the earlier ones.