Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have found memories of learning to sew. My mom gave me my first machine when I was around ten years old. She had won it in the state fair. I now have a sweet little daughter that is the years old and now I'm creating memories with her. This is her playhouse. This weekend we bought a curtain rod and together we made curtains. She is creating quite a cozy little spot. It's kind of dark inside not great for pictures so you'll just have to take my word. Speaking of sharing; I have learned so many wonderful tips over at Stash Manicure. I'm thrilled to get to share a few of my own today. Welcome if you are visiting from this great site. If your one of my faithful friends pop on over and see what I posted there.


Thanks for stopping by. Would love it if you shared a comment. I love comments!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Find the Good

I saw a robin in my tree this last week.

Pillow Swap - A little bird

And a bluejay perched on the brick ouside my window.

QATB Swap for Melissa

By Made with love by Mandy

So despite the fact that we keep having snow storms.

Love Birds Mini quilt

By Colorado Art Studio

I'm hopeful spring is on it's way.

Almost ready to mail...

By Ruthie Quilts

Crossing my fingers and toes that it really is

DSQ10 Idea - Ticker Tape Owl

By Sew to Bed

Won't you join me?

Now chant:

"Think spring, think spring, think spring"


Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Been a Good Sewing Week

It's been a good week for sewing. Could be it's been cold and wet. In fact right now it's snowing outside my window. But whatever the reason I've got two quilts quilted this week. Not only did I finish the one for my niece I've finished quilting my kaleidoscope quilt. It' just needs to be bond. Maybe I'll work on that tonight while watching movies with the family. I told Sarah I was going to try to get three quilts quilted this week. But that may not happen because, right now I feel like playing with scraps. But I still think two quilts quilted is worth a Whoop Whoop. So I'm linking up. Make sure you go and see what others are celebrating. Have a great weekend I'm headed for the scrap bin to play.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Stars Aligned

Yesterday I'm so glad I had the foresight to sandwich and baste this quilt. Because at 3:00 this morning my new little niece was born. I spent yesterday quilting and binding so that it was ready for me to take it to the new bundle of joy in the evening.
I've never quilted and bond a quilt in a day. The stars must have aligned and shined on me. Yeah to a new baby and a finished quilt.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Find the Good

I could not let March go by without a Find the Good full of kites.

Kite auction quilt

By Lolablueocean

I love flying kites; in the park

Let's Go Fly a Kite

By Myfullcolorlife

at the beach

Kite quilt finished

By Crafty Mathea

with friends

Flying Kites for Jan

By Mamacjt

or by myself.

House Block Bee block by LCQ Crazy

By Starwood Quilter

flying kites lifts my spirits.

Friday, March 18, 2011

March Bee Blocks

I've been busy making my bee blocks. Oh and has it been fun. First up my Twist on Tradition blocks. This is going to be a beautiful quilt. Look how pretty the fabrics are Leila picked out. She asked for star or pinwheel blocks. I choose these two. If you are wondering what method I use for my triangles you can find it here. It works nearly every time for me in getting nice pointy points.
Next is a Dresden Plate for Jodie in the Stitchin' Bee. She sent a template to make the petals in the plate and had the circle pre-cut. I thought I would share my method of how I keep my circles true when I applique them. First I use a compass to make a circle out of card stock that is 1/4" smaller than the circle I have cut out to applique. Then I baste stitch around the edge of my applique circle. Next I place the card stock circle in the center of my applique circle and pull the basting stitches until the card stock circle fits snugly inside the applique circle. Then I spray my circles with spray starch and press. Pop out the card stock circle and you are ready to applique your perfectly true circle into place.

This next block was a fun one to make. It's a ladder for Janeth from Sew Bee Wonky. She has a tutorial on her blog if you want to give it a go. Like I said it is fun to make. I think her quilt is going to be so crisp and modern looking. I can't wait to see all the blocks together.

The last blocks I have to show today are simple square in a square blocks for Terri in the Twice as Nice Bee. They were easy to make and it was fun to make the one corner different.

