Monday, March 30, 2015

I Might Have a Problem

It's no secret I love scraps quilts.  They are my favorite.  All those little bits of fabric playing so nice together makes me smile.  What you might not know is the obsession I have with those little bits.  I can't bring myself to part with even the smallest piece. I cram them into bins
 I use them for therapy.
 Friends who know of my secret bring me little baggies full of them.  I sometimes even buy them.

Friday, March 27, 2015

It's Friday~Time for Some Whoop Whoop

On the first Tuesday of each month I get together with a few of my friends to sew quilty hugs.  We pull out scrap bins.  Diane does our cutting.  We use a system similar to Bonnie Hunter's for our donated bits of fabric.  The rest of us; Marilyn, Shelly and I sew these usable pieces into quilts.  Here is our latest finish.  I finished quilting it and binding it yesterday.
 I let it enjoy a little spring sunshine before adding it to the quilty hug pile.  When this pile starts to grow too big, I meet up with Ginger.  She will added it to a Box o' Love.  Then it will make it's way to a good home.
 In addition to the quilty hug I also finished this little mini to go on my piano.  My DD had informed me the one I had there did not go with my 'Live Happy' colors.  I have known I needed to change it but it never seemed to make it to the top of the list.  Well, the need for healing sewing got it there, and now I have a happy finish.
Linking up with Sarah to do a little Whoop Whoop.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Putting the Pieces Togethers

Life throws you curves.  Often it does not go as planned.  What do you do when this happens?  I turn to friends and little bits of fabric.  
So yesterday I headed to the senior center to baste a couple of quilts.  Then after lunch I put the little nine patches from the previous post together with a few snowball blocks.  Once that was complete I finished up the last mini Dresden.  Sewed all the scrappy background pieces together and added the mini Dresdens.  

Today, although I don't quite know how I'll deal with this new challenge.  I know I can get through it with help from my friends and little bits of fabric.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Signs of Spring

Not a lot of sewing got done this weekend.  Spring is here.  It's official as of Friday.  So although I took a little time to play in the sewing room and make these little nine patches.
 Mostly I worked in my yard.
 And enjoyed the sunshine and first signs of spring.
Linking up with Sherri, and Cynthia to celebrate our love of scraps.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Many Hands Make the Best Quilty Hugs

This cute little quilt was made by many hands.  It started with a few orphan blocks donated through the Utah Quilt Guild.  My friend, Michelle took those blocks added the wonky stars and a couple borders.
 Ruthie, from Ruthie Quilts, took it and did a beautiful job quilting it.
 I added the binding. The binding and one of the borders came from fabric designed by my sister. And a quilty hug is born.  Ready to bring comfort to someone in need.
Linking up with my dear friend, Sarah, who so generously helps me collect more quilty hugs through her Hands to Help.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Break Art and Fun

My boys are on spring break right now but because their sister doesn't have spring break for another two weeks we are doing things close to home.  Yesterday we went to lunch then pulled out the art supplies
 Neil had sketched out a scene on his skateboard.  It is pretty cool.  He's been wanting to get it painted for quite awhile now.  He got most of the background done last night.  As you can see he is pretty talented.  I'm not bias one bit, being his mother and all.
 I did some mono printing with my gelli plate.  It's more my speed.  I'm not very good with a brush.  I lack patience despite my mothers efforts to try and teach me when I was younger.
 It was a fun day.  We are looking forward to another session, hopefully sooner rather than later.
For now Anna and Josh in their matching shirts say 'Hang Loose and Peace Out'

Monday, March 16, 2015

A Little Dresden Progress

The last project I was able to work on at my retreat was my Dresden project.  I finished all my larger Dresdens.  Because it is hard for me to assemble a quilt without my design wall and I wanted to try a few different sashing ideas I waited until I was home to work on it some more.
I played with a green and blue combination for the sashing but soon decided it wasn't working.  So I continued with the scrappy blue theme.  I think I will continue it in a small border with more of the mini Dresdens.  I've got them cut out.  Just need to sew them up.  But first I need to finish quilting another project.  If I'm lucky I'll find time to do both.  But it's spring and the yard is calling so I'll have to be really lucky.
What fun things are you working on this fine Monday?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Whoop Whoop with Friends

Last weekend was just so much fun I can't stop sharing it with you.  I wish more of my pictures from show and tell turned out, but the weather didn't allow us to do it out on the deck so I'll just be happy with what I got.  First up is Michelle's row quilt from Lori Holt's pattern.  Sue finished one but that is one of the photos that ended up blurring.
Here are Michelle's Mad Dash blocks.  
And here are Sue's.  They took my class last fall and finished these at the retreat.
Sue with her school house quilt.
This darling quilt is one of the many projects our lovely Joan finished.
She also finished the top to A Little High A Little Low.
Janeal with a cute charity quilt.

Tonya with her fun lovin' monkey quilt.  The picture just doesn't do this justice.
Maureen's patriotic picnic quilt.
In addition to my scrappy star family I sewed the rows together for my newest Plan B quilt.  Please excuse the dotty blue peaking around the edge.  Didn't notice that until I was doing this post and now something else is on the design wall.
Linking up with Sarah to share the Whoop Whoop of me and my friends.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Valley Fabric Shop

Every year on the way to our retreat my friends and I stop at Valley Fabric Shop located in Lyman Wyoming.  (Which just happens to be where my great grandparents homesteaded.)  Maybe they would have stayed had this cute little shop been there.  After all Great Grandma Ida was a quilter.  You may remember her quilt and the one I made to honor her.  Anyway I love this little shop and look forward to visiting it every year.  They have beautiful displays
 With cute and fun quilt quilts.
 Lots of great bags.  I loved the flowers on this one.  My friend, Lorri, bought one already made.  Forgot to get a picture of that one.
 All around the top of the store
 Is the cutest collection of
 Antique toy sewing machines.
 They are so fun to look at.
Don't you just love them?
If you are ever in Lyman make sure you stop by.  It is well worth the trip.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

A Scrappy Star Family with Tute

I had so sew much fun this weekend in Flaming Gorge.  I had taken several scrap projects after all playing in my scraps is one of my favorite things to do.  Combine that with great friends and good food, how could you not have a great weekend.
These scrappy stars came from leftovers from another project.  They work up fairly quickly so I thought I'd share the process.
From strips I used 1 1/2" for the babies and the baby blocks will finish at 8", 2 1/2" for the mom mas I used 2 1/2" and the mom mas blocks finish at 16", for the daddy blocks I used 3 1/2" and the blocks finish at 24".  I used my Nifty Notions Ruler to cut my pieces.  I love this ruler because I can cut squares and triangles from the same strip and have everything fit together.
For each block from your strips cut
40- half squares from scraps
32- half squares from background
16- squares from scraps
8- squares from background
Sew two of the half square scraps together.  Make 4 of these for each block
A half square background and half square scrap together.  Make 32 of these for each block
Take two of the half square triangles with background and two background squares and arrange as shown in a four patch.  Sew together.  Make 4 of these for each block. Unit A
Take two of the half square triangles with background and two of the scrappy squares and arrange as shown in four patch.  Sew together.  Make 8 of these for each block. Unit B
Take two of the half square triangles with background and one with just scraps along with a background square and arrange as shown.  Sew together.  Make 4 of these. Unit C
Take one Unit A, two Unit B and, a Unit C and arrange as shown.  Sew together.  Make 4 of these.
Arrange these so the scrappy half squares meet in the middle as shown.  Sew together.
Hope you enjoy your scrappy stars.  Would love to see them if you make them so please let me know.