Thursday, June 30, 2011

Making Mountains out of Mole Hills

When I saw this eagle applique at International Quilt Market this spring, I knew it was just what I needed for N's eagle quilt.  Next he and I went to the fabric shop to buy batiks for the sun.  I had the blues for the sky.  Next I grabbed my brown scrap bin and started piecing the bits together in classic Victoria style, to make a mountain. 
I still have a little more mountain to make.  And then to decide on borders.  Any suggestions?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Busy Bee-ing

I've been busy running kids to various summer fun.  But I have managed to get my bee blocks done for this month.  Here are Liz's blocks for Twist on Traditon.
 And Jen's blocks for Sew Bee Wonky  I have a little more of the blue so I might make another smaller wonky star.  After all they are so fun to make.
 And these cute checker board blocks are for Anna in my Twice as Nice Bee.
 I had a little hiccup with these.  She had sent 2 1/2" stirps and asked for checker board blocks.  So I started cutting 2 1/2" blocks.  Just as I was starting to sew them together I read through the directions and found that she wanted the blocks to be cut to 2" squares.  Fourtunately I had enough fabirc to make both blocks despite my little mess up. 
Note to self Always read directions first.  Or as my sixth grade teacher Mr. Moss used to say, "If all else fails read the directions."  When will I ever learn?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Graduation Celebration

To celebrate Joshua's Gradution we took a trip to Cali.  We boarded the train in Salt Lake and my sister picked us up in Emeryville.  It was a relaxing, fun way to travel.  Cali Trip
I was able to read two books and bind my new Maverick Star quilt.
New Maverick Star quilt
While in Cali we spent a day in San Fransico.  The ferry ride and tour of Alcatraz was a highlight.
Cali Trip
We had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe.  Seeing pictures, guitars, and memoriblia of some of his favorite rock stars made this the perfect choice.  Although I would have liked clam chower in a sour dough bread bowl. 

Cali Trip

Next we went to the aquarium.  Were we got to touch sting rays and sharks ( little baby sharks but still cool)
Cali Trip
The next day Josh got to tour Google with his Uncle who works there.  This is something my boys look forward to and really enjoy.  After the Google tour we went to a tech museum.  This is Josh manning a probe to do repairs in space.  He was pretty good at manuvering it.  Maybe NASA is in his future.Cali Trip 
 We had a great trip!  Looking forward to catching up on everyone's blogs.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Strings that Bind

When I wasn't teaching classes in Panguitch I was begging and bribing people to make simple string blocks for Happy Chemo. I was blesses ans one lady made a whole row.  Mika, a ten year old girl, who was friends with Dani and Bri from my class made three.  And because people were so generous with their time and talents Iwas able to make this quilt top.
Plus I have enough quilt blocks to almost make another.  Thank you to everyone who helped!  I know this quilt will bring comfort to someone in need.  And all the other orphan blocks, fabric, and batting that were donated and the groups that have now caught the vision of Happy Chemo and are busy making more quilts for this good cause will soon have the quiltometer on the rise.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Like Family

I had a delightful time in Panguitch.  Everyone there is so friendly so that even though my friend, Marilyn could not make it.  I never felt lonely.  It's like everyone is family.  I even got to meet a sister sewist and blogger, Em Now that was a great treat.  Here we are together with my Maverick Star Quilt.  The great Em&Em dual.  And because of a little mix up I got to meet up with her again on the way to my parents.  Now that I know how close she lives to my mom and dad we are planning other meet ups.
Speaking of family my Maverick Star class was full of families.  Here is Shirley and her daughter.  Sorry I can't remember her name.
 And there was Dani and her daughter, Bri.  They were there with Dani's mom, and other daughter, Regan, and a friend and her daughter, Mika.  I spent quite a bit of time with this fun group.  And they generously shared their picnic with me on Saturday.
Then there were these fun sisters Jan

Lisa, who by the way, brought some real fun music to class. 

