Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

I was having a hard time finding fabric for a little boy quilt in my stash. I didn't want flowers in it. I knew my sister had a line of fabric out that would be perfect. So I called her to ask where I could find it. She said she didn't know. Apparently Andover has not let her know the shops that buy her fabric. So I took what I had found in my stash and went to the local quilt shop to find some more so I could make a quilt.
With my fabric in hand I went home for some happy sewing. My wonderful hubby came home while I was sewing and asked what I was up to. I told him I was making little boys. He said he was not sure he liked me doing that without him. Ha, Ha. I showed him my little boys and pointed out that these never gave me any grief. Just as I was finishing these boys a lovely package arrived in the mail for me.
My sister found some of her Cogsmo fabric in the warehouse and she sent it to me. Aren't I just so blessed. What great sisters I have. Thank you Julie!

So I went to making more little boys. I am going to have a bunch of these little quilts. But I think they will make good gifts for some little people in my life.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

And the Winner is....

I put everyones name in a bowl and my DD picked out Needled Mom. Congrats I hope you enjoy Annie's class.
Let me know your snail mail so I can also send you a little something from me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Little Giveaway

My dear friend Annie has given me a seat in her upcoming online class. Since life has got me running every which way and adding one more thing might break this camel's back. I'm offering it as a prize here. Along with a little something from me. Something along the lines of this. We'll see what the happy scrap bag has to offer.
This is what Annie writes about her class: The class is Quiltmaking 101 (begins October 2nd), which is for all skill levels – beginners to anyone who would just like make a beautiful quilt. The class runs for about 11** weeks and is a sampler of simple techniques. This is a picture of the quilt you would be learning to make. Annie also writes: My online classes are different than others that are on the Internet, as each class is available for viewing for one week, so students can log on any time of the day or night around the world. They’re not scheduled for a certain day or time only – but students can view the lessons when it’s convenient for them and re-watch as many times as they would like while they work on their quilts. I also do a live online chat with students each week where they can participate and we discuss the current lesson.

It should be a fun class. Even if you don't win and are interested you can sign up by clicking on the link below. To enter this little giveaway just leave a comment. I'll pick the winner Saturday the 26th. Have fun and good luck to everyone!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Houses Jack Built

Last September I was given a brown paper bag. It contained two mystery fabrics that I was to use to make a quilt. Well when I opened the bag and saw the fabrics I drew a blank. I didn't like the fabrics. The colors were dull and boring to me. So the bag of fabric sat. I seriously thought of doing nothing with them. But for some unknown reason these fabrics would not let me alone.So on the 1st of September I pulled out the fabrics and my scrap bag and went to work. With only 22 days to meet the deadline I started sewing. I fussy cut all the Mother Goose characters out and made them each a little house. Then I grouped them together. I think I could have done better with this. But here it is. My Challenge quilt. I call it The Houses Jack Built. I finished binding it today. Just in time for tomorrow's deadline.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Two Peas in a Pod

Carol and Connie are two wonderful quilt designers. There little company is called Two Peas in a Pod. I first met Carol and Connie at a picnic with Annie Smith last summer. They are such fun ladies and very talented. Here are a few of their designs.
A very happy quilt Simply pleasing
Lots of little fun delights
A cheery Christmas quilt. I love the ric rac wreaths!
Cute little baskets

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Quilt Show

As promised here are more pics from the quilt show. I love the laundry hanging on the lines in this one.I just like chain quilts. Some day I'm going to make a bow tie quilt. And I this these flowers are adorable.
These were antique quilts
This one was my favorite antique quilt

More fun scrappy quilts
The ric rac handles are great on this quilt.
I thought this was a fun quilt
A cozy Christmas quilt

Monday, September 14, 2009

Quilt Show

After I got home from the quilt shop my friend, Marilyn, called asking if I wanted to go to a quilt show she had heard about. Well of course I wanted to go to a quilt show. What a silly question. She gave me a half hour to finish putting a few more things in my pot of salsa I had going on the stove. I'm hoping this is the last weekend I will be making salsa. I've made it the last three weekends. It had better last! The quilt show was fabulous. It was put on by Vineyard Quilters. These ladies do beautiful things.

Lovely Fans

Sweet Flowers

Nanette are these your dresses?

I love these scrappy quilts!
Love how this is displayed
Fun house quilt
Great quilts everywhere
Look how perfect these points are
This one is hand quilted.
This was their raffle quilt
I would really like to make one of these circle quilts some day.

Fun fall quilts

Any quilt with Mary Engelbreit is just adorable.
I'll show more latter. There were just so many beautiful quiltsPosted by Picasa

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sugar and Spice Debute

I am so thrilled. I have been looking for a braided rug to go in my living room for over a year now. I'm a little cheap so I've been hunting garage sales and classified adds. Well today my hunting paid off. I got this perfect rug for $25. See me do the happy dance. It's just what I've been looking for. After my garage sale find I headed over to my local quilt shop, Quilter's Haven. It was their open house today. I love this little shop and owe them so much. Joni and Ruth Ann have helped me so much. (Ruth Ann has retired but I just have to give her credit for all her help.) They got me through my baby going to kindergarten and helped me to find a hidden talent. They are great ladies with impeccable taste. See how fun their shop is.

Lots of fun pretties

And gadgets to help my your quilting easier.
And they let me be a part of it.
Here is Sugar and Spice making it's Debut

Hope you all are having a great weekend!Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Best Laid Plans

I had just finished pinning this quilt and was planning on starting the quilting while DD was at piano. After walking her to her piano lesson I came home just in time to receive a phone call from her brother. He wanted me to come pick him up. I told him he could walk (he was not that far away.) This is when he told me he needed stitches. Fortunately his older brother had recently gotten home with his car. My hubby had mine while his is being repaired. If I had been thinking I would have grabbed this to work on while I waited for the doctor. I finished quilting it this weekend. But I was in mother mode and just needed to get my N to the doc. So Alex and I drove to where N had been skateboarding. We load him and his skateboard into the car. While listening to a description of what had happened from his friends. Then head to insta care. Calling hubby on the way to let him know what's up and to tell him he needs to hurry home before DD gets back from piano and is home alone.
When we get to insta care a nurse comes out to look at N's wound. She asked how it happened and the ever helpful Alex tells her I beat them. The very savvy nurse told him apparently not enough. To which I responded ya your still conscience. (Not more than a month ago Alex was in the same insta care getting stitches because he cut his hand at work.) Oh the joys of being a mother of boys. Fortunately N only needed two stitches, but he has a scratch from his lip across his cheek to the end of his jaw. Just in time for school pictures. Oh well, it will make for good memories later.
So today I got to my quilting. More daisies of course. And thankfully no phone calls requiring medical attention.
Oh by the way Snips & Snails meets Sugar & Spice is up on my webpage now.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Snips and Snails meets Sugar and Spice

Here is the sneak peak revealed. Do you remember the wonky quilt I did here? Well I made another. I have had so much fun making these little girls. And to keep them from getting to silly I made a little boy also. This pattern should be up on my website within the week. And will include both the little girl and the little boy. Mix and match as you please.