Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!!!

I hope everyone is having a delightful holiday season. That your Christmas was festive and you have stored up many joyous memories. I have been busy enjoying my family and blogging has taken a backseat, and will probably continue to for the next week. My brother in law and his two boys will be coming tomorrow. My boys are thrilled we have not seen them since last May. So my little home will be bustling with 5 teenage boys, a sweet little girl, and two brothers that maybe should have been included with the teenage boys. So not a lot of spare moments for blogging.
We had a very Merry Christmas. My hubby and boys made me a new design wall. If you remember mine was quite pathetic. First they put up foam board. Then pinned felt over it. Now isn't that a wonderful improvement? Here is some lovely fabric my sister, Julie, gave me. This is her Hey Sugar design. Isn't it just so sweet?She also brought me this from market, just cause she thought I would like it. Isn't she so thoughtful. And yes I do love it.

Enjoy your holiday season.



  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday. Enjoy!

  2. Oh yeah, a new DW. I am going to watch patiently for new beautiful quilty things to come to life!

    Living Life at LeeHaven

  3. Looks like a great display wall! You want to send your guys over here to make one for me!? lol! Lucky you!
    Great fabrics from sis! What to make of them? 8-)
    Seeing your cleaned up "Whirl Wind" of a sewing room lead me to look at mine...It needs help!
    Happy stitchings!

  4. How can you go wrong giving fabric - you can't!

  5. OHHHH...Fabric Fabric Everywhere!!!

  6. Yeaaaaaaaaaa...gotta love that design wall. I have half a wall and I just love it too. Its the top half and I think I need to start hinting that I would like a full wall. Love the fabrics too. Hope you have a great time with all your family.

  7. A design wall is a great gift! And what wonderful fabrics... look forward to seeing what becomes of them (eventually)

  8. WOW.!! Your wall is coming along Great...I do Love those Fabrics they are Gorgeous.
    happy new Year to you & yours hope it is a good one for you.

  9. Have a wonderful family time. My guests go home today so I'm not officially back yet. My monitor was borrowed for another room so I'm still catching up with everyone.

    Your design wall is going to be a great asset. It's the 1st I've seen that uses felt instead of cotton, but I suppose it makes just resting small pieces in place easier?

    Aww what a sweet sister for finding lovely fabric yo will use.

  10. A wonderful design wall. Your family knows you so well and loves what you create or else they wouldn't have done that. And a house full of teenage boys? I can't even imagine! Our family was all girls. When two of my sisters had was sort of like an alien race in the family. And now that they are older...they STILL seem to be from a different planet. I wouldn't trade my family time for anything!

  11. Love your new fabrics :) And I need a wall like that, but I need more space first!