I hope everyone likes their blocks. I still have one more to make. There was a little confusion over it but I think I get what is going on now so I hope to get it done this weekend. Also I'll be linking up with Sarah for a little Whoop Whoop. All these blocks deserve a little celebration.
Hope everyone has a great weekend and that you find a little time to sew.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trying to Make A Dent

I have a new niece who should make her first appearance any day now. So my first priority at the retreat was to put together this little quilt for her. It's a smaller version of my Harvest Sky pattern. I've got to get hopping so I get it quilted and bond before she arrives.Next up was my spiderweb quilt. I sewed out of the same bin of scraps for two days and it doesn't even look like a small dent was made. How does that happen? The only proof I have are these blocks. Maybe by the time I make the remaining 29 blocks the scrap bin have signs that it has been put to good use.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Find the Good

A few more flowers for spring.

Flower Quilt

Cute little yo you flowers with ric rac stems.

Flower Quilt for Four Seasons Quilt Swap

Vintage posies to bring back found memories

I really liked the 3-D effect of these little beauties.

Flower Quilt

I've always loved grandmother's garden. These caught my eye with there modern fresh look.

Flower Garden FMF quilt -Top

Remember that all my Find the Good photos come from Flickr. Just click on them to see more by the same artist.

Hope you are having a good Monday.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Planning a Productive Weekend

Gather some fun projects

Get everything cut out and ready to sew. Make some meals for your family so they won' starve while you are gone. Yes, I know the salad I made and the veggies I prepared will not be eaten like I am hoping. But no veggies would be eaten if I don't have them prepared. I'm looking forward to someone else cooking for me while I'm gone.
Get away to a nice secluded spot with a group of your friends and sew the weekend away.
Hope you all have a great weekend. I'm pretty sure I will.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Feeling Flat Add A Little Color

Just as I was settling down to sew yesterday the phone rang. My oldest, Alex called to say he had a flat tire and could I please bring him a jack and a lug wrench. I found the lug wrench right away but had a little trouble finding a jack. I tried calling my hubby to ask where I might find one but he was not answering. Fortunately he called back shortly and knew right where it was. I loaded them up and headed out to rescue Alex.
When I arrived when set about changing the tire only to find that the jack was just a bit to tall to fit under his car. Fortunately he has a bug and they are light. In my college days I remember boys picking up and moving peoples bugs as a prank. So I suggested he lift it up a little and I would put the jack under. It worked perfectly. We got the tire changed but noticed the spare was a little low on air so I told him I would follow him to the gas station. Good thing I did because less than two miles later he had another flat. So we loaded up the two flat tires and I had him drop me off at an appointment I was not late for while he got new tires mounted on his rims. Luckily he had four new tires at home and did not have to purchase new tires. Also luckily by the time they were ready his brother was home from high school and could help him so I could begin quilting my kaleidoscope quilt.
I'm quilting it with embroidery floss. I just cut about a yard of one color and quilt until it runs out and then do the same with another color. I'm really liking the effect it is having as I add colorful, cute stitches through the white on this quilt.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Find The Good

I noticed my first crocus popping it's yellow head out this week. It made me smile and let me know that the snows of the last few weeks are coming to and end and spring will be here soon.

sophie's pillow

That although I love snow, change is good.

Friendly Flowers

Sunshine and warmer weather refresh the soul.


Spring flowers cheer the heart.

Closeup detail on Quilt

And that cute little crocus I saw earlier this week brings hope.

Pop Flower Quilt

Isn't spring wonderful!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little by Little

We've had the yuck at our house. Fortunately I didn't get it. (Knock on wood.) But I've been playing nurse for the past few days. In an attempt to make DD feel better and get her mind off not feeling well, we made these heart shaped crayons from the bag of broken crayons she has. Thank you Joanna for this great idea.
When she was feeling a little better I helped her make a new pillow case. Didn't she do a beautiful job?
Thankfully she is better today and I was able to have my Happy Chemo Sew In. We've added two more quilts to the Happy Chemo Quiltometer. Another top just needs to be enveloped so Rella, my dear friend below who is ironing a row for another top, can tie it. Thank you Rella.

Here is Diane cutting foundation blocks for our next quilts. Shelly is taking a break after finishing the previously mentioned top.

Here are the blocks that were made last Saturday at the Happy Chemo Sew In at Quilter's Haven. We got the rows sewn together today and Marilyn took it home to finish up. Thank you Marilyn!
Little by little the quiltometer climbs.