Monday, February 29, 2016

Moving It Forward

Do you ever feel like your life is moving so fast. That you want to slow down, maybe even let it stop for awhile? The couple of weeks have felt that way to me. We had a whirlwind wedding and I now have a beautiful daughter in law. We went from discovering my sister in law has cancer but it seems non aggressive to finding out is is throughout her organs and very aggressive. Man I can't say it enough CANCER SUCKS! My oldest will be graduating in May and looks like he will be moving to Seattle area with a new job. How do they grow up so fast? Life is definitely moving forward. 
With all these life events good and bad I didn't get a lot of sewing done. I did manage this stack of cute as a button blocks.
Now it's your turn what were you able to move forward? Looking forward to seeing all your progress. Remember to link back and to visit others and help them celebrate their progress.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Streak of Lightening

Thanks to tips from Sarah and Shasta I was able to find enough free motion designs to quilt a different one in each of my streaks of lightening. Sarah led me to Christina at a Few Scraps. Shasta's tip led me to Leah Day. If you are ever looking for ideas on how to quilt your quilts I would recommend either of these sights.  Lots of great ideas and tutorials. Thanks ladies I learned a lot.
And I'm thrilled with the results on my quilt. Not to mention I now have lots of ideas for other quilts.
After the quilting was done I made a scrappy brown binding using this method.  I auditioned a burgundy but found the brown more complimentary. You can find how to make this simple block here and ideas for other layouts can be found here. Now it's ready to be a quilty hug. Do you think it is masculine enough to work as a man quilt?

Linking up with Sarah, Amanda Jean and Cynthia to celebrate.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Quilt Sirens

Do you ever have things you know you really need to get done. But somehow your sewing room calls to you. And although you know you really should be completing the things on your to do list you give in to the quilt sirens song. That was me yesterday. I should have been cleaning and getting ready for company. But after reading Sherri's post yesterday about using your stash for Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson's Splendid Sampler quilt along. Something I'd been toying with doing since it started just over a week ago, but hadn't gotten around to. And I still have an empty project box from when I cleaned my sewing room that still needed filling. So throwing reason to the wind I sat at my machine, pulling out scrap bins, cutting up pieces and let the siren song take me away. 
These two blocks are the result. Somehow after completing them I was able to pull myself away and pull off a decent dinner party.
Even though there was still a block to complete.
Now that's some will power.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Moving It Forward

Welcome back it's time for another Moving it Forward Monday. It makes me look forward to Monday.  Is that possible? Why yes when I get to see all the progress everyone is making on all their lovely projects.
My move it forward for this week is my quilting progress on my wonky streak of lightening. I actually think I forgot to let you know that was the arrangement I chose for those wonky blocks. Now that I'm quilting it you'll have to wait for the finish to see it.  I started by quilting zig zaggy lines through it echoing the streaks of lightening in the quilt. But I wasn't liking how it was looking through the blocks. So some ripping was necessary. I did keep the echoing 1/4" from each seam. 
 But in the blocks I chose to practice my free motion quilting.  I practiced pebbles and swirls
 leaves, feathers, and echoing geometric shapes.
Now I need to decide if I will repeat my designs in the opposite order or see if I can come up with enough different designs to do each one different. What are some of your favorite filler designs? If I can come up with enough I may try to do each one different.

Now it's your turn. What did you move along this week.  Can't wait to see. Please remember to link back, and to visit those who share. Thanks!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Itty Bitty Finish

While I can't share the quilt I finished this week these are the bonus hsts from said quilt, made from happy bright Flow by Zen Chic for Moda. They were far too cute to throw away.
 So I squared them up in preparation to use in my SQS block exchange.
 Here is the completed block I will be exchanging with my friends. One down 9 more to go.

 I ended up with more hsts than I needed for my blocks so I made this cute little pincushion. You can never have too many of those. Right?
And that is my itty bitty finish for this week. Linking up with Sarah, Cynthia, and Amanda Jean.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Man Quilt Beginnings

Feeling a need to share a little more quilt love with my boys, I've started another man quilt. Although they say diamonds are a girls best friend, I think they make for a pretty masculine quilt. It took me a few tries to get these just right. Making sure I had proper seem allowance on all sides with out chopping off points. Not that I'm a real perfectionist when it comes to this. But there are times when I put forth the effort. This quilt just happened to be one of those times.
 Once I got that figured out I changed a bunch of these diamonds.
 Next I chained some smaller ones.
 Finally I added a set of larger ones. I do like to play with different sizes of the same or similar shapes in a quilt. Call me strange but I find it interesting to see how they all play together.
I have several more rows to finish and a little play with alternate rows. But for an beginning I think this man quilt has potential.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Moving it Forward Monday

It's Monday and time to celebrate last weeks progress.
With the weather still cold and gray I'm sticking with my bright happy fabrics. So I've made me a few more spinning wheels. Strips of bright yellow, green, pink and blue were flying as I sewed and sewed. I kept going until there was almost no background fabric left. Well, at least not enough to complete another row. Now a flimsy and ready to be basted, quilted and bond. I'm so happy with it.  Those spinning wheels in bright happy colors makes my heart sing.  
When that might happen I don't know yet. Had to share the back of my flimsy.  I just love those lines of color.
Now it's your turn. What did you move forward this week?

