Friday, March 25, 2016


My friend gave me a cute little quilt hanger some time ago. I'm ashamed to admit how long it has gone empty. Well yesterday I decided it was long enough. I pulled out several of my books with minis in them and started to peruse. 
 I loved this flying geese in the round.  But I hate paper piecing. Mostly because I hate to have to rip the paper off when I'm done. After watching this tutorial that made it so that was not necessary. I decided to give it a go.
 While paper piecing is still not my favorite.  I seem to have a hard time with getting the pieces to fit in their right spots and cover everything just right. That and I hate the waste when I do get it right. Crazy I know but it is what it is.  All that aside, I'm thrilled with my little mini. It measures 13". I had a lot of fun doing the big stitch in the middle. I love that by creating the circle in the middle you get a kind of star burst effect that is not so noticeable in the pattern picture.
 And here it is on my wall with my cute little hanger.
Linking up with Sarah, Amanda Jean and Cynthia to celebrate this little finish.


  1. It is so cute, Em. That is one that I have been wanting to make for some time. You may have inspired me to finally do it!

  2. Great mini! I, too, dislike paper piecing, but love this little pattern. And your big stitching in the middle is perfect.

  3. Super cute. I feel the love with that stitching in the middle.

  4. Very sweet! Love that stitching in the middle so much!

  5. How sweet that you made a little quilt specifically for the hanger! I have that exact hanger - I think. I got it a long time ago, and need to make a quilt for it too. I don't like paper piecing either, but that turned out exquisitely. Love the circle quilting and the effect it has on the quilt. How did you hang the quilt on the hanger?

  6. So cute, love the flying geese pattern.

  7. It is a perfect fit for your hanger. So colorful! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!