Friday, May 30, 2014

Inspiration to Creation

Inspired by Sujata Shah's Kaleidoscope quilt and the new lines by Moda; Castlewoods, Community Collection and Paisley Park I started cutting wedges. 
 Sewing them into blocks
 and squaring them up.
Just a sneak peak for now.  More to come later.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Beating The Heat

It's been hot.  90's the last couple of days and upper 80's today.  This may not seem bad to some but my air conditioning is on the fritz.  Hubby is getting the part today and hoping to fix it after work tonight.  Yesterday I was able to cool the house down at night and then close everything up so that the house only got to 78*.  But it didn't cool down last night so that is now our starting point.  My solution is to go down in the cool basement and quilt.  
My newest scrap squad quilt is basted and ready to go.  With any luck I'll have it quilted and bond today.

Friday, May 23, 2014


We've had a bit of an exciting week.  Some good excitement and some I could do without.  Monday I was sewing in my sewing room and I hear a large crash and then screams of pain.  I ran upstairs to find Anna sprawled out on the floor with ice cream melting all over the floor.  She had fallen backwards off the counter.  Not quite sure how that happened.  She has a slight concussion but is doing well.
Tuesday I was driving carpool and stopped abruptly for construction.  The car behind me also stopped.  As I turned to ask the girls in the car if I had scared them a third car hit the car behind me and rammed it into my car.   Fortunately no one was hurt.  Though they may total all three cars.  
Wednesday I was turning the kitchen faucet and it totally broke and fell into the sink.  Of course this all happened while my dear hubby was out of town.  Luckily he returned that night and started to fix all this chaos.  Love that dear man and I'm so glad he is home.
Enough of the excitement I can live without and on the the excitement that makes me do a happy dance.  I have always loved Mary Lou Weidman's work.    Her work has been some of the inspiration for this quilt 

And this quilt.  So imagine my thrill when I found out she would be teaching at the next Utah Quilt Guild's Quilt Fest.  Can't wait to take a class from this talented and inspiring lady.
The brochure came up this week and I've loved pursuing it.  There are some really great classes.  I'm happy to announce that I will be teaching there also.  I will be offering Mad Dash.
 and Stellar Stars.
Isn't that exciting.  Maybe I'll get lucky and get to sit next to Mary Lou at the meet the teachers night like I did last year next to Kim Diehl.  Now that was pretty exciting.  To find all the wonderful classes offered you can go here.  Hope you come join the excitement.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

My Friends and I recently lost one of our own.  Kaye had been fighting cancer for several years.  This quilt is one of her last.  Patsy quilted it and will be giving it to Kaye's hubby for his birthday.
 In honor of Kaye we held a Happy Chemo Sew In to create quilts for others facing the throws of cancer.

We will miss Kaye but are so thankful for her influence in our lives.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Show and Tell

 I have a bunch of very talented friends that I meet with at least once a month.  Months when I'm lucky I meet with them more often.  They meet every Tuesday and on the third Thursday of each month.  I can't always make the Tuesday sew ins but always enjoy it when I'm able to go.  On the Thursday meetings we have show and tell and it is always full of eye candy, like this beautiful card Midge made.
 Or this fun Christmas wall hanging by Diane.  The tree is made with green ric rac, how fun is that?
 Vivian took a class from the talented Deonn Stott and created this cute 3-D wall hanging.
And don't you just love Ruth's basket quilt?  The blocks are made by members of one of her one line bees.
Speaking of cute baskets look at Loretta's sweet yo you basket.

 Pam's chevron quilt is simply stunning
 the quilting is amazing!

 Finally Jean's scrappy houses.  I just love house quilts.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Proud Momma

Spring is a pretty busy time and you may have noticed I've missed a few posts, with the warmer weather my time has been taken by yard work and the finishing up of school activities with my children.  All my children are at various stages of school.  Alex has a year left to finish his Mechanical Engineering Degree.  Josh is studying Electrical Engineering and just aced his physics and calculus classes.  Yes, I have some pretty talented kids. 
 My Neil is finishing up his senior year.   He is my artist. I often ask his opinion on my quilts, especially when things are not going together just right.  He has been busy with his AP art  and ceramics classes.  He also plays drums in two bands; Baker Street Blues Band (a blues band) and Buildings With Legs (a indie band).  His Baker Street Blues Band played last weekend in Battle of the Bands and made it to the next round.  So happy for him.  He will be graduating from high school in a couple of weeks.  This is one of his senior pictures.

 His sister, Anna, is in the play, Beauty and the Beast, at our local theater.  She is the enchantress and then is in the chorus through the rest of the play.  Her opening night was Wednesday.  She and her fellow cast members did a beautiful job.  Here she is with her friend Ester, who played Cogsworth.
It is so fun to see my children grow and accomplish good things.  Love them all so much.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Pretty pretty fabric

It's a rainy day so unfortunately the yard work will have to wait and I'll be forced to play with my pretty pretty fabric.  I know poor me.  :)
 I'm working on my next Scrap Squad quilt.  I've chosen a basic crayon box of colors; red, yellow, blue, green and orange.  Much to my DD dismay I don't have a lot of purple in my stash.  So sadly  it won't be in the quilt.  does anyone else have this problem with purple?  I have looked for it but never find any that truly speaks to me.  That is if I can even find it.
I've sorted my scrappy finds into darks
 and lights
Now I'm ready to play in my cozy sewing room while the rain pitter pats outside.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Getting My Wonky On

 I love my Sew Bee wonky group.  I love making blocks for them and I especially love the blocks they make for me.  Thanks to them I've been able to create quilts like this
and this
Well it is my month again ant this time I'm looking for a modern masculine look.  So I'm having them make these blocks for me.  
 Start with 2- 7" squares; one light one dark
 Place the squares with right sides facing up as shown
 Take your ruler and cut a diagonal line through your squares
 Sew the light right half to the dark left half and the light left half to the dark right half by placing rights sides together off setting by 1/4".
 Sew together and you get two simple blocks that can be put together in a myriad of ways.
 Thank you my Sew Bee Wonky ladies for all your beautiful blocks.

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Pick Me Up

After a lesson on how the Atonement of Jesus Christ can help us through our trials in which we watched this video.
My wonderful young women that you can read about here, decided to make sock monkeys to give to people they felt needed a little pick me up.  Here are a few of the ones they have finished so far.
Didn't they do a good job.  I'm sure they will bring joy to those they give them to.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Manny Monster

When Julia at Riley Blake's Cutting Corners asked if I would be interested in doing a quiet book page for their blog I jumped at the chance.  I remember the quiet book my mom made for my sister, Lori when we were growing up and the hours of fun we had with it.  Lori still has it.  As a mother of boys I wanted to do something that would appeal to little boys.  So I created a wild and crazy monster.  Meet Manny Monster.   
 His mouth zips open and his tounge can stick out.  Little people can also improve their dexterity and practice that tricky skill of buttoning on his vest.
You can create your own Manny Monster by visiting Cutting Corners.  And who knows some time soon I might create a few more friends for Manny.  After all he is tons of fun and  fun guys attract friends.