Friday, October 30, 2015

Falling Leaves

The leaves that were on my design wall earlier this week are now falling from my tree in a lovely fall finish

 Adding to the beauty Mother Nature has already created in my backyard.
 I saw yesterday on a billboard that fall was a second spring where leaves were flowers.

What a lovely analogy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I recently designed a quilt in EQ and pulled these fabrics to bring it to life.

Originally I was planning on using the orange and reds in the strips throughout the quilt.  But then I thought what if I made them my islands.
And then I thought what if I made them with fabrics having a dark background and splashes of bright colors?  I made blocks and thought I would settle on this.
But now I'm doubting myself.  I'm thinking I might like the bright splashes of color the reds and oranges make.  I think I'll have to make up blocks using them and let them audition as blocks.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

It's Autumn Time

It's autumn time. It's autumn time the leaves are falling down.
It's autumn time It's autumn time their yellow, red and brown.
 Don't you just love this time of year?  All the beautiful colors, the smells and the cool crisp weather, what's not to love?  I've been having a little fun in my sewing room making a few leaves of my own. This block is so fun to make.
 I also thought I'd share a few of my other fall quilts. This one is called Blowin' in the Wind.
 Here is Indian Summer.
 This cute little apple creation was a swap with friends.  Makes me want a caramel apple or maybe an apple pie. YUM!
What is your favorite thing about fall?  Do you have fall quilts you decorate with? Tell me about them.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Stepping Up

My parents are expert garage salers.  My brother and sisters and I know if we are looking for something we can enlist our parents in our treasure hunt.  They almost always find what we are looking for.  I had told my parents I was looking for a wooden ladder to use to display quilts.  Lucky me they found one.  It was old and needed a little TLC and it took a while to make it to the top of my to do list.  I'm embarrassed to say that it was more than a year before I got around to it.  But with the redo of the living room I was feeling motivated. I removed all the stickers that were on it.  I sanded it down and removed all the paint drops on it.
 Then I spray painted it.  I started with a lighter aqua.  I was lovin' it.  But then Hubby said, "Could you pick a more girly color?" (Yes, I could, I could have picked pink) Anna thought I was adding too many different colors of blue in my living room.  She and I but heads on this a lot. Mostly because I feel you can never have enough color.  But to keep the family happy I changed to seaside blue.
I set it up in the living room with some bright happy quilts.  Anna's friends thought it was darling so I have not had complaints that I added even more color.  I'm loving the splash of life it adds.  I'm linking up with Sarah for a little Whoop Whoop on this long over due finish.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Math Problems

I meant to have this top finished this weekend.  I had good intentions.  I put all my cut pieces in a project box along with the blocks I had finished.

 I got right to work on it when I got to the cabin with my friends.  Only to discover that apparently I can't count.  Two of my blocks did not have all the pieces.  When I came across the first one I thought it was because I got mixed up.  I had originally planned it for a setting triangle then changed my mind.  I had all the half square triangles but was missing about half of the squares. (Notice the orange and blue with missing parts.) But it happened again. I don't know where my brain was at that moment but I was missing almost half the squares and all of the half square triangles. (Notice the blue and red floral prints.)
I also noticed once I got home that I had sewn one corner piece and one setting triangle wrong.  So after a little cutting of extra pieces and ripping of miss sewn units.  I got everything put together and arranged.
 Not an easy feat, It was hard to get an even dispersing of light and dark blues and still have an even mix of oranges, pinks, yellows and reds throughout the quilt.

After a lot of shuffling and arranging I finally found a happy mix for this scrap happy quilt.

Monday, October 19, 2015

I Heard It On Vinyl

This year my quilt guild's challenge was 'I Heard it on Vinyl.'  It was a fun challenge to work on.  The hardest part was choosing a song.  I made this quilt for it.  My song was the Garden Song, my kids listen to it over and over again on their Peter Paul and Mommy CD. (Not technically vinyl but Peter Paul and Mary are from the vinyl days so I counted it.  The competition was stiff.  Here are the winners. 
Lorri's amazing creation.  Her song was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles.
 Ruth's happy creation for Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
 Diane's makes me want to get me a pair of boots and dance.  Her song was Boot Scootin' Boogie.
 This is Suzy's.  Hers was not one of the winners but I wanted to share her humor.  Her song was I Heard It Through the Grapevine.  Notice the herd of cows in her vineyard, she is so punny.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Prepping the Setting Triangles

