Friday, October 31, 2014

A Finish and Fun Finds

First off Happy Halloween.  Hope you have a safe, spooky celebration.  
Last weekend while the power was out I finished the binding on my Blue Bird of Happiness quilt.  I love how the red binding looks on it.  I didn't quite have enough of the plaid I was using so I added a little couple of strips of a cute red floral.  I wish I had offset them a little more but other than that I just love this quilt.  I'm linking up with Sarah to celebrate.
 DD and I have recently discovered Flea Market Flip.  This has inspired us to hit the local thrift stores.  This last weekend we found these treasures.  A wonderful painting.  I just love all the color.
 And this bamboo bowl and teal pot that I put a plant a friend had given me.  The plant get tiny orange flowers on it.  You can see a few in the lower left hand corner.  I think the orange blooms with the teal will be fabulous.
Can't wait to see what we find this weekend.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bag of Treats

I've been doing a little more crayon painting.  I was asked to demo it at an area quilt guild and needed some samples.  So I made this fun little trick or treat bag.  I need to finish one more so I have one for both of my nieces.  Better get busy with that.
You may have notice a little more on my sidebar.  Happy to have a few sponsors now.  As a treat to you a few of them are offering specials.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WAGI Dream Quilt Create

On Sunday there was a sweet little baby happily cooing and babbling as he played with his toy.  His happy sounds made me smile.  I must confess I was paying a little more attention to him than the lesson.  It was just so sweet.  
I know of a few new and expectant moms who's new additions might really like this What a Great Idea from Cynthia at Dream, Quilt, Create.   
This sweet little wonder makes noise, is colorful and is full of precious faces all a big hit with the baby crowd. It's also easy to make which makes busy moms, and adoring aunts, grandmas.and close friends happy.    You can find the easy to follow instructions here.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival~Scrappy

If you are here from Amy's Creative Side, welcome.  I hope you have a look around and enjoy your stay.  I have entered the Blogger's Quilt Festival under scrappy quilts, they are my favorite kind after all.  My favorite scrappy quilt at the moment is my Mary's Garden.  
Making all the made fabric for the tulips was a walk down memory lane.  Remembering where each scrap came from and knowing it has found a home makes me smile.  Though sometimes it is bittersweet to use up the last of a favorite fabric.  The daisies were from my orphan bin.  I didn't quite have enough

 so while traveling with my youngest son, Neil I made the rest.  I made scrappy setting triangles
that I quilted feathers in.
 I also quilted around the daisies
 and tulips with lots of random squiggles and bond it all with a lovely green.
My friend Suzy thinks I should save it for a wedding quilt for Neil.  That's a nice idea but for now it resides at the foot of my bed and I must say I love it there.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Value Matters

I know value is very important in quilting.  Especially in a scrap quilt.  Somehow I lost sight of that in this last project for Quiltmaker Scrap Squad.
I was thrilled with my blocks at this point.
 I thought the black with the bits of white would be fun.
 but when I put them together they all kind of moshed together.  I would have ripped them out, but time was an issue.
So I added solid black strips which I think helped.
I added a scrappy border, which I love!  
So although it is not my favorite quilt it has some redeeming qualities.  And will work as a teaching tool on the importance of value. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WAGI The Crafty Frugaler

The temperatures are dropping and before we know it the snow will fly.  I love winter.  I'd so much rather be cold and put a sweater on than be hot and only be able to take so much off.  DD put on her flannel sheets this weekend wanting a warmer snuggly bed.  With cold nights approaching DD and I like to heat a rice pack and put it between the covers while we get ready for bed.  This makes for a toasty comfy bed.  I usually hide my rice pack during the day but no more.  

This cute owl heating pad from the Crafty Frugaler will look cute resting on my bed with the rest of my throw pillows.   It would also make a nice gift.  After all who doesn't love owls?  Easy to make cute or masculine. 
So whether you are treating yourself or a friend make sure you check out this cute and easy tutorial.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Time Flies

After finishing up my Blue Bird of Happiness Quilt I need another improvisation project.  My orphan block bin was overflowing so I started playing with them.  Pulling and placing on the design wall.  Before I knew it I had enough for a quilt.
 I stared putting things together filling in the holes with scraps from my scrap bins.  Before I knew it my hubby was home.  I was shocked.  Where did the time go?
Lucky for me and the rest of my family I had put dinner in the crock pot that morning.  I was only missing the corn bread I had planned on.  But fortunately crackers work well with ham and bean soup too.  I had those in the cupboard.  So dinner was saved in spite of my losing track of time while playing.

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Little Happiness

On my walk this morning I passed a tree so full of birds it was singing.  First off it just made me smile.  Next it made me think of my Blue Bird Flour Sack quilt.  Slowly I've been finding little bits of time to work on this quilt.  I've appliqued all the flowers and leaves.
  I've even started quilting it.  I had all the applique quilted
 and had started on the background
 In fact I just had a little bit more to go.  That singing tree inspired me to get busy and finish it up.
 Here it is all quilted and ready for a binding.  I'm thinking a red so bring out the words on the flour sacks.
I might let the binding wait until next week.  I got a notice in the mail today that said my power will be out next Friday.  Binding this quilt may be a good activity since I will not need power to do it.  I'll look forward to it all week.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WAGI Sugar Bee Crafts

