Monday, January 31, 2011

Find The Good

Yesterday my J recieved his Eagle Scout award. So todays find the good is about scouting. I am ever so thankful for the scouting program, for the oppurtunity it gives boys to serve.

Josh with ABC Quilt Director Eagle Project

by Chingmong

For the chance to travel and learn new things.

Matt's quilt

by Cindy Tee

How it takes a young boy and molds him into a fine young man.


by Quiltinspace

Who knows how to set goals, stick to them, and accomplish great things.

Boy Scout Tribute Quilt

By Yarnin around

Prepared to take on the world and make a difference.


by Deerie

Congrats J!!! I'm really proud of you!!!


  1. That really is quite the accomplishment. Congratulations to J (and to mom)!!

  2. Congrats! The badges quilt is a great idea! My boy is currently in scouts too - it brings him new experiences and teaches things that parents don't.

  3. Wow that is amazing. Congrats to you and him. Syd, my friend, did that too. Because if you don't, those badges get forgotten.

  4. That's something to really be proud of, both of you and son. I love today's theme there's a lot of good in it!

  5. Congratulations! That's something to be really really proud about and I love the way you've posted various quilts to celebrate. Super delight for us all.

  6. As a Scouter for the last 25 years+ I am so glad to hear of children that have got a lot out of the movement.

  7. Good stuff Em!!! Congrats to the Eagle Scout!!! Wonderful scouting quilts! 8-)

  8. wow congratulations that is a real accomplishment!!!

  9. Congratulations to your son. I am married to an Eagle Scout and the mother of an Eagle Scout. I know what an accomplishment that is. Just last week I heard my DH explaining something in the context of teaching younger scouts and he referenced the fact the he is an E.S. It's something that will go with him forever!! Thanks for sharing such great quilts too.

  10. Congratulations to J on earning his Eagle - quite a milestone! And congratulations to you and your husband on raising such a fine young man!