You may remember I was looking for a solution to my overflowing blues scrap bin.  I choose this quilt and had cut out the blocks.  Well, I've sewn up a bunch of the blocks and wanted to start playing with them on the design wall.
 Because these blocks will be set on point I needed to make some setting blocks.  I had set aside pieces for this but had not yet cut them out.  So yesterday I started cutting using the same method as I had with the blocks.  Just one strip and cutting both squares and triangles from it.  Yes I love my half square and quarter square ruler that allows me to do this.
 Here is one setting triangle ready to piece.
Hoping to have them all sewn and a top done this weekend while away with friends.

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Real Treat

Every time I visit my grandma it is a treat.  Hearing stories from when she was young is always interesting and often makes me laugh.  This last visit she told me she had another quilt that her mother had made that she wanted to show me.  I was excited to see the quilt and kicking myself because I had not brought my camera so I would not be able to take a picture.  I knew I could get one the next time I visited if I would only remember.  
 Grandma brought out this wonderful trip around the world quilt.  She told me how many of the prints were from her and her sister's dresses.  My grandma was born at the end of 1920 so I'm guessing the quilt was made sometime in the late 20's early 30's.
 After telling me about the quilt grandma said she wanted me to have it.  I was shocked but thrilled.  What a treat!  I excitedly hugged and thanked her.  She told me she knew it would be appreciated and taken care of at my house.  Oh how right she is!  Grandma's are so wise!
I don't deserve how good she is to me, but I sure am thankful to have her.  And grateful that not only do I not have to remember to bring my camera to photograph this next time but get to keep it.  I'm hanging it on the rocking chair, that was her's, I keep in my room.  A happy reminder of this great lady.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Race Car Finish

My hubby's sports car is gone with him at work so I'll have to settle for my oldest's motorcycle as the backdrop for the Mitsubishi Quilt finish.  I'm also noticing that I should have draped the quilt the other way so the Mitsubishi symbol was correct.  Turn your head upside down if you want to get the true affect.   
 I'm taking Lara's advice on how to decide which of my boys gets the quilt.  She suggested a job lotto.  I've been wanting to tile the back splash in kitchen.  My boys are very good handymen. My sister uses them regularly. I know I'm very lucky.  So the young man to complete this task gets the quilt.
Thank you Lara for the brilliant solution to my dilemma.  I'm killing two birds with one stone.  YEAH!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

You're Such a Quilter

Yesterday was the first Tuesday of the month and that means Quilty Hug Sew In at my house.  Shelly finished up this checkerboard top.  Just need to find a border.

 Marilyn added borders to these applique hearts, that were donated, and put them together. Aren't they cute?
 I cut this stack of quarter square triangles from donated fabric.  I'm thinking an hourglass quilt is in order.  Trying to decide if  we should do a true hourglass or a scrappy one.
 I also ended up with these half square triangles, 2 1/2" and 1 1/2" strips.  I wanted to make sure the remaining pieces were in usable sizes.  I hoping that this will help in future quilts.
When Anna came home from school she took one look at my shirt, rolled her eyes and said, "You're such a quilter"

Monday, October 5, 2015

Chain Reaction

This weekend while listening to LDS General Conference I chain pieced blocks through my sewing machine.
In between sessions I cleaned out our cold storage.  I used to do a lot of canning when my children were little.  Now that two of them have moved out, one of which went through salsa like water, I no longer need to can as much.  So I decided to get rid of some canning jars.  I put them on a local online classified sight.  In no time at all I had sold them.  Glad they will help someone else.
The money I earned from this endeavor enabled me to purchase these to pots for our living room, Anna and I recently redecorated.
I also bought a can of spay paint to paint a wooden ladder to hand quilt on.  I have yet to get that done.  But when I do I will share it with you.  Hoping it turns out as well as it is in my head.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hip Hopscotch

A couple of years ago I took this class from Sherri.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class and getting to meet Sherri in person.  I just love her blog.  I finished the top rather quickly, but because all three of my boys wanted it (the call it the Mitsubishi quilt)  and I didn't know how to take care of that problem I set it on the shelf and there it remained.  
Well I pulled it out last week, made a back and basted it.  Now I'm working on getting it quilted.
I still don't know how I will deal with the demand for this quilt but I'm ready to have it finished.

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