Friday, May 29, 2015

A Little of This and A Little of That

Still on my quest to get a few more guy friendly quilts I took a fat quarter bundle of Varsity by Sweetwater for Moda. It's cheery primary colors are boy friendly.
 I made a bunch of churndashes
 A few hour glass blocks
 log cabins
 half square triangles (excuse the wonky pluses peeking through I'm also playing with that project)
 and plus blocks
 Arranged them, basted and stipple quilted them
And Field of Dreams was born.  Pattern available here.  Whoopin' it up with Sarah!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Some Lovely Blogs

My dear bloggy friend Sarah nominated my blog for a Lovely Blog Award.  It was so nice of her to think of me.  That's just how Sarah is, always thinking of others.  She keeps very busy, it makes my head spin how busy she is, making quilts with her quilt ministry.  Every spring she heads up Hands 2 Help on her blog and lucky me she has chosen my Quilty Hugs for Happy Chemo as one of her charities for the last few years.  If you haven't met Sarah yet make sure you pay her a visit.  It's so worth the trip.
 As part of the Lovely Blog award I'm to share seven things about myself.   So here goes.
1: I have a wonderful grandma I love dearly.  We have enjoyed going to lunch together since I was little.
 I feel so blessed to still be able to enjoy her company.
2. I have a very creative mom and sisters.  My mom encouraged all of us to develop our talents.  She was an excellent example.  She sews, cooks, sculpts, and paints. You can see some of her work here. I have a sister who does wedding photography, one that is big in the craft industry and even designs fabric, and one that is an excellent cook.  
 3. I have a wonderful hubby, three sons, and a darling daughter.
4. I enjoy reading especially historical fiction.
5. I love to try new recipes.  Allrecipes is one of my favorite places to visit and try new things.  Though I also get recipes from my sisters and friends.
 6. My favorite vacations are to the beach or camping.
7. I'm a early bird.  I love the quiet morning brings.  Getting up before everyone else, I can get so much done.  But don't ask me to stay up.  I'm horrid at that.  Most nights you'll find me in bed by nine enjoying a good book until I've read the same line three or four times.  Then it's lights out and I'm gone as soon as my head hits the pillow.
The Lovely Blogs I would like to nominate are:
Ruthie Quilts- Ruthie is my dear friend I met her a few years ago when she took a class from me.  Now I get together with her and a group of friends at least twice a month.  She also helps me with my over productive apricot tree.  I think her jam is better than mine.  But isn't everything always better when someone else makes it?
Quilty Folk- Audrey's blog is place I visit often for inspiration.  I love her folksy take on quilting.
Needled Mom- I've followed Mary's blog since I stared blogging.  Her love of family and quilting inspires me.
Crafts and Stuff- Hetty's hexis are amazing and I love all the pretty flowers she shares.  Oh that I had her green thumb.

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Monday, May 25, 2015


Twinkle twinkle little star.  Happy and versatile star blocks are a favorite among quilters. When I saw the fabric line 'For You' by Zen Chic for Moda I knew I needed to make a star quilt.  The cheery bright colors sparkled.  How could I not?  
 I finally settled on a maverick star set on point using a square in a square method.
 Added a strata sashing and bright scrappy corner posts Twinkle was born.
 Mary from Needled Mom tested it for me.  I love the cool blues and greens she used.  Always fun to see the same quilt in different color ways.  Thanks Mary!  You did a beautiful job!
Speaking of twinkle and sparkle this is my lovely daughter ready for her dance.  Can't believe how my baby has grown up.  How can she be going to high school next year?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Another Man Quilt

In my stacks and stacks of quilts, man quilts seems to be lacking. Which is somewhat sad considering the majority of my household is male.  So when I saw the new line Nocturne by Janet Clare for Moda I set about to rectify that, at least a little.  Last week I shared my Crystallized from the same line. This one is Union, a play on Civil War blue and grey.

