Monday, December 15, 2014

Hip to be Half Square

A clean sewing room makes from a productive week in sewing.  I started and finished the top to my last Scrap Squad quilt.  Can't show  you the top yet but here are the half square triangles I created from the trimmings.
 While decorating this past fall I realized I need another fall quilt to hang above my stairs.  I have a rough idea forming in my head.  I've been throwing scraps into a bin for a while now to use in it.  Well, this week I sat down and cut them into half square triangles in three sizes ( 1", 2" and 3") using my Nifty Notions Ruler.  Tutorial here on how to use it.
Hoping to find time this week to put a bunch together.  But with Christmas only 10 days away that may be wishful thinking.  Hope your enjoying this special season.  Good luck with all you are trying to accomplish.


  1. Looks like somethings coming together for you!! There's so much going on during the season that I want to quilt so much, but like you, sometimes it's wishful thinking.:)

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with the hsts. Enjoy the Christmas season.