And Chris

They were a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed having them in my class.  It really was a fun weekend.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Find The Good

Just a few fun pictures to start your week.
I was going to do all selvages but ran into a few hicups.
Selvage Quilt
So your just getting a few of the fun ones I found.
They make me want to make my own.
O how I wish I had more time for stitchin'
Bitty Block Committee group #2

Friday, June 10, 2011


Because I'm in Panguitch and not at home.  Because I just need to bind my new Maverick Star for my class tonight.  And because I forgot the cord to my camera to load the picture for my New Maverick Star or any other picture for that matter.  I'm posting a picture of my old Maverick Star
I'm A Maverick Star
And repeating my tutorial on how to make your binding fit perfect every time.
Leaving a 6" tail begin sewing binding on. Continue sewing binding around quilt. Leave a 10-12" gap between the beginning of the binding and the end.
Finger bind until ends meet. Fold eachside back on th itself. Leaving a 1/2" space in between.
Trim ends so that from the 1/2" gap they are half of the width of your binding. (ie.. 1 1/4" if binding is 2 1/2")
Sew a diagonal seam to join binding ends. Trim to 1/4" Wha la your binding fits perfectly. Sew into place. You are now ready to turn and hand stitch in place.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quilty Hugs

To my great delight look what I found on my front pourch recently.  A big box filled with these quilty hugs for Happy Chemo lovingly made by Sue.
  Love the lady bugs!  The back is minky and nice a cuddly.  Some little girl is sure to find comfort under this cutie.
 This subtle stunner is sure to warm the heart and bring a smile to person that receives it.
Along with this batik beauty.
All of Sue's quilts are beautifully quilted.  I was in awe of her skill. 
Thank you Sue for your generosity.  I 'sew' appreciate you help in my crusade to bring comfort to cancer patients.
If you are interested in helping me you can leave a question here in the comments or email me.  I'll be happy to share details with you.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Find the Good

Now real rhym or reason to today's Find the Good.  Just a little scrappy wonky fun that I fell in love with.
Like these strip pieced leaves with ric rac stems.  And don't you love the striped binding?
Ode to Susan McCordBy Donnamarie4
Wonky houses, trees and stars; there is just so much to love about this quilt.
By CalamityKim
Free pieced letters and piano keys borders.  Oh, be still my heart.
And Sometimes YBy QuiltDivaJulie
Bright happy colors, wonky stars, and great watermelon fabric all speak of summer fun.
Watermelon Stars quilt Close-upBy Kashka2
Scrap happy border, and more wonky houses and stars, and hand quilting with embroidery floss.  What's not to love about this joyful quilt.
House quiltBy ClickertyLinda
Hope you enjoyed the show.  Let me know if there is a theme you would like to see on Find the Good.  Have a great day!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bloom and Grow

DD had her last Buy and Sell day at school.
 We made these fun fabric flowers.
 They were quick and easy and sold well among the girls in her class.
 Last night Josh graduated!  Yeah!  We are so proud of him!
 N finished his Eagle project.  Here he is with Ginger, the founder of Happy Chemo, he was able to donate more than 100 coloring books, crayons, and puzzle books to go to a children's cancer camp.  Good job N!
Now we're ready for some summer fun!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Process

First I made some fabric using Victoria's tutorial.  I've made fabric before using a method my friend Sue taught me and while I like Sue's method.  I found Victoria's liberating and I was able to use more odd shaped pieces.  I really liked the result.  (Forgot to take a picture of it)  Now it's cut up and made into this block of Miki's.  (The tutorial is here
 Now it will go in this little bin of favorite and orphan blocks that I'm collecting to make into a quilt similar to Victoria's 'Everthing But the Kitchen Sink Quilt' that I showed a few weeks ago on a Find the Good Post.
The bin is getting full.  And each month I make another block from 15 minute play to add to the collection.  I'm getting so excited to see how they will play together.