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day
 Thought it would be fun to have a little parade
 of my Valentine quilts
 to share a little love
Hope you have a great day!

Friday, February 12, 2016

A Little Sunshine on This Gray Day

 The days here have been cold and gray.  Grayer that usual because of an inversion we are experiencing that makes the valley I live in like living in a cloud. If you get high into the mountains you get sunshine. Which I use to do before my knee surgeries by hitting the ski slopes.  After all Utah does have the best snow on Earth. Now I head down to the basement to sew. My labors rewarded me this week with this ray of sunshine.
Spike couldn't quite figure out all that color after so much gray. 
Can't decide if this will be a quilty hug or a gift for my niece, Mary who will be turning 8 next month and will be getting baptized. I know either way it will be loved.

Linking up with Sarah, Cynthia, KellyAmanda Jean, Leanne and Fort Worth Fabric.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Little Process

I had six of these not so little houses, the 16 patches are 8" square.  They are leftovers from a recent quilt that I'm not able to share yet. The roofs are leftover from my Ziggy Granny quilt. together they make an almost 16" block. I felt that making them into houses like this there would be too much negative space.
 So I started staggering them letting the 16 patches fall between the roofs of the lower houses. I had fun adding little people leftover from this quilt using my sister, Julie's fabric. (It is fun to remember past quilts as I put together all these orphans.)
 Then I filled in with a few trees and smaller houses among the upper roofs. In this way I was able to use up five of the six large houses. I could have added the sixth but I felt it was getting too wide. So I'll have to find a home for it elsewhere in the quilt.
One section done in this memory filled quilt.  Looking forward to doing more.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Moving It Forward

It's Monday and time to celebrate our little victories.  Those small but significant ways we move our projects forward.
This week I made 10 little broken dishes blocks from Pat Sloan's Hometown Girl line for my SQS group.  We are swapping 4" blocks this year and this is my first set.
While with my SQS sisters, we meet once a month and have a pot luck lunch (which is always a treat) and do hand sewing. It's the only time I've found lately to work on my hexi stars. I added one more star block and three more hexis. This quilt is not getting done any time soon.  But each month I make a little progress. 
Now it's your turn. What progress did you see on your projects? How did you move them forward? I want to hear and see. Join me in the linky.  Remember to link back so others can see also. Thanks!

Friday, February 5, 2016

New Card Holder

I recently purchased a new purse.  My old one was faded and in need of replacement. I'm not a big shopper, unless it is for fabric, of course. So I tend to put purchases off.  My new purse did not quite fit my cardholder. So I needed to make a new one. I had a layer cake of Hometown Girl by Pat Sloan that I thought would be cute. 
 I had to tweak the tutorial a little to make it fit my purse.
  So not quite as many pockets for cards.  But I didn't really need that many anyway. And it's nice to have my cards easily accessible again. I love being able to flip through it and easily find the card I'm looking for. Not having to worry about not having the right punch card when I'm at the fabric store or my favorite bakery. That is important you know.
Linking up with Sarah and Amanda Jean to celebrate this little finish.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Village and Forest of Orphans

I pulled out my bin of orphan blocks the other day thinking I would make another Plan B quilt. I started pulling out blocks I felt would go together. At first I was just slapping them up on the design wall. Before long I started to see houses and trees forming from those random blocks. So I started pairing flying geese and triangles with square and rectangle blocks. I even found a group of leftovers from my Heartbeat of Paris quilt that would work for some mountains. Before I knew it I had a design wall full of random blocks.
 Next I started sewing those geese to squares. I sewed two half square triangles together to form the roof for another house.
 Then I started adding sides to some 60* triangles to make trees and adding sides to random pieced parts for the trunks.
Slowly I'm forming a scrappy village and forest of these former orphans.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Moving it Forward Monday

Welcome back to Moving it Forward.  Hope you've had a productive week.  Me? Well I was able to quilt my scrappy trip around the world. I just did a simple stipple pattern which was quick and easy.
 I auditioned a couple of bindings before I chose this solid green. Which I then cut and prepped.
Hoping to get it on this week.
Now it's your turn. What were you able to move forward?