Monday, December 30, 2013

A Year of Quilts 2013

I am always amazed when I look back over the year and see all the quilts I've finished.  When I see all the UFO's in my sewing room it can seem that things never get finished.  Then the end of the year comes and I look back over my blog to see what I have done and WOW I do finish things.
Here are all the quilts I finished in 2013
And here are a few various other projects completed through the year.

Here's to many more finishes in 2014.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Ruth's Harvest Sky

I first met Ruth a few years ago in this class I taught in Roy, for my Harvest Sky quilt.  Since then she has joined my guild and I have enjoyed getting to know better.  She is a very talented quilted as evidenced by her finished quilt from said class.
I love the house border she added to it.  How truly wonderful is that!?  One of my favorite things about designing and teaching is seeing how people make the quilt their own.  Good job Ruth!  You did fabulous!  To see more of Ruth's beautiful work make sure to visit her blog.  

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Share What You Love

Last year at this time I received this beautiful quilt from my grandma, made by her mother.  Since then I have been reproducing it with a modern flare.  I have even made it into a pattern to share with others.  I was thrilled to find that while teaching a class recently one of my students is from the town my great grandparents homesteaded in.  And come to find out she is over the historical society there.  She bought my pattern, had me write the history of the quilt and is now sharing it through their museum.  How cool is that!?
Recently I won the traveling stash off of Sarah's blog.  It arrived last week, full of fun treasures.  
I choose these lovely prints to be a back for a quilt I'm working on.

I added these fun prints from my sister, Julie's, line, Smore Love.

If you would like the traveling stash to visit your house so you can share what you love while receiving something others have shared, leave a comment telling me what you are sharing this holiday season.  I'll pick a winner on New Years Day.  Good Luck!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Ready for Adventure

 Being a mother of three boys has filled my life with adventure.  When they were little I remember them loading up their Little Tykes cars and pretending they were going across country to visit grandma.  When Alex was eight he got a compass for his birthday and he excitedly exclaimed, "Now I can find Antarctica!"   Yes, having boys has led to many adventures.  

So I was delighted when I saw the new fabric Detour by Riley Blake.  With  maps, suitcases, and the like it is the perfect fabric to create, World Traveler, a quilt ready for adventure.  
If your looking to sew up a little adventure of your own, hop on over to Riley Blake's Cutting Corners where you will find a tutorial on how to make this quilt.  I promise your little adventurer will be thrilled.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Festive Nights

It's a week until Christmas and I'm sure you are all very busy.  There is shopping to do.  I haven't even started wrapping.  If you're like me you still have a little holiday sewing still to complete.  And after going all day I bet your nights are full of festivities.  In honor of the festive nights I made this journal cover.
It has music fabric in honor of the Christmas carol sing along.  Those shining stars represent the luminaries the youth in our neighborhood will be making tonight to be set out on Christmas Eve.  All the wonderful white dots are little snowflakes.  Here's hoping we get some more of the white stuff.

Monday, December 16, 2013

24 Years and Still Going Strong

Today is my anniversary.  I have married to my wonderful husband for 24 years.  I like to tell him he's like my quilts; perfect with lots and lots of character.   Gotta love all that character.
 Celebrating our anniversary can be tricky.  Christmas time can be so busy.  Today we squeezed in a quick lunch because tonight is the 29th annual Christmas Carol Sing a long.   It's one of my favorite things to do at Christmas with our family so I don't want to miss it.   We will gather at the Energy Solutions Arena with thousands of others and sing Christmas Carols accompanied by an orchestra.  They put the words on the marquee so you don't have to worry about remembering.  And Santa comes.  I just love it!!!    

After Christmas my hubby and I will take a train ride through the Wasatch Mountains to really celebrate.  Can't do it now because they are only doing the Polar Express, which would be fun but not quite as romantic.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Baking Begins

Christmas is such a fun time for so many reasons.  One of my favorites is the food; Christmas candy, cookies, and those special family recipes.  To keep the traditions going and to pass down those family recipes I went shopping and bought all the yummy ingredients.
Yesterday I had my nieces and nephew, ages 5, 2, and 8 months.  So while James napped his sisters and I made candies with rolos, pretzels, and M&M's.   Then when DD got home from school she played with the kidos while I made peanut brittle.

