Friday, December 19, 2008

Quilt Guild Christmas Party

Sorry for no post yesterday. The day was a whirl wind of Christmas prep and festivities. I got everyone off to school and went to visit a friend. Came home to make rolls and get a few more things ready for the Christmas party. Then it was off to the party. Tons and tons of fun. In the hussle to get ready I forgot my camera. But no worries my dear friend, Sue had her's and she took pictures for me and emailed them. So thank Sue for the fun you are about to behold.
Well, Nancy was the lucky recipient of the Ott Light this month and look at all she did.
Look how cleverly she used up her scraps. She says she has enough keyboards to do another quilt.
This is from a class that Lou taught last year. Isn't it lovely.
A fun Halloween quilt.
And a great Americana.
This lovely quilt.
I love this little snowman quilt she made.And look how beautiful this table runner is.

Here is Delores with her rendition of my 'Harvest Sky' pattern. Didn't she do such a wonderful job.
More pics tomorrow. I'm having issues with blogger and I need to get some Christmasing done before the kids get home. Their winter break will start and I will no longer have the privacy I need for these last minute touches.
Merry Christmas,


  1. I did a version of the Snowman Collector quilt. I call mine Snowman's Holiday and it is currently on the bed for the holidays. It is the only quilt I have that even remotely comes close to being Christmas-y.

  2. Em...they are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos! Yummy. I especially LOVe the tree and mountains quilt.

    visiting with you always inspire's me so!


  3. An awesome show of quilts! Great eye candy! Wow! Thanks for sharing! 8-)

  4. Great quilts Em! Thanks for the virtual show :)

  5. Thank you (and your friend) for the photos of the quilts and table runner. How beautiful they each are.

  6. Em - we love hearing from you but you do not need to post every day! Relax and have fun!!
    Lovely work from all the ladies yet again. Show and tell is always great!
    Take a deep breath and enjoy your day!
    Merry Christmas...

  7. Love all the quilts! It always offers such inspiration. I know what you mean about that last minute privacy. My kids had a snow day today!

  8. Guild show and tell times are the best -- it's wonderful to see what everyone does! Love the keyboards!

  9. Both my children are now finished for the hols. Good job my craft room has a lock as all sorts of secret wrappings have been going on. :-)

    I'm going to enjoy your harvest sky pattern. It looks so beautiful there.

    I am torn between the snowmen and the Autumn one as my favs.

  10. Beautiful quilts .
    Clare's Craftroom

  11. Those quilts are all fabulous. I love the trees and mountains! I can see myself doing one of those. Thanks to you, and your photographer, for sharing.

  12. Such a great party..with friends and quilts and colors. And Ott Light as the gift for the winner! I couldn't stitch without mine! Happy Holidays!