Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Quilty Hugs Find New Homes

Yesterday was a Quilty Hug Sew In. My quilting angels joined me and we got busy creating Quilty Hugs. Ginger's health and other challenges have caused her to have to step away from Happy Chemo.  She is hoping her health will return and that things will settle but in the mean time I have had to find new homes for all the Quilty Hugs. With all the wonderful quilts coming in from H2H I felt I needed to let everyone know what was going on.  Also make sure those beautiful quilts found good homes with the purpose for which they were intended. Ginger introduced me to Michele the founder of the Rack Pack.  Her focus is on helping those fighting breast cancer and our Quilty Hugs will go in her Love Handle Bags. You can learn about what she does on this video. 

Because Michelle's focus is mostly on women I had to find another outlet to ensure that those manly Quilty Hugs also found a home.  Michelle told me to talk to Hope Lodge, a place where those battling cancer and their caregivers can stay while they receive treatment. This video showcases their great work. 
I'm thankful for all those who are sending Quilty Hugs through H2H and wanted to let you know what was going on. Also to let you know that your time, talent, and generosity are appreciated and your Quilty Hug will find a good home where it will bring love, and hope.


  1. Touching inspiration to encourage those going through such tough times. Thank you so much for helping us find a way to contribute!

  2. Yes thank you for putting your time into making the adjustments. The videos motivated me as I continue to create my donation. :)