Today chocolate covered pretzels and my grandma's Chocolate Christmas cake are in order.  Do you bake at Christmas?  If so, what sweet smells are coming from your kitchen?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Scraps~ A Journal of Past Quilts

I love my scrap bins.  When I want to relax, refresh, and create I turn to them.  With Christmas just around the corner I'm in need of all three of these, so I've been delving into my scrap bins.  Not wanting to start a big project at Christmas I've been keeping them small.  Mostly journal covers but I have a few more ideas brewing.
I'd really like to make a few homemade ornaments.  I've been perusing pintrest for ideas and hope to find a little time to bring them to fruition.

But for now journals using up my grey scraps (the lid could not contain them all with the leftover bits from this quilt, this one, this one and, this one.) with splashes of color seem to be in order.

It's been a fun way to try a few ideas I would like to one day make into quilts and to practice quilting.  I was even able to try TOAR in this braid one.  I have a few ideas brewing to put my roll to good use.  Thank you Nedra for introducing me to this product.

Now off to the sewing room to get a few more things done and hopefully find a little time for the ornaments I want to make.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sew Bee Wonky

I always love making blocks for my Sew Bee Wonky group.  I love to see what each member comes up with each month.  This month Cyndi came up with this block.
It was a quick, fun one to make.  She has a great tutorial on her blog here.
I could do a whole quilt, maybe two or three with the strips in my stripy scrap bin.  It over flowth.

Time to start making plans for a strip quilt.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Funfetti Finish

Last week at this time my boys were knee boarding on the lake with their Uncle Jon.  This week they are enjoying freshly fallen snow.  I know Neil is hoping to hit the slopes tomorrow.  Grant it last week we were in sunny St. George and this week we are back up north.  But even St. George received snow in this last storm.  While we traveled to and from St. George I bond Funfetti.  I finished up the last few stitches less than an hour from home.  Doesn't she look pretty in the freshly fallen snow?
And cozy paired with my DWR.  Hubby some times gets cold at night and Funfetti is ready and waiting to keep him warm.

Linking up with Sarah today to celebrate this finish.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

House Warming

We received over 6" of snow yesterday, so I'm pretty sure my house is cold.  To help warm it up and give a little Christmas cheer I've brought out my Christmas quilts.  I've hung the Twelve Rows of Christmas by the back door.  That door gets open and shut a lot.  With comings and goings and Spike  wanting to go play in the white stuff, I'm sure my house appreciates this added warmth.
Next our cheery snowman and his holiday tree gives warmth to the kitchen.

Festive holiday houses welcome visitors in the living room.

Finally a Let it Snow table topper welcoming the snow outside because we are snug as a bug with all our house warming quilts.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Gratitude Journal

I was challenged to keep a gratitude journal.  I feel like I'm a pretty grateful person.  I try notice the good in others and thank them for what they do.  I know I have room for improvement.  It can be so easy to see when something goes wrong and to get on the pity pot.  I try not to but know I have been guilty. 

For school my DD had to write an essay about the last Thanksgiving.  Her teacher wanted the students to think what the world would be like if Thanksgiving were to come to an end.  How would people act?  What would their attitudes be? 

 The combination of these two events has me creating journal covers.  I guess I will need one if I'm to take up the challenge.  And with Christmas around the corner gifts are in order and a few of these might come in handy.
If you would like to make a few too.  I have a tute here.  For this one I sewed strips together in varying widths.  Cut them into 1 1/2" strips. Added grey to the end of two of them.  Cut them so they were the size I needed and the color strips created steps.  Added grey strips in between to make it the height I needed and then just followed the rest of the steps in the tutorial. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DWR Finish

My DWR is finished!  I can't believe it.  I would never have dreamed I could do a double wedding ring.  I'll admit it really scared me at first.  But a challenge had been given and I love a challenge.  
When I started this challenge I thought I would only make a table runner.  But I feel in love with the design and it grew and grew until I had a queen size quilt for my bed.  
I've had it on my bed for the last few days and every time I see it there it makes me smile.  Sleeping under it is heavenly.  So whether I win the challenge or not this quilt is a winner in my book.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Binding Funfetti

I finished quilting Funfetti over the weekend.  Now to choose a binding.  I thought of doing a red binding all the way around.  It would be easy.  Then the idea came to do a scrappy binding (instructions on doing scrappy bindings here.)
I went though my scrap bins and picked out a few pieces.  

