Monday, December 22, 2008

More Lovely Quilts and Stuff

My dear photographer, Sue made this for our friend Susan. Isn't it lovely. Michelle made this festive tree skirt.
Look at this awesome snail's trail Sue made.

Mary Jo made this cute little wreath.

The lovely Joan made this beauty.

This is Ruth's rendition of a mystery quilt our guild did.
I really like how her's turned out. The colors are lovely.
Here is another rendition of the same quilt. In pretty greens and yellows.
A sweet little table topper by Denise.
And a favorite, this jolly old elf in cross stitch. Isn't he just great and don't you love the scalloped edge?
Check back tomarrow to see what I started after the party and worked on all weekend. I am so pleased. Hee Hee.


  1. So many talented people all in one place creating so many lovely things! You are quite fortunate!

  2. More wonderful eye candy!! 8-)
    It is sooooo inspiring to see works from such talented quilters!
    Thanks for sharing! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  3. Since I will probably be staying home all day, this post has inspired me to put needle and thread to fiber.

    Thanks for sharing all these beautiful creations! I can not wait to see what you have been working on. I am really excited.


  4. Fun to see all the quilts! Love the cross stitch, too -- very cute!

  5. Yes you're right the colours in the lilac mystery quilt worked really well. I wish I had such an eye for fabrics.

    What a talented bunch of people you know!

  6. Nice to be surrounded by such talented folks! Great quilts! The cross stitch is beautiful too.

  7. I love all the quilts, but especially love the mystery quilt pattern. Love it!!

  8. Lovely to see all the quilts!
    You girls sure have been busy stitching!
    thank you for sharing,
    Hugs Julia ♥

  9. Lovely people with lovely quilts... lucky you. Thanks for show and tell!

  10. Hi Em, thank you for the pics on the quilts.There are some truly creative people. Regards Lyn