Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Beware Bears

Last week I had a great time with the ladies in my guild playing in our scraps.  I had been asked to teach My Scrappy Bear Paw. I once heard that there was no such thing as an ugly fabric.  That if you felt it was ugly you just had not cut it small enough yet. This quilt found in the Jan/Feb. issue of Quiltmaker is  a great way to use up these kinds of fabric. Those little bear paws us 1 1/2" squares and hsts that finish at 1".  
Diane's quilt
 I had asked the ladies to have there fabric cut and hsts done. I wanted to make sure they would get a lot done in class.  Those the got this bit of prep work done were able to get most of there blocks done and a few sections of the quilt.
Vivian's quilt
I find you always get a few overachievers in your classes.  This was no exception.  Diane came with all her blocks made.  Vivian, who had recently had surgery came with a complete top. Her excuse, was she couldn't do anything else.  Suzy got her blocks done in class and had started assembling them when the class ended.  She sent me this picture later that night.
Suzy's quilt
I'm looking forward to seeing the other quilts as they are completed.  The advantage to teaching a class in your own guild, eventually those quilts get completed and brought to show and tell. Oh, I love a scrappy quilt.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What a Deal

The thought of making a double wedding ring used to scare me.  It was one of those quilts I loved but figured I would never make.  But with a little encouragement from Victoria I took the plunge and what was just going to be a table runner (you know just to try the method and say I had done it) turned into a queen size quilt. 
If you've been toying with the idea of a double wedding ring quilt, Keepsake Quilting has a special on templates.  They even have it precut  using 30's fabrics if you are interested. For someone who hates to cut out quilts this is quite a deal. That's over 2,000 pieces you don't have to cut!
Speaking of the 30's the Farmer's Wife is also on sale on their site. It's 45% off!  Now that's a deal!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Moving it Forward

Moving, shaking and ready to share this fine Monday. Hope you are too.  There is a lot I can't share yet but I've been feeding this string and strip blocks through my machine in between everything else. I'm getting a little stack almost 10 in each, being careful to keep the stacks even so when I go to play with them I'll be able to do what I'm envisioning.
 I need about 80 more blocks 40 of each. But no worries it seems I have plenty strips and strings to keep me going.
Now it's your turn.  Let's see how your moving and shaking.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Northwestern Plan B

I finished the quilting and bond my newest plan B quilt this week.  I'm calling this one Northwest Plan B.  Why, you ask? One, I'm sending it to my sister in law who happens to live there. Two, The low volume background reminds me of the overcast skies that are so prevalent there. Three, The bright happy trees remind me of all the beautiful foliage that are a result of so many rainy days.
 To go with this theme I decided to quilt clouds and swirling wind.
 I hope it will be the perfect pick me up for my sister in law.  She was recently diagnosed with cancer. So a Plan Be quilt is perfect. If you are unfamiliar with my Plan B quilts let me explain. A Plan B quilt is made from blocks inteded for other quilts.  Test blocks because sometimes it's a good idea to make sure everything fits before you commit.  Orphan blocks because some blocks are so fun you get carried away.  Mistake, not failures, but lessons learned.  And scraps because when life falls to pieces remember there is always plan B.  And life is all about how you handle plan B.
 Now to box it up and send it on it's happy way.
Linking up with Sarah, Cynthia, and Amanda Jean.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Different Use For My Scraps

 While surfing the net for ideas I came across some weaving classes on Craftsy. A few years back I got a loom for Christmas.  I hadn't used in a a while and decided to pull it out.  After a way to long visit on pintrest looking at woven items. I just get sucked in and before I know it an hour or more has gone by.  How does that happen? Well after that little diversion I warped my loom.  Pulled some scraps from my bins.  Cut them into 1" strips and started to weave.
The weaving process goes pretty fast once the loom is warped and before to long I had this table runner. I'm thinking it will make a nice gift.  I'm also thinking I need to warp my loom again and try another project.  Who knows maybe between quilting and weaving I might make a dent in the scrap bins.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Moving It Forward

Monday Monday time for a link up.
I don't have a lot to share. Just my two new Splendid Sampler blocks.  I really love the stars. 
And the basting of my newest Plan B quilt that I'm still coming up with a name for, along with and idea on how to quilt it.  I'm toying with swirling wind among my trees and houses. Or maybe the footprints I saw recently on pintrest, maybe clouds and birds would look nice.  Or a combination.  Deciding on how to quilting motif is not my strong point. But I hope to choose one soon and get busy on this quilt.
Now it's your turn.  What did you move forward.  I can't wait to see your progress.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Manly Free For All

Tuesday I joined my friends at the community center where many of them meet each Tuesday to sew. I find it the best place to baste my quilts, and I have a lot of quilts to baste. I can pull a couple banquet tables together and clip my quilt sandwich to them, and then pin baste them.  It is so much easier on my knees than my tile floor. Plus the company is great! 

