Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pressing Matters

Back in 2012 my boys created a new pressing station for me. Well, three and half years latter is is need of a new cover.  You can see I have made the most of it.  When one side got old and torn I flipped it around and used the other end.  Now both ends are in sorry shape and I cannot delay the inevitable.
 So I bought me some new fabric on sale at JoAnn's. Borrowed my friend's staple gun. (I have one but could not find it at the moment. Isn't that how it always happens?) Once I got down to business it took no time at all to recover my pressing station.
Makes me wonder why I waited so long.
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  1. Nice pressing table you have there. Very organized and a great use of space.

  2. I wish I had room for a pressing station in my sewing room but my big quilting frame takes up all the extra space so I have to make due with a regular ironing board in the kitchen

  3. This task is on my to-do list too. You inspire me to move it up the list!

  4. My pressing pad is not quite as bad as yours but getting there. I am not sure if it is one that could be stapled into but that is a good idea for the way you did yours.

  5. Just like new...and you're back in business! It looks great~