After making the binding I began to sew it on.

I plan on doing the hand sewing as we travel over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house on Wednesday.  

Friday, November 22, 2013

Basted and Ready To Go

First off thank you to everyone for sharing recipes and input on the quilt.  I appreciate your help and can't wait to try all the wonderful crock pot recipes.  They are perfect for busy days and fall weather.

Secondly Funfetti is basted and ready to go. 
Hoping to find a little time today to get her quilted.
Will you find time to sew today?
If so what will you be working on?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Little Help Please

I have been looking for a back for this quilt that my Alex calls the Porsche of quilts and my Josh calls the Mitsubishi quilt. 
I thought this fabric I found on clearance at would be fun.  The dancer combined with the car theme would work and I would then call the quilt "A Night On The Town."  In the picture on it looked white, grey and black.  But when I received it what I thought was white is pink.  Not really a great combo for my masculine quilt.  So my question is should I use it or save it for another project?

My next question is what is your favorite crock pot recipe.  I have a busy couple of days.  Today I will be getting ready for Young Women in Excellence.  An event that we have every year for the young women at church to display what they have been working on in their Personal Progress (a program to help the young women set and achieve goals.)  We will be having dinner so that takes care of DD, hubby, and me.  The boys get to fend for themselves.  I do have leftover lasagna and chimis in the fridge so I know they won't starve.  But tomorrow night I am doing a trunk show (to see where I'll be or to schedule me for a trunk show or class go here) and will need to leave before dinner.  So I'm looking for something to feed the family while I'm away.  If you have a favorite crock pot recipe could you please share.  Me and my family will thank you profusely.

Monday, November 18, 2013


It's that wonderful time of year when gratitude fills the air.  We take time to reflect on all that we have been blessed with.  Events of the last few days combined with this reflection have me feeling very grateful.  Let me share.
Recently I had a Happy Chemo Sew In.  This is when I gather fellow quilters and we work together to make quilts for those fighting cancer.  Well, at my most recent one, my friend Ruth brought a mini quilt to share with all who volunteered.  This is the sweet one I received.  I have always loved this little pattern.  I have seen it often on flickr and pintrest and it was on my bucket list.  So imagine my delight when Ruth gave it to me.  It touched my heart that she would not only take time out of her busy day to help me sew for others but that she would also bring me a gift.  Yes I am blessed.
Then last night we held an Eagle Court of Honor for my youngest son, Neil.  Momentous no only for the obvious reason but also it means that all three of my sons achieved this lofty goal.  My heart was touched as friends and family gathered to pay honor to my son.  As I saw leaders who had spent so much of their precious time to mentor my sons and help them to become what they are today.  The moment I watched as Neil was escorted to the Eagles Nest and welcomed by his two older brothers, his friend, and those great men brought tears of joy.  My heart was bursting with gratitude.
Please take a moment and share with me how you are feeling blessed today, for each of you are a blessing in my life.  Your comments cheer me on.  Your friendship is dear to me.  And hearing that there is good in your life will bless my life also.
Thanks you

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Be Good

I saw this saying on pintrest a few months ago.  I knew then that I wanted it in my home.  I thought about getting it done in vinyl letters.  While on a retreat I found this awesome orange fabric and the wheels in my mind began to turn.  I hadn't done a improvisational quilt for a while.  Words make great improv quilts.  BE THE GOOD would look so good in that orange.  Tuesday I was not feeling my best and mindless sewing always makes me feel better.  So I pulled all my black fabrics out of my scrap bin, grabbed that awesome orange and a blue from my stash and got busy.  I had all the words done by Tuesday night and just had to fill in the spaces yesterday. 
It was just the medicine I needed.  I'm feeling much better now.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Up and Running

The second annual Blackfoot Quilt Fest site is up and running.  You are now able to registrar for classes.  And it looks like they have some great ones.  There are classes on machine quilting, a fun sewing bag and how to get your points pointy and your quilts square.  I'm happy to announce that I will be teaching too. 

