Saturday, September 28, 2013

Method to My Madness ~ Tulips

It seems a little funny to be doing tulips on the last day of September.  The weather has cooled here.  In fact in parts of Utah this last weekend it snowed.  But I guess in the spring it snows too and it is Monday and I still have a few more flowers to do on my garden quilt.  So tulips it is.
 I used the template in Material Obsession Two on the Now and Then quilt.  Sorry my picture is sideways.  My computer died (won't even turn on) Friday night. So I don't have access to all my programs to manipulate pictures.  My dear hubby is going to try and resuscitate it.  He has ordered a part but it won't be here until Thursday.  So please forgive me for having you turn your head for this pick.
I put the templates on lightweight cardboard.

On my quilt I used made fabric but, since I'm using all my made fabric on this quilt.  I pulled this log cabin block out on my orphan bin.

And cut my pieces out of it.

I run a gathering stitch around each one then pulled the threads until it started to cup up.

Next I inserted the template and pulled the treads until it was snug around the template. 

Pressed it good with Best Press

on both sides

Then popped out the templates.

Used an Elmer's glue stick to baste them in place.  (A great little trick I learned this weekend from Eva Garlic this last weekend.  Tons easier than pins)

Then I just top stitch them in place.

And you are done!

Friday, September 27, 2013


I had a wonderful time last weekend sewing with friends.   I was able to finish up the blocks for my funfetti quilt.  A low volume version of my free for all quilt.  There are instructions on how to make it on my tutorial page.  I normally don't sew quilts together at retreats.  I have a hard time keeping my layout straight.  I know there are methods to doing this.  I have been shown them.  But somehow I always get things mixed up and then I end up with kissing cousins and so forth.  Kind of like the row of three there on the left side all the same.  I swear when I had it laid out on the floor I did not have this problem.  Despite this mistake I love the quilt.
My very generous friend Tonya brought scissor fabric for everyone and a couple of pajama patterns so we could all make pajama bottoms.  They were quick and easy to make.  By the end of the retreat we were all sporting them.

Aren't they cute?  Don't you wish you had a pair?
I'm pretty pleased with my finishes so I'm linking up with Sarah to give a big Whoop Whoop!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Won't you Join me at Quilts Etc.

This Thursday and Friday I will be at Quilts Etc. for their Fall Frenzy Schoolhouse.  There will be free scissor sharpening, now that's a deal!  A free Christmas pattern.  Lots of sale items  
Chances to win prizes including three $100 gift certificates for Quilts Etc.
Lots of demos
From some very talented people like; Barbara Jones, Karen Bennett, Margie Ullery, Cori Blunt, Eva Garlick, Pauline Davenport, Geralyln Powers, Kathy Katchner, and me.

I'll be demoing perfect circle applique.  The method I use in the quilts I've displayed here.
So make sure you stop by and say 'hi,' learn a few things, save on some beautiful fabric, and hopefully win a prize.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Method to My Madness~ Asters

It's Monday again and time for Method to My Madness.  Hoping today to finally get the linky tool right.  Sorry about that last week.  Yes, I am technically challenged.  Today we will learn Asters.
You will need:
4 roughly square background fabrics
strips for the petals
a square for the center
Make sure that at least some of your strips are of the same width as your center.

First cut the background squares in half.

Place on a strip like so.  You want to make sure you are leaving enough strip above the point to ensure that you can make the point on your strip.  

Sew the other half of the square on the other side of the strip opposite of where you placed the first one.  It doesn't have to be exact.  Don't stress!  This is suppose to be fun besides it is a wonky block so a little character is good.

Trim to make square on both ends.

Repeat with remaining background squares.

Sew a strip between two of the squares you just made.  You want the center strip to be roughly the same width as your center square.  Repeat with remaining squares and a strip.

Sew your center between two strips.  Make sure that you leave the strips long enough to reach the end of your squares.
Sorry this picture is dark.  I don't know what happened.
Sew this between your square and strip pieces.

Everything may not be exact but that's okay.  Just line up the center and trim what is not needed.

Then you will end up with a fun aster block to put in your garden quilt.

Please share your blocks.  I'd love to see how your garden is growing.

Friday, September 20, 2013


My hubby has a sporty Z that he and my boys like to drive.  I must admit there are time I find it quite fun also.  In fact I think it would be great fun to take with my friends tomorrow as we head up the canyon to my aunt's cabin.  Sadly it is only a two seater, which in a way adds to it's fun factor, but when it comes to hauling friends, projects and sewing machines it falls short.  So instead I'll be driving my Suburban.  I did however make cool key fobs to share with my friends from the tute I found here.
Hopefully they will make up for not getting to ride in the cool car.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sew Beautiful

I missed Beth's sewing museum, but wanted to share this little treasure.   
My mom has been wanting to paint her featherweight for sometime.  She was just having a hard time deciding on a color.  She had it narrowed down to red or turquoise.  She finally chose this beautiful read that she had seen on a car.  And for her birthday she got it painted.  Didn't it turn out great!  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Method To My Madness~ Roses

Today's Method to My Madness is the Rose. 
You will need a 4-6 sided center, strips for rose and larger chunks for background.
Sew a rose strip to one side of your center.

Trim so that the edges of your rose strip are even with your center.

Continue log cabin style around your center with the rose strips.

You can stop here or continue going around.

When you feel your rose is the size you want it

find a background chunk and line it up along one side of your rose.

Sew this in place and square up with one edge.

Continue adding chunks and squaring up edges.

Once you have surrounded your rose and everything is square you block is done.

Have you made any wonky flowers using my method of madness

Friday, September 13, 2013

Change of Plan

This quilted journal was suppose to be 
a heart shaped pot holder.  Problem was the graph paper that I thought was 4 squares to and inch turned out to be 4 squares to 3/4".  So as I cut out and sewed together what I thought should have been 1" squares my project grew to be too big for my hot pad template.  And although I could have still cut it out the design would not have fit the way I had intended.

DD came home from school about this time.  When I told her what I had done she said, "Be a problem solver" Something I tell her all the time.  So I took the wise advice she had received from her very wise mother (hee, hee) and turned my problem into a solution.

I now have a fun quilted journal cover to keep or give as a gift.
Linking up with Sarah to celebrate this problem solved finish.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Winner Winner

 Today is a special day.  One never to be forgotten.  Not because we should dwell on bad things but, to remember heroes and good that overcame evil as stranger helped stranger.  So I find it fitting that I should get to pick a winner on this special day.  That I get to bring a little joy to someone and put a little good into this world.  
I also love that this quilt made in honor of my maternal grandmother, Florence Yates DeRyke, is part of that good.  I don't really remember her.  She died when I was very young.  I am told I am a lot like her.  What an honor.  I know she was resourceful and loved children.  So this quilt is scrappy, contains the fabric line PB&J (along with Savonnerie, and one other that is eluding me at the moment.)  

The pattern for this quilt is in Fons & Porters new Scrap Quilts magazine. Along with the pattern for this scrappy star quilt that is pre-cut friendly.  In case you have a few leftovers from previous projects you would like to use up.  The  magazine is available on news stands next week.  
And as promised I have one to give to a lucky winner.  The random number generator picked #34.  Barbara  is our winner.   She said, "i have been making scrapy quilts "  Now she will have a bunch of new patterns to use up her scraps.  And create her own good in the world.