 I quilted geometric squares and radiating suns.
 It has that cozy crinkly feel that cotton batting creates when washed.  Thanks in part to my dog, Spike, who decided to walk on it while I was doing this photo shoot with his muddy paws.  Naughty, naughty Spike.  
Pattern is available on my website in case a man in your life needs another man quilt.  Linking up with Sarah to whoop whoop about this finish.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Quilt Fest 2015

My brochure for Quilt Fest 2015 arrived recently and I've been perusing it.  So many wonderful classes are offered. With national teacher; Cynthia England, Karen Kay Buckley, Lisa Bongean, and Marsha McClosky not to mention some pretty great local teachers is it any wonder I'm excited.
I'm slightly bummed that one of the classes I would like to take is offered at the same time I am teaching.  But I've circled a few that fit my schedule and I'm praying they don't fill up before I get signed up.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Quilting Baptist Fans

This is Multiplicity, another of my new patterns, tested by dear friend Brenda's daughter.  It combines two simple blocks to create and x and o pattern.  The pattern is available on my website.
 In quilting it I wanted to do an all over design and finally settled on Baptist Fans.  I started by making concentric circles with my compass on contact paper.  I made mine with diameters of 1 1/2", 3" and 4 1/2"
 I then drew a line through the center of my circle.
 I lined up the 45* line on my ruler on this line and drew a new line from the center of my circle to the edge.
 I repeated this process on the other half of my circle
 So I ended up with a peace sign effect like this
 I then cut out my arcs.  You get two sets from each circle.  I used two circles to finish my quilt.  After so long the sticky isn't so sticky.
 Then starting in the corner I placed my arc in place and stitched on either side
 Then placed the larger arc and stitched around the it's outer edge.
 Then I placed my smallest arc next to the edge of large arc and the edge of the quilt and repeated the process.  I did this in rows up my quilt
 Until I had the whole quilt done.

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Friday, May 15, 2015


I'm excited to reveal my new pattern, Crystallized.  You may remember the sneak peek I gave of this one here.  I quilted it with uneven cross hatching so that I could ensure that a stitched diamond fell in the center of each of the diamonds cascading down the quilt.
I pieced the back with test blocks I made before my fabric arrived, a few orphans and left overs from the front.  
 I'd like to thank my friend, Cynthia for testing it for me.  She sent me pictures of the process but hasn't sent me her finished top yet.  I might need to bug her about that.
The pattern is available on my website if you are interested.  I'm linking up with Sarah for a big whoop whoop.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Unique Treats

There were some pretty unique and amazing quilts at HQMS.  They used techniques I had not seen before or in ways that I had not thought of using.  I wanted to share a few of them with you today.  First this fun beach quilt.
 The artist had used netting to enclose tiny shells.  It was the perfect touch.  I loved the effect.
 This quilt used reverse applique.
 I've been toying with the idea to do some of this and seeing this piece may have moved that idea further up the bucket list.
 These festive kites had zipper teeth around the edge to give them dimension.  Sadly my close up shot was too blurry to show you.
Last but defiantly not least was this awesome horse quilt made out of leather.  The picture in no way does it justice.  It was amazing!

Monday, May 11, 2015

HQMS Eye Candy

This weekend I was lucky enough to get to go to HQMS.  It was a lovely show.  So much inspiration.  I really loved the Kaffe quilts. 
 These two made to look like fireworks in the night sky where awesome!

 I don't know which I liked better on this quilt the front
 or the back
 I thought this was fun and proof that no piece of fabric is ever too small.  The embellishments where made from bit of fabric and thread.
 I love scrappy
and bright colors and who doesn't love flowers?  So of course these were favorites.
I first discovered this technique at Quilt Fest last year.  I really  would like to try it someday. 

 And this little piggy made me smile.
There were so many other great quilts.  I'll share more Wednesday.  What fun things did you do this weekend?  Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day.