 I'll be offering a lecture on No Boring Borders.  Where I will discuss how to pull elements out of your quilt to create a fun pieced border.  I'll have tips on how to make the math easy.  And instructions on how to create various borders. 
I will also be teaching my Ripple quilt.  This layer cake friendly quilt goes together quickly and is a great lesson in gentle curved piecing.
Then last but not least, Divine, a lesson in machine applique.

Hope you can join us.  It's going to be fun!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Is Your House Cold?

 My friend, Suzy once told me her hubby had asked if she thought their house was cold.  No, why she had asked.  She hadn't put on a sweater or anything.  Because you have quilts on all the walls, he responded.  
Do you have quilts on your walls?  I do.  I love to change them with the change of seasons and holidays.  I just put away all the Halloween quilts and have now put up my fall quilts.  Like this apple quilt I made at a sew in several years ago in my local quilt guild.
This falling leaf quilt is one of my first patterns.  It uses reverse applique.  Please ignore the patched wall.  One of my sons got a little rambunctious and put a hole in it.  He patched it but I've been unable to match the paint so he could finish fixing it.  We may have to repaint the whole room and down the hall.  That may teach him to get so rowdy. 
This sunflower is also one of my earlier patterns.  I call it Indian Summer.  Which it appears we are having.  After having snow last weekend we are now enjoying mid 60* 

With temperatures like that my house may not be cold but I'll hang quilts just in case.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Piles of Potential

Anyone that has read this blog for very long knows I truly dislike cutting out fabric.  I see it as the necessary evil.  What has to get done so the fun can begin.  But seeing neat little piles of freshly cut fabric makes me giddy with joy.  These piles of potential call to me.   
Create they say.  Help me to become something great.
Do you have piles of potential in your sewing area?
Are they calling you?
Hope you find time today to answer their call.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Wild Goose Chase Pillows

In the last year, sadly my brother in law, Jon, has lost both of his parents.  When I asked my sister if there was anything I could do she asked if I could make some pillows out of feathers from birds, Jon and his father had hunted. and she gave me a bag of feathers.  I wondered what was the best way to go about this and of course called my mom.  Apparently she had made a down coat for my dad once and told me I would have feathers everywhere.  Armed with this knowledge I made to pillow forms and took them and my bag of feathers outside.  As I stuffed them my dog Spike, had a great time chasing the strays.
Once the pillow forms were made they sat in my sewing room for a month or sew.  This weekend after getting the binding sewing on my DWR I decided I had better finish these up.  A grab a couple of blocks from my Wild Goose Chase. I thought they were fitting for the feathers.   

I'm pleased with how they turned out and was happy that Jon liked them also.

 If you would like to make a couple of these pillows just grab a couple of 12" pillow forms, unless you too have a bag of feathers. Then follow one of my Wild Goose Chase tutorials.  I used this one and this one.   The rest can be found on my tutorial page.

Friday, November 1, 2013

If Your Ever in a Bind

Have you ever been so close to your goal you could taste it, but so tired you didn't know if you could push through to the end?   That is how I felt last night as I finished up the quilting on my DWR.  I told my mom I felt like I was running a marathon and had hit a wall.  But my mom being my best cheerleader pushed me on and I did it!  THANKS MOM!!!
Next step to bind.  I've spent a little time looking for tutorials on how best to bind the scalloped edge.  I think I'll use this one.  It has good step by step directions and their results looked the best.  So I'm trimming the edge and after I finish my now late bee blocks I'll figure out the binding. 

I would like to do a scrappy binding but I'm a little worried about seams and the little divots in the scallops.  What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Hallows Eve

Tomorrow is Halloween.
Are you ready for spooks and goblins at your house?

Last night we had our church Halloween party.

The young women and their leaders, of which I am one, created these fun silhouettes for the decorations. 

Aren't they amazing?!

I sure think so.
Hope you have a Happy Halloween!