My DD is into photography so when I saw these sweet photo necklaces from Sugar Bee crafts I knew I needed to include them in my What a Great Idea Wednesday.  DD and her friends just did a photo shoot up in the mountains with all the beautiful fall colors.  We thing those photos made into these necklaces will make great Christmas presents for her friends.   
Using your own photos these necklaces would make great personal gifts for moms, grandmas, sisters, and friends.  For a less personal gift, say for a co worker, these ones made with cute craft paper would make a nice inexpensive gift.  Sugar Bee has a coupon you can use on supplies.  It enables you to make 20 for less than $30.  Now that's a steal!
Find the tutorial and coupon here.  Make sure you checkout the rest of their site.  It is loaded with lots of great ideas and fun projects.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fabulous Fall Weekend

One of my favorite things about quilt retreats is making new friends.  I've said it before but I think quilters are some of the most wonderful people.  They are creative, helpful, and generous.  I once heard Jenny Doan say the reason quilters are so great is because it is the one hobby you start for yourself and quickly turns into giving to everyone else.  I think she is right.  
 The ladies at the retreat I taught this weekend were no exception.  They treated me like one of their own.  I enjoyed great food in a gorgeous setting with wonderful new friends.
 One of my favorite parts was going through all their scraps helping them make these beautiful spiderweb blocks.  Something about rummaging through scraps excites me.  And these ladies had some really great scraps.
Not only did I enjoy making new friends and playing with scraps; let me tell you the scenery was breathtaking.  I had to stop several times on my way up and back to take pictures.   

Friday, October 10, 2014

Bins of Pretties and Baskets of Quilty Goodness

  Not that I need a reason to start a new project, but getting to teach classes and having pretty fabrics seemed as good a reason as any.  So I started another spiderweb quilt.  I'm using a Lily Ashbury print for the stars.
Then pulling from the colors in the print I went through my stash and grabbed anything that remotely had those colors.  I also went through my Bella Solids by Moda and did the same thing.  Can you see them peeking through there in the lower right corner?
I'm taking this bin of pretties and these laundry basket full of quilty goodness to share with some lovely ladies at their private retreat.  I'm looking forward to making new friends and a little progress on my new project.
I'd love to come to your event too.  Contact me if your looking for a teacher or trunk show.  We'll have lots of fun and create beautiful quilts together.  What could be better?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What a Great Idea Wednesday

Recently I had a booth next to Marcea of Abbey Lane Quilts.  After listening to her tell about her fabulous Beetle Bag I knew I had to include it in my What a Great Idea series.  
 It was originally designed as a on the go sewing kit, but let me tell you the possibilities for this bag are endless.  There are just so many wonderful ways to cross of many people on your gift list.  Make it in manly fabrics and it could be used for fishing, holding small tools and first aid supplies while four wheeling or motorcycling.  In kiddie fabric it could be used to hold quiet toys and snacks for travel or church.  Your teenage daughter can use it for hair ties and make up.  Like I said the possibilities are endless.
 You can find the Beatle Bag pattern here.  It comes with the bags included. Marcea also sells refills of the bags so you can make a bunch of these little wonders and cross of many names on your gift list.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Shades of Gray

I try to keep a leaders and enders project going all the time.  I cut out all these squares over a year ago.  They have patiently waited as little by little I have sewn them first into sets of two and then four patches.  This last weekend I finished the last four patch and started sewing them into rows. 

Glad this has been a leaders and enders project.  I think it would have been hard to work on otherwise, not enough color.  Even then I had a hard time not adding splashes of color.  But I'm trying to make a few more masculine quilts for the men around here.  My middle son has his eye on this one.  Off to finish it up so I can get onto something more colorful.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Picnic in Paris

At the beginning of the year Nedra asked me to create a few patterns using Triangles on a Roll.  I created Gaggle, Sunshine on a Cloudy Day and Geese on the Lake.  I had a few other ideas but because of other obligations they got put on the back burner.   Well, now that kids are back in school and my life has some semblance of order I have finished the other two.  

First up Picnic on a Cloudy Day, a fun baby quilt full of flying geese.  Made so easy using Triangles on a Roll.  Prairie Points finish off the edge and continue the playful geese theme.
Lynn tested it out for me.  A huge favor considering she just had knee surgery, been canning and busy with just life in general.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you Lynn.  I'm looking for a few more pattern testers, in case anyone is interested.
 Next up is Heartbeat Of Paris.  Had to finish this one up when we found out DD had an opportunity to go this summer.  She is pretty excited.  I'm really happy for her.  She has always wanted to go.  This quilt uses 5" finished half square Triangles on a Roll, and goes together super fast.
You can find these and many others on my website.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What a Great Idea Wednesday

I was recently talking to one of the children in my neighborhood and the subject of holidays came up. She knew that some of her favorite holidays were just around the corner and we were discussing their order and what she liked about them.  This made me realize that Christmas would be here before I knew it.  As I like to make gifts this means I need to get busy.  

I figured I would not be the only one looking for homemade gift ideas, so I decided to start What a Great Idea Wednesdays.  Every Wednesday I will post a fun gift idea, recipe or helpful tip.  If you have suggestions email me.  I'd love to include them.  

For our first What a Great Idea Wednesday I found these fun hot pads over at Quilt Expressions. I thought the addition of a spatula and favorite recipe was a great idea.  I can't wait to make a some for a few people on my Christmas list.  If this sounds like a great idea to you too; you can find the tutorial here .
Make sure you check out the rest of their site.  It is full of great information and useful tutorials.