Like I said, I have a lot of quilts to baste. I brought three. I knew I would run out of safety pins if I brought more.  As it turns out I ran out on the last quilt anyway.  I basted it as best I could and will add the missing pins as I finish quilting the other two. I decided I would start with the manly free four all quilt Ruth helped me put together at one of my Happy Chemo sew ins. Keeping with a masculine feel I did organic lines on the diagonal. Organic because I couldn't do a true straight line if my life depended on it and on the diagonal because it worked well with the design. 
The quilting went fast and soon I had a finished quilt. I bound it in a marbled burgundy which I also put on the back. Spring, being the fickle girl she is did not want to cooperate with picture taking. I finally gave in and had a little photo shot in the rain.  
 I was afraid if I waited any longer the rain would turn to snow.  It is in the forecast.  And like I said Spring is a fickle girl. I think it's masculine enough to feel the need we have for more manly quilty hugs.
Linking up with Sarah, Amanda Jean and Cynthia.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Never a Dull Moment

One of the things I love about playing with fabric is that there are so many possibilities. Endless combinations of colors, blocks and ways to combine them. It's virtually impossible to get bored. My list of possible projects  just grows and grows. I'd have to live several lifetimes to finish all that I want to do. My Great Aunt Lucy, who live to be 99 and quilted to the end gives me hope that I will at least put a dent in that list.

I've recently started a few more on the list.  A few house blocks, because houses are so fun to build, 

 and a new string project. I'm using dryer sheets as a foundation.  I place a triangle in one corner and then follow it up with random width strings.
 Then square them up.  I've seen a few quilts on pintrest with rectangular string blocks and want to play with the idea.
Just one more in a long list. But as the list grows I'm insured I'll never be bored.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Moving It Forward

Monday and time to get a move on. Or at least show us what moves you've been making.

Me I basted my courthouse star and started a little big stitch quilting.
I also got three more of my Splendid Sampler blocks done.
Now it's your turn.
Show us your moves

Friday, April 8, 2016

Citrus Spin

I'm doing a little happy dance.  This quilt that started as demo blocks for a class I taught a few years back. Then hit a road block when I ran out of background fabric. But for good or bad I'm stubborn, and after an extensive internet search and even a request on this blog I found some. This beauty is a result of that stubbornness. Let my hubby know that personality flaw is not always bad. :)

 I pieced a scrappy back with two different grays and a bunch of Urban Chic scraps.
Here is a picture of the quilting.  I did this in each of those spinning circles.

 I finished off with a Caribbean blue binding.  Doesn't it look so happy in the spring sunshine?
 I went to my SQS group yesterday and also wanted to share this beauty by Diane with you. Isn't it AMAZING!!!!  I hate paper piecing and would never attempt something like this but man I can appreciate it!
 Also this little cutie by Sue.  It is Lori Holt's Farm Girl only Sue made her blocks 3". We often tease her that she would take a king size quilt and make it postage stamp size. I have to admit those mini blocks are sure cute. And did you notice her adorable bag. She made it at our last retreat.
I'm linking up to celebrate these finishes with Sarah, Cynthia, and Amanda Jean.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rockin' Productive Tuesday

The first Tuesday of each month means sewing Quilty Hugs with friends. We must have had the right mix of company, fabric and music. We were singing and sewing up a storm.  My friends think I have a strange mix of music. I'll admit to being pretty eclectic in my music choices everything from Louis Armstrong to Imagine Dragons but they were all singing along. If your interested let me know and I'll share my Pandora station with you. It's pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. 

As it played along Marilyn finished up this scrappy treasure that came from a bag of donated bits of fabric. We had the hsts and random strips sewn into rows at our last sew in. It's pretty random but I love how it turned out.
Sue made a dent in another bag of scraps by cutting them into tumblers. Won't they make a pretty quilt?

Ruthie created these pretty four patches. A few have pinwheels in them that were bonus hsts from another project.
And I put together these hsts. I'm hoping they will make a good man quilt.

Yep, it was a rockin' productive Tuesday

Monday, April 4, 2016

Moving It Forward

It's Monday. The weekend behind us.  Hope you had a good one. Time to head back to the grind. For me it also brings a return to routine. Anna had Spring Break last week, the boys two weeks before. Somehow my children having a break in routine means I have little or no routine.  Not that I'm complaining, I do enjoy having a little fun with my kids. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't welcome a return to my regular schedule. 

In spite of all the play time with my kids I was able to baste and start quilting my Citrus Spin. 

Now it's your turn. What progress did you make?  How are you moving your projects forward?
Link up and let us see. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

I Heart Quilters!!!

Being gone for a major part of the week, playing with family, I didn't get a lot of sewing done. Yesterday I was able to sew my Zen Chic and gray blocks together between loads of laundry.
 It is now a flimsy. Enjoying the spring sunshine in my backyard.

But the most exciting news is that the Quilty Hugs have started rolling in from Hands 2 Help. I had received two before I left and came home to a third.  The generosity of quilters never ceases to amaze me. I know how much fabric costs and the time involved in making a quilt so I'm in awe each year when all these beautiful quilts are donated to help Happy Chemo.  
 Thank you everyone for your kindness.  I wish you could see the peace and comfort they bring.

Linking up with Sarah, Amanda Jean, and Cynthia.