Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tutorial Tuesday

I thought it would be fun to feature a tutorial each Tuesday. Whether it be one from the past, a new one or one from a guest. Then on the last Tuesday of the month have a link up to show what you have created from one of my tutorials or patterns and a giveaway. What do you think? 

I thought for our fist tutorial I would feature my most popular one. So without further ado here's Scrappy Binding. 
First I cut strips. I like to vary my strips. These strips vary in width from 4 1/2" to 6 1/2". They are about 22" long. This will give you enough binding for a twin size quilt. Then I arrange them in a pleasing manner and sew them together.
Then I use my ruler to cut my strips at a 45 degree angle.

Then I take the bottom piece of my 45^ cut bring it over the top of my top piece until the two long edges line up and make a continuation of my strips of fabric. Sew these together. It will form a trapezoid. Is that clear as mud?

Then I line up the bias side on my mat along one of the inch lines, this makes sure I keep things straight. Then I start cutting my strips. I like to make mine 2 1/4"

Continue cutting your strips across your trapezoid. Moving the fabric as needed making sure you keep it straight. I just stack my strips on top of each other so I can sew them back together in the same order I cut them. Take these strips to your sewing machine.
Place the bottom of your top strip on the top of your next strip with right sides together. Off set the points by 1/4" as shown. And sew. (did you notice I had to pice my orange strip) Continue this process through your pile of strips. Press seams.
Next fold in half and iron the length of your strip.Then fold your bias binding accordion style and secure with rubber band. Folding it this way verses rolling it keeps it from twisting when you are applying it to your quilt.

For instructions on applying binding and having your beginning and ending match up perfect check out this tutorial.

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Moving It Forward

I'm feeling pretty lucky about my progress this week.  The stars aligned, and a small miracle happened.  I had a quilt I needed to finish for a magazine and I was running a little behind.  I really needed to get it quilted so I could finish it up by the end of this week. I was hoping and praying my thread. I was keeping one eye on my quilting and the other on the thread. It was a very close call. As you can see evidenced by my spool at the finish of my quilting. But I made it! Thank goodness for tender mercies like this. 
Now I can't wait to cheer you on in yours.
Link up and let me see.  Please remember to link back so others can find us and share in our little celebration. Thanks!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Quilty Hugs Abound

A big thank you for all the Quilty Hugs that are rolling in.  Every morning I'm greeted by boxes of beautiful quilty hugs. 
Everyone's generosity is truly amazing! I can just feel the love flowing in with each package.
This is the  second trunk load ready to be delivered. My heart is full to overflowing with gratitude. 
 This is my living room.  I try write a thank you as soon as I open each package. This keeps me from losing addresses and ensures everyone get a thank you.  I would feel just awful if I missed anyone after you all have been so generous.  I really do appreciate each and every quilt.  They make such a difference. Everyone's time and talent mean so much. Your generosity has enabled me to give Quilty Hugs to The Rack Pack, Hope Lodge, Utah Cancer Specialists, Ronald McDonald House, and Primary Children's Hospital. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
 This fun package arrived along with the quilty hugs. A fun mouse pad, a thank you for contributing to 100 blocks. How fun is that.  I will put it to good use.
Linking up with Sarah and Amanda Jean to celebrate all these quilty hugs!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Market Friends

I enjoyed seeing so many friends at market. It's fun to see all the new fabric, books, notions and all things quilty but I think my favorite part is seeing friends.  I missed Diane Tomlinson in the F&W booth she was out and about in market. I tried a couple of times but my timing was off. So I left the little gift I had for her with one of the other reps in the booth. I got a nice email shortly thereafter thanking me for my treat saying she couldn't wait to taste it. Whoa! I quickly emailed her back telling her she would not think I was so sweet if she tasted this treat. It was soap not candy. We had a good laugh on that one. 
This quilty friend was also in the F&W booth.  It is my Modern Gems quilt and will be in the upcoming Quiltmaker magazine. 
I was delighted to see Lisa Chin at the Misty Fuse booth. Lisa doesn't live to far from me but I usually only get to see her at events like Market.  Why is that? Lisa is a great fiber artist. I'm looking forward to taking a class from her at Quilt Fest this fall.

