Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Quilted and Ready to Bind

I have really wonderful friends.  You may remember my bin of found quilt tops that I needed help quilting.  Ruthie took this one and did a beautiful job quilting it.
 Look at all the wonderful designs
 and motifs she used.
 It really is fun just to sit and look at all the different designs.
Now to decide what to bind it with.  Any suggestions?

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Fabric From Scraps

I was so excited when I discovered Victoria's quilts using made fabric.  Her method is here.  I make mine a little different.  Kind of a puzzle piece method.  Today I thought I'd share it.
 Start with a bin of bits.  Find two that are the about the same size on at least on side and sew together.
 I feed several of these through my machine chain style.
 Then if these little sets of two are about the same size I sew them together.
 I continue to add sets and strips together trimming off extra ends.  Kind of the equivalent of making the puzzle piece fit.
Keep finding and adding similar sized piece to sew together.
 Remembering if it's off a little you can just trim to make it fit.
 When I get a good sized piece.
I cut it up just like fabric and make quilts like 
my double wedding ring
  Mary's Garden
15 minutes play

Friday, April 24, 2015

Group Hug

I once heard Jenny Doan say, "Quilting is the one hobby you start for yourself and soon it's about everyone else."    I'm with her.  I think quilters are some of the most generous people I know.  They make quilts for family, friends, even total strangers.
 Part of the reason my be that if we didn't the windows of our homes would soon look like this display case my dad made me, full from floor to ceiling.
In addition to finding joy in giving quilts, quilters enjoy sewing together.  We go on retreats, we meet at homes and community centers.  Food, friends and fabric coming together to make a perfect gathering.  Often these perfect gatherings are all about making quilts for others.  I know that the President of the Utah Quilt Guild has been holding sew ins at a local quilt shop to make quilts for area women's shelters.  

 I hold sew ins at least once a month for my Quilty Hugs for Happy Chemo.  I thought I would share a few tips that I have found make for a successful charity group sew in.
1. Choose a simple pattern.  Not everyone's 1/4" seam is the same.  So to illuminate cut of points or unmatched seams a simple pattern is ideal.  I have found string quilts, disappearing nine patches, my simply charming quilt, and the Scrappy Duo all work up nicely.

2. Have opportunities for people to do various things.  Not everyone wants to or can lug their sewing machine.  Let them cut fabric or press blocks.

3. Have food on hand.  Whether you have a pot luck or provide treats yourself having food on hand is always a good idea.  Busy sewers get hungry.

Hope you find these few tips helpful as you go about making quilty hugs.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Heart My Life

As you read my blog to you feel you are dealing with a teenage girl full of emotion, one moment happy and on top of the world, the next wailing in tears?  I must admit it does appear that way when you look at my last post and then this one.  Maybe because I spend so much of my time with said teenage girls I tend to be a little like them.  But today I am lovin' my life.  

I've been chain stitching stars on bright happy fabric and it is making my heart sing.
 Yesterday morning I basted several quilts with dear friends.
And last night my house was full of giggly teenage girls, busy cutting out hearts and putting them on skewers.  Then when it got dark we quietly, well as quietly as teenage girls can be when to stick then into the yard of a young girl who turns twelve today and will be joining our group.  Here is a picture of their handiwork this morning.
As crazy as my life is, I sure do love it.  At least most of the time.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Gaining Traction

 Do you ever feel overwhelmed? That you have too much to do?  And although you run from sun up to sun down the list never gets smaller.  Instead it seems to grow. Almost like your spinning your wheels?
I've felt this way for the last week.  Fortunately, today as I dashed about doing errands I found some help.

 I've been asked to help build a float to be in parades this summer.  The part my hubby and I are in charge of is building the base.  This would be so much easier if our boys were not in the middle of finals and won't be done until after our part of the float needs to be complete.  They did after all build a half pipe while we were in the hospital when my hubby's appendix burst.  And they had a lot less knowledge then than they do now.
But like I said I found help in two of my friend's hubby's that are contractors.  I'm feeling much calmer now and can get back to my sewing obligations.  Something I know much more about.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

For my Men

I've been blessed with some pretty amazing men in my life.  My father is wise, my hubby supportive and kind, my sons helpful.  And these are just the men I'm closest to and bless my life the most.  I also have good neighbors and friends that are men.  So once in awhile I leave my favorite color pallet of bright and happy colors and find a more masculine one.
 Cut it up
 And start a manly quilt.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

First Hands 2 Help

 I love this time of year!  Not only does the weather get warmer and pretty flowers begin to appear in my yard.  But thanks to Sarah and many wonderful quilters many beautiful quilty hugs begin to show up on my doorstep.  The first one arrived today from Susan. (if you have a blog Susan let me know I'd love to link to you)  Isn't it beautiful?
I know this quilty hug will be comfort and joy.  As will all the others that arrive.  The only person not so pleased about this may be my mailman.  There are days when he has to make several trips to my door. I will bake him cookies and all will be forgiven.

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Turn Down The Volume

If you are here visiting from Oh Scrap, welcome.  Hope you will take some time to look around and enjoy yourself.  Cynthia thought it would be fun for me to share my low volume quilts.  Low volume is the modern quilters term for what our grandmothers called shirtings.  
 Low volume fabrics read as light but have a pattern to them. I like them because they add texture and interest to my quilts.
 They don't need to have a cream or white background.  You will notice a few of mine are very light blues, yellows, and pinks.  You just want them to read light.  You can check this by setting your camera on a black and white setting.  If your fabric looks white or almost white, you have a low volume fabric.
 Low volume prints are perfect for background on applique projects.  I like to piece my applique backgrounds randomly.  You can do this or do evenly pieced squares, rectangles, or strips.
 They add interest to scrappy projects by replacing a set background with various low volume fabrics.
 I recommend starting a bin of low volume scraps if you haven't already.  You can add a few solids to this bin.  They will fit in and add interest to your quilt.  But you will want the majority to have the secondary print.
So when inspiration strikes you are ready to play.  If you are  looking for inspiration Google and Pinterest are full of ideas.  Just search low volume quilts.  Have fun!

Friday, April 10, 2015

What A Find

In getting ready for a Happy Chemo Sew In recently I found a bin of tops.  After the initial guilt of letting these tops get lost with the bins of fabric, I got busy.  I basted a few and started quilting.
 Others I put together with batting and backs and will take to my guild meeting in a week and ask (beg) for help getting them done.
A few I loaded up yesterday when I went to visit my grandma.  Because, now here is a great find, at a event on National Quilt Day I ran into a friend I had lost track of.  We got talking and she asked if I was still doing Quilty Hugs for Happy Chemo.  She wanted to help quilt them. YEAH!  I told her of my recent discovery and what a blessing her help would be.  Fortunately she lives by my grandma so I can drop off and pick up quilts when I visit grandma. So thankful for tender mercies that let me find the tops and then a way to get them finished into quilty hugs.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Slow Progress

It's been slow going with my hexi stars
 My main problem being I keep forgetting to take my cute little bag of supplies with me.  I'd forget my own head if it weren't connected it seems.  Does anyone else have this problem?
Fortunately I had it near by this weekend and was able to get a few more done.  I'm really falling for these little fellows.  I'm wondering if my little quilt should just be hexi-stars or if I should add alternate blocks.  I need to get a few more done so I can play around and explore possibilities.

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