Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Perfect Circle

There are times when you need the perfect circle on your quilt.  Blocks like drunkards path and Dresden plates are a couple of examples.
Or sometimes it's just fun to make a circle block.

If the perfect circle eludes you; here is a little trick that may help.

First cut the size of circle you need for your block out of card stock.  Or you can recycle an old cereal or cracker box.
Next place your card stock circle on top of your fabric and cut a generous 1/2" seam allowance all the way around. 

Then set your sewing machine stitch to its greatest length and stitch a 1/4" all the way around your fabric circle.

Gather just until the edges start to turn up on your circle.

Then place your card stock circle in the center of your fabric circle and continue to gather until your fabric circle encases your card stock circle.

Press using steam to set edge of circle.

Pop out your card stock circle.  Place your fabric circle where you need it on your block and top stitch in place.

And there you have it a perfect circle.


  1. That's how I do mine too. I love seeing circles on quilts - especially the Dresden Plates.

  2. I'm thinking of doing some circles for my Christmas quilt...this tip will come in very handy for me.

  3. A wonderful little tute Em! It will come in handy! Thanks! 8-)

  4. I love little tips that become a big help when needed thank you :0)


  5. Even easier ... place your fabric circle face down on a piece of aluminum foil, then put your cardboard circle on top of the wrong side. Using the foil, press the fabric onto the cardboard and iron the edge. Not the best way to say that, but look it up in a video. It has make me want to do circles all the time now. All the best ... t.

  6. One of my two preferred methods. Thea's is the second. Let's hear it for easy circles.