 It is always a delight to see Deonn.  She was featuring the new solids line in the Riley Blake booth. They had a fun coloring contest going on. And did you notice the fun packaging for those great Riley Blake solids.  A crayon box, how cute is that?
These cuties, also in the Riley Blake booth, are one of my young women from a few years back. You can find a pic of us at girls camp here. Well she is all grown up and designing fabric with her sister under the name Sugar Sisters. And as if that was not enough their booth took first place as a single booth. I can't tell you how thrilled I am for her and proud too! Way to go Kelsey!  
 I ran into many other wonderful and amazingly talented people but my kids will tell you I'm notorious for forgetting to get pictures. So sadly I don't have pictures. But it was great to see everyone.!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Moving It Forward

Hey, all you movers and shakers it time to share what you've been movin' along this week.  I'm excited to see everyone's progress.
Me, I started quilting another man quilt. There is something about quilting a man quilt that I just love. For some reason it is easier for me. Something about quilting simple geometric shapes makes me happy. I have a harder time with curvy feminine quilting. Go figure.
I had a lot of fun at market and will share a little later in the week.  For now, it's your turn. What did you move forward this week?

Friday, May 20, 2016

Club House

I had a wonderful childhood.  I grew up in the time when mother's were sure fresh air was good for you. When children were sent out to play and were not to come home until the next meal or the street lights came on. During my childhood years I lived in a growing neighborhood. Where new houses were being built and the construction works let us have their scrap. There was also a wooded area where we would take this scrap and we built clubhouses and forts. Nothing really structurally sound but we did have a wonderful time. 
 So when I saw the new line, The Treehouse Club, by Sweetwater for Moda. I knew I had to play with it. Some of those forts were in trees and as the line is Treehouse Club I knew I needed to put some ladders in my quilt. Next I added some club houses. After several arrangements I finally came up with the thought of adding words.
 Once I had it all put together I quilted hammers and nails, cause how else would you build your club house?
The pattern should be in shops soon (it is available through United Notions and will be on my website soon.) Linking up with Sarah and Amanda Jean.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Little Binding

I've been quilting up a storm and now I'm ready to do a little binding. I can't show you the front yet but isn't the dotty back and binding fun? They are a new line by Zen Chic from Moda called Hey Dot. I must say I love, love, love it. But I love just about anything Zen Chic does.
 This one is a baby quilt using a new line by Sweetwater for Moda called Tree house. Watch for this finish and pattern Friday.
I will be teaching a binding class in June at the Panguitch Quilt Walk. I'll be showing how to make a scrappy binding, how to make sure your binding fits perfectly, machine binding, etc. Would love for you to join me. Also if you have any great binding tips or tricks I'd love to hear them so I can pass them on. Thanks!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Moving it Forward

Welcome to Monday's Moving it Forward. Hope everyone had a productive week.
Me not so much. In addition to the lovely family pictures for my birthday/mother's day I also received the yuck, Not my favorite present ever. So I don't have a lot to show. Just these pretty trimmings from some blocks I squared up.
Now it's your turn. What did you move forward. I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you have done. It will make up for my lack of productivity.

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Bee's Knees

Here's the buzz. I'm loving Bumble Berries by The Jungs for Moda. Fun prints in red, yellow, blue, green and pink full of flowers, bees and flowers, what's not to love? 
I mixed two blocks to create a meandering path for the bees to buzz around while they flit from flower to flower.
 I quilted my favorite flower, daisies, to go with this theme.
 The pattern is available through United Notions and will be up on my website soon.
Linking up with Sarah and Amanda Jean to celebrate

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Peak, A Gift and A Winner

 I have been playing with a lovely fat quarter pack of the new line Desert Bloom by Sheri and her daughter Chelsi.  Aren't the colors lovely? I just love the prints. Maybe because I am a desert girl myself. The wispy flowers just speak to my heart. I have great plans for these pieces but I can only share a this little peak.
This last weekend I celebrated my birthday and Mother's Day.  I wanted a family picture before my oldest heads off to the northwest for his new job. Thankfully my sister is a great photographer and my family are good sports. I now have some beautiful family pictures.
This one of my kids is my favorite.
Now for the winner of the 100 Blocks magazine. The random generator picked Jodi.  She said.
Love your block! Congratulations on having your block in Quiltmaker's 100.
Thanks for a chance to win.
Congrats! Send me your snail mail and I'll get your magazine off to you.  Thank you to everyone that participated.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Moving It Forward

