Monday, August 18, 2014

A Little Experimental Play

 I think it is great fun to see the many ways you can put the same block together.  You may remember when I was playing with the free four all block here.  Half square triangles and log cabins are a couple of blocks that are fun to do this with.  I've had this quilt on my rocking chair.  The majestic mountain border has been speaking to me.  Telling what fun it would be to play with it's pieces.  So I made a few.
 And started to play,
and play
 and play some more.

 I think I will have to make some more of these blocks.
There seems to be a lot of potential here.


  1. I love blocks with lots of potential. This oldie is certainly a fun one for sure. Happy playing.

  2. Interesting all the different looks you get by different placement of the block parts.

  3. So many possibilities!!! What fun you are having.

  4. Lots and lots of fun....sometimes this is just the best kind of sewing!! Thanks for sharing Em!

  5. yup this is how I like to play with block parts too! love the variety here, keep making them!