Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No More Boring Boarders

Boarders sometimes throw me for a loop.  My quilts often get stuck at this stage of the game.  I hate to just slap some fabric around the edges and call it good.  I know there are times when the right fabric works for this and it frames your quilt perfectly.  But I often have a hard time finding that right fabric.  I also know there are times when no boarders are necessary and a quilt can stand on it's own.  For all those other times it can be fun to piece a boarder.  Like this one I did using made fabric.  I felt it went so well with the scrappy blocks.
That's why I broke down and spent a day piecing more dashes for my Mad Dash quilt.  I knew the added dash boarder would complete the quilt.
Just like the drunkards' path boarder completes my Hippie Trails quilt.

A boarder can also add meaning to a quilt.  My siggy quilt I put on point and added giant log cabin blocks cut in half to house my friends.  And my Dutchmen's Journey quilt that I added a majestic mountain boarder to symbolizing my great grandparents immigration from Holland to Utah.

So I challenge you to put an end to boring boarders.  The time and effort are worth it.  You and your quilts will thank me.


  1. What a difference it can make using an interesting border. I too need to step outside of my comfort zone and try it. Your's show it's well worth the effort!

  2. I need to think more about interesting borders to add to my quilts. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I love the borders on the Churn Dash. It really looks fabulous. You have definitely shown us some fun and interesting borders.

  4. I think your borders on all the quilts you showed are great! I'm with you - I like less and less just fabric around the quilt.

  5. I am trying to do that very thing - but sometimes my borders create more work than the actual top. My minature snail trail border on my twisted pinwheel quilt is a good example, but it really does add to the quilt.

  6. Hello Em, I have just spent the last year working on a Round Robin. We started with a centre block, then passed the block around the group where each member added a border. It was a huge growth experience, and like you, I won't be just slapping a bit of fabric on every quilt as a border from now on. I do a lot of charity quilts, and even with those you can do something super simple that just finishes the quilt off.
    Happy bordering :-)