Friday, February 20, 2009

My Quilty Friends

Yesterday was my quilt guild meeting. And although a little nerve wracking for me. (I was in charge.) Our president was at a quilting retreat. Lucky girl. I guess this is a good thing for me I need the practice cause next year I will be president. I don't know what I was thinking when I said yes to that. Trying to ease my conscience I guess, I've been a member for over 10 years. It is probably my turn. Anyway my quilting friends were very forgiving of me and I survived. Here are their lovely quilts.
Loretta's beauty. A favorite of my N. He love brights with black. Another beauty by Loretta. Here's a close up.
Look how cute this little thing is by Marlene. It's little red riding hood.
Daloris' is still trying to use up scraps. She is doing it in such a lovely way.
This is a block of the month by Nikki.
Nancy's sweet Valentine runner.
Look at this great bag Nancy made.I love this mini by Sue. Shamrocks for St Patty's
She made it reversible. This side is for Valentine's
She also made this cute little thing. There Valentine cookies. How fun is that?
Suzy's Valentine advent.

And Michelle made this fun one for her friends boys. They can drive their cars on it.
And our lovely Joan made this great quilt for her grandson. What a lucky boy.

Have a great weekend,



  1. Great bunch of quilts! I especially love the little town with roads and the reversible mini! Cute stuff :)

  2. With such wonderfully talented quilters you should enjoy being the president next year. Good for you. I am so glad you accepted.

  3. Great quilts - thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  4. Thanks for the peek at your wonderful guild meeting! Very talented gals you have there...I love that bag! I want to make a bag like that.

    I will be going to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show and Market next weekend. It is the 20th annual event and is the superbowl of quilt show in VA. I will definitely take photos!

  5. I admire these all, especially the first one. But my favorite has to be Daloris for using up the scraps the way she is. What an inspiration, ha?

  6. Great bunch of quilts by a great bunch of quilters! Thanks for sharing.

  7. oooouuuu..I loved this parade of
    quilty goodness!!

  8. Great virtual quilt show Em--thanks :)

  9. your quilty friends are very talented....I enjoyed the pictures

  10. What a great bunch of quilters you have! I love them all but especially the first one. Great design.

  11. Great show and tell Em! Some wonderful and creative ladies you have there! 8-)

  12. Don't worry about being President Em - you'll do fine. I do believe everyone should take a turn at it. It can be a challenge but everyone who's in a guild wants the same thing - to make better quilts. That makes it easier. :) blessings, marlene

  13. What a lovely bag- it reminded me of old fashioned sweets that you used to get in jars.

    What a creative group. I'm sure you chaired wonderfully.

  14. When does your quilt group meet? I may have to stop by sometime.