Friday, August 28, 2009

Sneak Peak

Do you remember these fun bright blocks I pieced? Well now that my kiddies are in school I've been able to find time to do something with them (the blocks not the kiddies.) That is the one good thing about school starting. Things can get done and others stay done. I no longer clean one room go to clean another and come back to find the previous room a mess. I no longer get the dishes done just in time for someone to say "I'm hungry." When I drop off a child I don't come home to find someone needs to go somewhere else or needs to be picked up from somewhere. These have been major obstacles in getting any sewing done this summer. But now I get everyone out the door by 9, get the housework done by 11 (and it stays done at least until 3 when they start returning) So that leaves several hours of free sewing time. Lucky me!!! So I put the fun bright blocks together with a secret you'll have to wait to find out.Added a simple border that I quilted daisies in. Cause that's my favorite flower. Now I just need to bind it. Oh happy times, I'll soon have a finish!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You are Beautiful

The media makes me sooo mad. As I sit and sew with the radio on and hear add after add of what I need to buy to make me thin and beautiful. Do I really need to be rail thin, have huge boobs, no stretch marks, and every hair in it's rightful place to be beautiful? Yes I want to look my best but what the media says is beautiful is not real. What are we teaching our children?Do little girls need to be bombarded by adds telling them if they don't look like a super model they are not pretty. Do boys need to see women as an object of lust and not for the value they add to society. Dove has a new campaign. Check it out. It is so worth while.
Give it a minute to load. It's worth it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Putting a Little Wimsy in My Day

I took my scrappy bag of fun. Dumped it into a bin. Started sewing. And this is what I came up with.
A fun little journal cover for my friend.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Check--- Check---- Check, Check

I've been marking things off my to do list. After being gone for a week at girls camp the list became quite long.

-There was the pile of laundry that was a mile high. And although hubby and the boys managed to wash some. None of it got folded.

-Then there was the floor that I don't think got swept the whole time I was gone. Let alone mopped.

- Groceries to buy. They had eaten all the easily accessible food. I think the Carl's Jr. add is right. Some men would starve without them. I'm so glad my DD was at my sisters. These boys eating habits would have wrecked havoc on her sensitive system. I think they lived on frozen burritos, ramen noodles and chips and salsa. Now there's some healthy food groups.

-School supplies and clothes. School starts on Monday. Where did the summer go?

-I really need the Go Fish quilt done for a shop. So I got it quilted. The fish just need eyes and it needs to be bond. Here it is on the half pipe the boys built last summer. You can read about it here.

-N wanted to add to this list a quilt with a nice fluffy bat. I don't do fluffy bats. So I told him he could do it. He knows how to sew. He's tied quilts. I figure it would be a good project for him. So I gave him my brights scrap bag. Here is what he has got done so far.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm Home with my Promised Story

I had so much fun!!!! I had delicious food to eat, little if any sleep cause we were up talking, laughing and just being silly. We made fun crafts, and just enjoyed the company of wonderful girls and women. These pictures are actually from 3 years ago. Yes I have had the privilege of being a leader at girls camp 4 times now. I have loved it soooooo much. Except for the one little mishap I had two years ago for which I thought they would never let me return. Details to follow...

Here we are beading bracelets. Here we learned how to make bread.

Aren't they just the cutest girls?

Now to my embarrassing camp experience. Two years ago we camped by a river we could float down in tubes. It was so much fun floating down the river on a hot summer day. We had just got back from a beautiful hike and the river was beckoning us. I had popped my tube earlier in the week but one of these kind ladies let me barrow their tube. It was bigger than mine and harder to get in and out of. I had got stuck so I got out to get back in the current. When I sat down my blessed knee went out. My silly knee cap thinking it should reside on the side of my knee instead of on top. I tried to get it back in as I floated down the river but that darn thing is stubborn. My neighbor (who is one of the girls fathers. He being up there in case we needed a little help, which I did.) was just behind me. I called to him "John, my knee just went out. He tried to catch me but the current by this time was carrying me faster than he could catch up to me. I was a little worried because the place were we got out was coming and there was a small waterfall just past this place. Fortunately there were a bunch of girls there and I called for them to grab me. They pulled me out of the current. I just lay there in the tube while a few of the girls ran to get help. It was decided that the my staying in the tube was best because the tube was supporting my knee and much less painful for me than not having that support. (I know this because the last time it went out I was at the gym and was carried out by 4 buff men on a step aerobics platform. There was nothing under my knee that time and I was wishing I would just pass out so I could not feel the pain or deal with the embarrassment of being sweaty and gross from my workout. One of those buff men asked me if I had dreamed of being carried about by strong men. I told him this was not quite what the fantasy had been. Oh me and my embarrassing knee.)
Anyway they brought a Ford Explorer down slid a blanket under me and the tube. Slid me into the back of the Explorer. Where I proceeded to bump down the canyon praying that we would not crash as there were not seat belts involved in that transport to the emergency room. Where they had to put me out to get that darn knee into place.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Life's a Picnic

Well maybe not all the time. But this week should be. I'm going to girls camp. I love girls camp I have tons of found memories from when I was a girl. Now I get to go as a leader which after the last time I went I didn't think they would let me go again. Now that is a story. Maybe if your good I'll post about it when I get back. Right now I've got to get my fanny out the door. Here's the progress on the fish quilt. Sorry not a very good pic. And the fish have no eyes. I'll put them on after I quilt it. That way they won't get in my way.
Hope you all have a wonderful week. See ya when I get back.

Friday, August 7, 2009

School of Fish

These fabrics jumped in the pool And started to swim.
I'm hoping soon they will multiply soon and become this fun quilt.
Pattern available here.
Just scroll down until you find it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's A Bright Sunshiney Day

I put away all my darks and pulled out my brights again. I cut them into strips that I cut into rectangles and squares. Then I randomly started sewing them together. They are bringing a ray of sunshine into my life and making me smile. I also bought this fun fabric for another project. Stay tuned to see what they become.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Advancing UFOs

I wanted to finish a few of my UFOs in July. I only finished one. You may have seen it in my last post. Check it out if you haven't seen it already. Although I would have liked to have seen a few more I feel good about the progress I have made on two other UFOs. I quilted my 45 special. I just stippled it. You can see the quilting in this pic.
And more of the quilt here. It just needs a binding. Which I will wait on since I put flannel on the back. For some reason sitting with a flannel quilt on my lap in 90 degree weather is not appealing to me. But fall is coming and when the temperatures drop it will be a cozy pastime. I also finished all the flying geese for this Nickle Quilt. In fact I have oodles left over. I made what the pattern called for but I think they made a mistake because I have enough to make another quilt in the Nickle Quilts book. I'm leaning toward the Dutchmen's Puzzle. Nice that most of the work is already done. I really like how this border turned out. I just need to add another solid border. I am not going to make it as big as the pattern calls for or my quilt will be dragging on the floor all around my bed. It's already 96" square. I might ask my friend if I can use her long arm to quilt it. I don't think I want to wrestle this one on my Bernina.
Now although my UFO list shows the same number as at the begining of the month. Being I added the Dutchmen's Puzzle. They are advancing and who knows maybe someday I can get that number to decrease.