 It's Monday, are you ready to shake it.  Can't wait to see those smooth moves. There are some pretty amazing performances out there right now. Me, little by little I'm working on some show stoppers. I had gotten a little behind in my Splendid Sampler blocks. So Friday I took a little time to make some progress. These four pretties were the result. The middle one was suppose to have embroidery but I took the lazy mans way out and fussy cut a pretty posy. I had a fun time making the tape measure. So glad I found the perfect fabric in my stash.
I was also able to add another row to my string quilt. The more I get done on this the more I love it. 
 Now it's your turn. What great moves did you orchestrate this week.
 Link up and share your own personal show. Please remember to link back so others can find us and play. It's always more fun to play to a full house. Thanks!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Feeling a Little Vain

I finished up my Me/Em quilt.  I'm calling it my Vanity Quilt, since it's all about me. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Vain I know.  I just can't seem to help myself.
 I quilted it with horizontal lines. I felt it gave the quilt a lined paper kind of feel.
 And just like when I was in school I doodled in the margin (aka the border) A nice leafy vine kind of motif.
Linking up with Sarah and Amanda Jean to celebrate my vain finish.
Tutorial for block here.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Quilty Hugs Find New Homes

Yesterday was a Quilty Hug Sew In. My quilting angels joined me and we got busy creating Quilty Hugs. Ginger's health and other challenges have caused her to have to step away from Happy Chemo.  She is hoping her health will return and that things will settle but in the mean time I have had to find new homes for all the Quilty Hugs. With all the wonderful quilts coming in from H2H I felt I needed to let everyone know what was going on.  Also make sure those beautiful quilts found good homes with the purpose for which they were intended. Ginger introduced me to Michele the founder of the Rack Pack.  Her focus is on helping those fighting breast cancer and our Quilty Hugs will go in her Love Handle Bags. You can learn about what she does on this video. 

Because Michelle's focus is mostly on women I had to find another outlet to ensure that those manly Quilty Hugs also found a home.  Michelle told me to talk to Hope Lodge, a place where those battling cancer and their caregivers can stay while they receive treatment. This video showcases their great work. 
I'm thankful for all those who are sending Quilty Hugs through H2H and wanted to let you know what was going on. Also to let you know that your time, talent, and generosity are appreciated and your Quilty Hug will find a good home where it will bring love, and hope.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

100 Blocks Blog Tour

So thrilled to be part of the 100 Blocks Blog Tour. I have my friend Suzy to thank. If not for her I would never have been part of the Scrap Squad. Which means I never would have met the wonderful people at Quiltmaker and had the wonderful opportunity to create a block for 100 blocks. If your here for the first time welcome! I hope you take time to look around.
I've always wanted to make a broken dishes quilt. I have one my mom gave me when she moved down south and was getting rid of things so she wouldn't have to move them. It was partially quilted, as I'm the only one of my sisters who quilts it came to my house. I didn't ever finish quilting it.  It had a big fluffy batting from the 70's and I didn't want to miss with it. so I just tied what was left, naughty I know.  To redeem my sinful ways I thought I should make a broken dishes quilt and do it right this time.  I came up with this variation of the pattern for 100 blocks.
Playing with the block in EQ I came up with several ways to arrange the block. Here is an Amish look with solids. The blocks are just set in rows without sashing.  I like the alternate pattern it creates as the four broken dishes come together to create another star.
 Adding sashing with corner posts in modern Zen Chic fabrics you get this.
 Creating a sashing similar to the center of the block just reversing where the background and prints go and adding corner posts that are in prints  you get this design in 30's
So many options, It's going to be fun redeeming my past sins.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the rest of the 100 Blocks Blog Tour. There are some pretty great blocks in there by some very talented people. I know my bucket list has grown since looking at my issue.
You can get your own here. Or if you are feeling lucky leave a comment and win one. Good luck!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Moving it Forward

The weekend is over. A new week has begun and it's time to get movin'. Or at least share what we've been moving forward. I've doubled my number of string blocks. Love how they are looking on the design wall.
 I was also able to add a borders and baste my ME/EM quilt
Now it's your turn. Can't wait to see all the progress.