Friday, August 7, 2015

Not Always Black and White~ Finish

 I would have had this one done sooner but when I took it to baste with friends I forgot the back.  Just a slight problem when trying to baste a quilt.  Grrr!  A week later I was wiser and made sure I had all the pieces.  That basting session went much more smoothly.

I was going to just do straight line quilting but then saw a quilt that was quilted with wood grain quilting.  I really liked it, so I gave it a go after watching this tutorial.  I enjoyed the process and the effect on my quilt.  I will definitely being doing it again.
I finished the quilting last night and got the binding sewn on one way.  I chose a solid black binding.  I felt it framed things nicely. This morning I got up and finished it up using this method.

Had to hurry.  A storm is coming and I wanted to get pictures before it hit.  I even thought about taking the picture with the binding just glued in place.  But it looked like I had time to sew it down.  I would have been really mad at myself if I was wrong and the storm hit without pictures.  So lucky me the storm held and here is a finished 'Not Always Black and White.

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  1. This is a great quilt! I have done the woodgrain quilting, but on a smaller scale; yours looks larger, so will keep that in mind as another all-over meander idea.

  2. Love the colors in this one Emily! And the quilting works perfectly.

  3. Congratulations on your finished quilt. Wonderful work.

  4. Very cool quilting! Thanks for the link, I think it goes well with your pattern and fabrics. Love those bits of color in with the black and white!

  5. Love that woodgrain stitching! Perfect for your quilt!

  6. Very nice! I have been looking for a black, white, cream low volume quilt to make for a friend. This one is very pretty!

  7. A friend gifted me Christina's Craftsy class and it's wonderful. This is a great looking quilt.

  8. I LOVE it. It really is wonderful and the quilting looks terrific. I've been wanting to try that design. Glad to read that you enjoyed it enough to do it again.

  9. EXcellent video! Thank you for sharing!!!

  10. I love the quilt and the wood grain quilting is something I will definitely try!