Monday, December 29, 2014

Perfect Sew Day

We enjoyed a white Christmas.  In fact, it started snowing Christmas Eve and has just kept going.
 The combination of snow day and wash day creates for me a perfect sew day.  Laundry is the only household job I'm good at and I actually enjoy.  I love to hear the swish of the washer and the hum of the dryer while a sew.  I feel so productive.  So while the washer swishes and the dryer hums I plan to add some big stitch to the corners of my Joseph's Coat of Many Colors pillow.
 Add detail to my hippie bus I'm planning on making into a sewing machine cover.  After all I am my hubby's hippy wife.
 And if time allows I plan to play some more with these little bits.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the best in the New Year.


  1. Cute vw bus. I was the proud possesor of two of thenm.

  2. Happy sewing, washing, drying day. Beautiful picture of the snow landscape.

  3. Oh yes, a polka dot hippy bus. Adorable!!! Happy Sewing.

  4. That cold outside does make the indoors more cozy. Love your jazzy orange peel. I'm missing my orange trees - and those incredible edibles. They are so much better than store bought.
    Happy New Year, Em.

  5. The snow is pretty. The only time I miss snow is Christmas Eve.

  6. I love that hippie bus, wish I had a real one just like it!

  7. Love your hippie bus. My parents had a VW bug - no bus and drove from IL to CA to take my sister & me to Disney Land back in the 60s. Lovin that Joseph's Coat of Many Colors pillow! Happy New Year! I enjoy your blog!

  8. My young boys call those vans hippy vans. I don't know here they heard the term from! Washing is the only housework I enjoy too.